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These were all jokes based on the interaction between how the two of them interacted on a normal basis, but they are actually very close to reality.

Their fans could tell the behind-story based off of these three pictures.

The two of them were really good friends, the kind that had a very strong relationship between them.

A small number of fans have joked: [This is the best platonic CP ever.

Their relationship is so good that it’s practically the most divine form of relationships.

I beg of you, please form a CP.]

Then, there were fans who thought of Zhou Yu: [Have you all forgotten about the nobly named Extraordinary Commoner Was he not the one that was the sworn friend of Gentlemanly Thief Is he now forgotten to the point of no return]

[Hahaha, @Extraordinary Commoner, hurry and denounce this friend of yours that likes to value the new and forsaken the old.

He practically got a new partner now, so he sort of forgot you.]

[The three of them probably have a good relationship.

I have an inexplicable feeling that they have a sturdy relationship between the trio and they are all such awesome gods.

Sure enough, I suppose that only those who are divine can mingle with those who are equally as capable]

Liang Jun was swiping through the artworks when the three of them were eating together.

The corners of his mouth couldn’t restrain itself from lifting as his eyes practically disappeared from smiling too much.

Zhuo Yu wondered as he sat opposite of him, “What are you doing”

Liang Jun coughed twice and waved his hand, “It’s nothing, I just saw something interesting.”

He glanced at Chu Xiang but couldn’t help but angle his phone over to show her, “Xiangxiang, look, we both have CP fans now.

Isn’t this artwork rather meaningful”

Chu Xiang was stunned as she pointed at the chubby cartoon character and asked, “Who is this Me”

Liang Jun laughed and said, “Why is your point of focus different from mine You should keep your attention on the fact that this is our group photo, okay Fans must have drawn it based on the photos that were exposed before.

It’s actually quite cute,” He looked at Chu Xiang, noting the seemingly negative emotions evident on her face.

With a smile on his face, he asked, “How about I post a picture of your silhouette to let everyone know that you’ve lost weight Then they won’t be able to draw you as  a cute little fatty anymore.”

When Chu Xiang was a star, many people painted her portraits before, which was why she didn’t really care about her exposure to the public.

She nodded and said, “Okay, I won’t show the front for the time being.

I haven’t lost enough weight for that,” She turned around and asked, “This way ”

“No need, I have photos on my phone,” Liang Jun flipped through his picture album and muttered, “Didn’t you weigh 115 pounds this morning You’re already very thin.”

Chu Xiang glanced at his photo album and found that there were many photos of her in it.

With the amount of content she saw, she wouldn’t be surprised if he was actually her number one male fan..

She watched Liang Jun find a photo of her back and added a particularly beautiful filter to it.

She couldn’t help laughing, “How can you be better at these things than me Do you play with these editing features every day or something”

“I will play with anything and everything.

As long as I find it interesting, I will try it out for a bit.

See In the end, it was useful after all,” Liang Jun also tried the edits out on purpose, but immediately became elated when he saw Chu Xiang’s smile.

Zhuo Yu, who had been unable to join in the conversation, was in a bad mood.

It was another topic that he did not want to participate in, after all.

If Chu Xiang didn’t like Liang Jun, then theoretically, there should be some form of actions that would be induced by her after seeing her photos all over his phone.

However, since Chu Xiang smiled, would that mean that she didn’t reject Liang Jun’s pursuit Also, they always have so much to say together.

Liang Jun could always make her laugh, so how could she not like him, to be honest

The Weibo notification sounded, so Zhuo Yu clicked on the phone and saw Liang Jun’s Weibo post.

[Gentlemanly Thief V: My Goddess is someone who likes good appearances, so she had taken it upon herself to exercise every day.

Let me show you how she looks now.]

The picture showed the back of Chu Xiang, who was wearing a dress, with a filter added.

She was 168cm tall and weighed 115 pounds.

She really didn’t look fat, especially from the back angle.

The dress outlined her figure very well, so it looked ethereal.

As soon as this Weibo was posted, his comments section immediately flooded with many of Chu Xiang’s fans.

[Oh my goodness, Empress Chu had seriously lost weight.

How long was this ago When did she become this skinny Is this real]

[It must be true since Gentlemanly Thief has no reason to lie.

But this filter…is this an officially certified CP, then]

[Ahhh! Is this for real]

[Ahhhhhhh! Gentlemanly God had seen my artwork! Chu Xiang is so pretty! God, please don’t worry, I will remake another art piece right this instant!!!]

This painter who claimed to redraw another artwork truly kept his word and quickly replaced the little fat character in the three pictures with a cute little beauty.

He also drew a picture of Chu Xiang’s back and added the appearance of Liang Jun holding a mobile phone in the background, taking pictures.

Being delighted, Liang Jun told Chu Xiang, “Look at that, he’s really a master in his craft.

It looks like me and I just realised that I look really good as a character as well.”


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