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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 326

When this post came out, Chu Xiang's trending search ranking was raised by a few more places.

With new information to gossip about and the fact that it was connected to the last incident, it felt like a series.

This evidence once again proved the shamelessness of Matchless Sovereign.

Generally, no one would throw this kind of evidence out.

So for a solid hammer of proof to be out in the open like this really made the netizens shocked— apparently, Matchless Sovereign was too vicious!

The image of Chu Xiang herself, who had been weakened before, became bold and strong again as the attention of netizens shifted from women's rights to her.

But her image had changed from an innocent girl to a bullied girl.

Many thought that she was living a very unlucky life to have her own family as her enemy.

Netizens flocked to Matchless Sovereign's Weibo and Chu Zhe's Weibo to denounce them.

They wanted to use the online public's opinion to bully Chu Xiang, but they forgot that the online public opinion was always a double-edged sword as the blade was never set to point in one direction.

This time, Chu Xiang was fine, but their Weibo was flooded with comments.

They didn't have anyone to back them up either.

Matchless Sovereign was slightly terrified.

She never thought that even though she was so cautious this time, going around in circles to ask her foreign friend for help, she was still found out.

Her reputation was already ruined and this time she couldn't start over again.

Endless regrets came crashing into her heart as she suddenly felt like dealing with chu Xiang was one of the worst decisions she had ever made.

Chu Zhe couldn't even compare to her coping mechanism as he was an ordinary person who had never been beaten before.

Suddenly, after being condemned by so many, he was so angry.

He was furious at home, "It's all your faults! You can't even take care of your own daughter properly; look at how she has hurt me!"

Fang Ping cried on the side, "What should I do Even the neighbors know about it.

I went out to buy some vegetables today and there were a couple of people pointing fingers at me, so how should I live from now on Didn't they scold Chu Xiang yesterday Why did they scold us today It's Chu Xiang who is in the wrong, so why are we the ones bearing the hate"

Chu Guowei said annoyedly, "Stop crying! Hurry up and think about how to solve it.

What's the use of crying"

Fang Ping wiped away her tears and comforted her son, "It's okay, it's okay, they just said a few words on the Internet because they will forget in a few days.

You should go to school so as to not let it affect you.

Son, don't be afraid, nothing will happen to you.


Chu Zhe pushed her away, "You're phrasing it quite nicely, but all my friends and classmates know about it already.

I don't think I will be able to lift my head high from now on."

Fang Ping didn't stand still and was suddenly pushed to the ground.

She screamed and widened her eyes in disbelief, "How- how could you push mom"

"I didn't do it on purpose, so why are you being so annoying" Chu Zhe snorted coldly before he ran out with his phone.

He was annoyed when he saw his parents now.

If they weren't stupid with words and had no idea on how to talk to or coax Chu Xiang, would things become like this

Chu Zhe ran to the nearby activity area.

He wanted to find a shady place to surf the Internet, but he saw a few of his classmates playing basketball.

He adjusted his expression and ran over to greet them, "Why are you here Let me join in on one."

When several classmates saw him, their expressions became a little weirded out.

A boy said, "You want to play with us Forget it, you are capable of even hurting your own sister, so I don't think you would be able to play with us."

Chu Zhe lowered his face, "What do you mean When did I hurt my sister"

"Yo, why don't you admit it Do you remember how you scolded your sister on the Internet You are really stupid— if you were nice to your sister, would she not be nice to you"

"Why are you talking to him that much He treated his own sister as a slave and barked orders around, so obviously, his point of views differ from ours.

We can't talk sense into him, so let's just go."

"Walk, what are you guys doing standing there with him Don't let anyone else see this and think that we have the same morals as he does."

Several of his classmates took the basketball and ran away.

Chu Zhe wanted to vent, but he had nowhere to do so.

Hence, he slammed his fist on the pole of the basketball hoop.

Overnight, his life changed.

He had no way to settle Chu Xiang, but in turn, there were countless troubles sprawled across his life.

At the beginning, he gloated at her misfortune and felt that Chu Xiang deserved to be scolded.

Now that all of  the malice had fallen on him, he had no solution at all, so he could only suffer and experience the torment.


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