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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 325

The popularity of the trending search was very huge.

Even though everyone was discussing topics such as women's rights and female slaves, which weakened Chu Xiang herself, there were still many passers-by who liked to read novels to watch Chu Xiang's 'Demon Empress'.

'Demon Empress' had skyrocketed in a wave of collections, even more so than when it was in the thousand-word income bracket.

The plot of the book was beautiful and there was always potential for it to be discovered.

Chu Xiang did not have the aid of marketing, but she was first searched because of the plagiarism issue and again due to the filial piety matter.

How many novels out there could achieve this kind of treatment Under this surge of popularity, many readers were attracted.

Good novels would naturally keep the readers staying behind once they were hooked on the plot and receive true benefits.

This incident was left to escalate on the trending search list for a day and soon, 'Demon Empress' successfully won the first place in the Jinjiang Gold List.

The beautiful cover was displayed in the upper left corner of the bookstore, which was very conspicuous.

This position itself represented a huge amount of traffic.

Her backstage earnings were rising sharply with every second visible to the naked eye as she firmly sat on the number one spot of the list.

The copyright owner was surprised by this phenomenon.

After analyzing the data, it turned out that there were much more 'Demon Empress' readers than there were before and the readership group was getting really close-knit.

They were all true book fans who really liked the plot of 'Demon Empress'.

There were also many passers-by who didn't read novels at all, but remembered the name 'Demon Empress' and the pseudonym Empress Chu.

This proved from another point of view that the 'Demon Empress' was really attractive.

At the beginning, Matchless Sovereign had plummeted in the ranks at a fast rate.

In addition to the fact that her writing was too criticized, the other most important reason was that 'Immortal Demon' was not that attractive.

Some of the fans would drop the book once the plot encountered a situation.

After an investigation launched by the copyright owner, it was found that some readers in the comment area of

'Demon Empress' did not care what happened to Chu Xiang.

They only cared about the plot of the next chapter of the novel and just wanted to know how the story would turn out.

There was only one reason for those readers to oppose Chu Xiang— and that was if she no longer decided to update the story.

This was entirely the charm of 'Demon Empress' itself, which had firmly attracted many readers, proving the value of the book.

After letting the situation play out for an entire day, the slightly winning side was the one that argued that there shouldn't be sibling-parent relations and blind obedience.

The popularity gradually dropped and the ranking of the trending search was replaced by more gossip, as if everything was going to return to its original state.

Besides the network circle who would undoubtedly remember this big event, other passers-by might soon forget this event even if they had participated in it.

Chu Zhe was dumbfounded when he saw this development.

He didn't understand why everyone had scolded Chu Xiang the night before yet there were so many people speaking for her the next day.

He used his own Weibo account to denounce Chu Xiang's various unfilial behaviors, so he was scolded and criticized by many.

Later, someone flipped through his Weibo and found out from clues that he really was the younger brother of Empress Chu, immediately posting his Weibo name.

Once many people knew about him, they flocked over to scold their family.

Looking at the shoes and items that he posted on his Weibo, all of them were seemingly very valuable items.

Compared with Chu Xiang's long Weibo post, her hard-earned money was squandered by him.

Even passers-by couldn't stand it anymore as they condemned his actions.

The Chu family originally wanted the public opinion to pressure Chu Xiang to admit her mistake, but they didn't expect for the blame to be shifted towards them after a single night.

Those who had once denounced Chu Xiang did not come to support them or speak for them, so no one countered the comments that denounced them as all the accusations fell on the family.

Chu Zhe's Weibo has posted a lot of selfies, so there were classmates of his and even more friends among them.

Now that his identity was directly exposed, he was just a scumbag who liked to show off his famous branded items.

Many classmates dismissed him and some people broke the news that Chu Zhe often bragged, recently stating that his sister would buy him the latest mobile phone and tablet or something.

This corresponded to Chu Xiang's long Weibo post.

Didn't he want Chu Xiang to buy him something just when he saw that her name was on the gold list

With the evidence of Chu Zhe's detour, it was unexpectedly confirmed that Chu Xiang's long Weibo post was true.

When Liang Jun first discovered this incident, he immediately forwarded it on a large number to let everyone know that Chu Xiang was the innocent one.

Immediately afterwards, he asked Hua Zi to help him make the post on various forums.

In a no-nonsense manner, the post stated that there was only one foreigner contacting Matchless Sovereign as the navy were all tied in  by that worker to provide details and proof to slander Chu Xiang's name.

As for whether it was a batch of navy that was hired by Matchless Sovereign, the masses have their own judgment.


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