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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 327

The discussion about Chu Xiang on the Internet had gradually diminished and the trending searches about her had also dropped.

Netizens had new concerns and they dispersed as only a large number of readers who were interested in the 'Demon Empress' stayed and became Chu Xiang's fans.

Before, most of the netizens turned their attention and began to condemn Matchless Sovereign and the Chu family.

Only a portion of the Moral Emperors latched onto Chu Xiang and refused to recognize her family's wrongdoings, accusing her baselessly all the time.

However, this did not have any actual impact on Chu Xiang at all.

The Chu family was tarnished but they couldn't do anything to Chu Xiang anymore, so they naturally took the time to rant, unsatisfied that they had no other tactics.

Those who were not readers and did not give the 'Demon Empress' a negative rating, but the real readers who liked the novel ended up pushing the collection of the 'Demon Empress' to 180,000 reads.

It could be said that in this incident, Chu Xiang got her win and even earned a high popularity rate for her book.

The copyright owner confirmed that Chu Xiang's reputation had not been affected much.

Instead, she was very likely to win the love and support of most women.

Since the popularity of the 'Demon Empress' was also very satisfactory, they immediately contacted Jinjiang to discuss the film and television copyrights.

In addition, there were other copyright owners who have come to Jinjiang to discuss the simplified publishing, traditional publishing, audiobooks and games that revolved around the 'Demon Empress'.

The copyright editor contacted Chu Xiang for the first time and sent her the quotations from all parties.

He congratulated her happily and asked her for her opinion.

Chu Xiang has studied countless scripts before, so she was very familiar with what kind of characters that could be adapted into film and television dramas.

The 'Demon Empress' that she wrote could naturally be made into a film and television drama with ease.

However, she didn't know the copyright pricings, so she could only call Liang Jun to let her sort things out.

Liang Jun was happier than she was when he saw the quotations, "Xiangxiang is amazing; you got your copyright quotes with just your second book.

I'll ask someone to check the current price."

There was a big difference between mainly male-based and female-based readers.

Liang Jun was not sure how much the copyright fee was for mainly female-based readers, but he knew a lot of people.

Therefore, he immediately contacted several people to inquire about it and evaluate a suitable price for Chu Xiang.

"Now, 'Demon Empress' is very popular, but you are a newcomer in this area, so you can't raise the price without the past data.

The film and television copyright of this article is quoted at 6 million, so I think you can talk about 8 million at most.

Because at present, this is probably the peak of the series and it was even trending twice.

Since the topic is enough and the fan base is not small, you can try it out.

This is the data," Liang Jun carefully helped her analyse and said, "Let Jinjiang help you apply for the qualifications of a screenwriter.

If you become a screenwriter, you will enter another circle and the road is very wide ahead."

Chu Xiang had seen many screenwriters and she even knew a little about their daily life as the crew.

Hearing that, she nodded and said, "I told the editor that I want to try my best, but I'm not in a hurry.

After all, it's only the second novel.

I still want to write a lot."

"Yes, I don't really like to be a screenwriter; I just like to stay at home and write my book.

It's all up to my personal preference when it comes to what I want to write, so think about it for yourself.

I've made a list for you as well as other copyright fees.

Here it is, take a look," Liang Jun made a form while talking and sent it to Chu Xiang's Penguin number(1).

(T/N: Another social networking app used in China, kind of like WeChat)

After Chu Xiang read it, she sent the form directly to the editor, asking him to help fight for this particular pricing.

The copyright editor was not the same person as her usual editor in charge, but he had a good personality.

After understanding her bottom line, he would negotiate the price with all parties.

There was no need for the author to worry about these at all,so Chu Xiang just needed to wait for the news.

Despite the discussion going on for half a month, the 'Demon Empress' was firmly at the top of the Gold List.

Chu Xiang's updating speed had made the total number of words in the 'Demon Empress' exceed 800,000 words as the plot had finally reached its climax.

Every day, the readers were madly urging her for more updates as they were eager to know the follow-up.

There were also many fanarts of the characters of 'Demon Empress' posted on Weibo, all drawn by readers who love the novel and the works were absolutely marvellous.

There were also more and more fans of the 'Demon Empress'.

At a glance at the newer novels list, one could see several titles such as 'The Demon Empress: XXX'.

The topic of the 'Demon Empress' had become more popular as it skyrocketed to a higher level than before, precisely why Jinjiang raised the price for.

The film and television copyright of the 'Demon Empress' was finally priced at 8.5 millionYuan, which included the copyright of the movies and TV series.

For a new author like Chu Xiang, this was definitely a sky-high price.

It could be said that Matchless Sovereign's two attempts made the 'Demon Empress' what it was today.


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