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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 323

The transactions and contacts were all from abroad.

Hua Zi checked them but he couldn't find them for the time being.

They would have to wait for the foreign person to make another move to find them.

Liang Jun promised them a lot of benefits and had them stay up all night to deal with Chu Xiang's reputation crisis with him.

Hua Zi figured out that something was wrong as he asked him directly, "Have you fallen in love with Empress Chu I've never seen you this concerned about things."

Liang Jun smiled and said, "That is true, so you have to help me get it done.

I promised my goddess that she would be fine."

"Hahaha, don't worry, I'll definitely catch the culprit for you.

Besides, you already have the suspect in mind, so the scope of research is way too small.

I will definitely get that person, just watch me!" Hua Zi promised at one go.

Since his friend was making a move to pursue someone romantically, he wasn't going to fail such an important task.

Liang Jun bought another batch of navy— after all, wouldn't it be adequate to fight the navy with another navy He got the navy that specialized in popularizing tragic events caused by ignorance and filial piety from ancient times to the modern eras.

Some were also experts when it came to sibling parenting whereas some were more than aware of the dangers of favoring sons over daughters etc.

These were not stories made up by his own narrative as they were all news that could be found on the news.

Some of these incidents were even strong enough to urge someone into committing the act of jumping off buildings.

The harmfulness of these matters were not something that a mere 'no one would exist without their parents, and the rarest thing in the world was to have siblings,' would be able to erase.

Putting facts and reasoning would seem more convincing and make things relatively easier for the public.

At the very least, it would be even more believable to trust words of logic and reason than Chu Xiang's 'issue' with filial piety.

When the two sides were evenly matched, it was more than obvious at this point to determine who were the passers-by and who were the true fans as they began to really discuss the right and wrong of this matter, expressing both support and disapproval.

With more people participating, Chu Xiang's incident became a trending search and as it became more and more popular, her ranking on the trending search list continued to rise.

With the advancing of the times, women's social status was also improving.

More and more people were beginning to recognize women's abilities and started to resist many forms of unfair gender-biased treatment, let alone the fact that most women couldn't accept this kind of preference for sons over women.

There were even a vast number of men who didn't like this sort of preferential treatment, so naturally, they wouldn't recognize the actions of the Chu family's parents.

And sibling parenting was a very sensitive and truthfully annoying social phenomenon, especially towards the group of couples who disliked their first child being a daughter, causing them to birth a son as their second child.

When their children grow up, most parents were unable to take care of the younger son, which would in turn, result in their eldest daughter's burden to step in as his third parent and take care of him.

And while the girls would usually enter the society and face the pressure of employment and life's daily hurdles, those born to such fates would even have to share the pressure of taking care of their younger brothers.

What's more was the fact that some of the daughters would earn their share of wages after countless struggles, but in the end, would need to contribute their earnings in order to support their younger brother in his activities.

These unfair situations were happening all over the country and the incident of Chu Xiang was pushing the buttons on this topic by bringing it to light.

On the trending search lists, countless girls commented on their experiences and expressed their firm support for Chu Xiang.

There were also those who had no courage to resist their parents but hoped Chu Xiang could stand up for herself successfully.

Of course, there were still many Moral Emperors(3) who were all talk and insisted that Chu Xiang was not filial.

They stated that Chu Xiang had already made so much money by appearing in the Jinjiang Gold List, so why wouldn't she give some of it to her family They then commented on how merely giving 2000 Yuan in exchange for not meeting her family was a form of unfilial resentment, standing their ground on how this was no way to treat one's relatives.

(T/N: Moral Emperors were a way of naming those who think that they had to comment and talk about the moral obligations of the public.

They would impose their ideal moral personalities on others and talk as if they did it themselves)

At dawn, the role of the navy was almost completed.

On one hand, they made various remarks that Chu Xiang was not filial, but on the other hand, a different batch made various remarks that one should not be blindly filial and bear the burden of being a sibling parent.

Both viewpoints were stabilized, so no matter how many more discussions were made, as there were no newer points thrown into the debate, both sides backed off subsequently.


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