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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 316


This time, a small portion of people started believing him and having doubts about Empress Chu’s character.

After all, even her younger brother was now creating a fuss online.

If even her brother was saying that she refuses to go back home, could it be that she’s actually an unfilial daughter

While Liang Jun was in the process of updating his novel, he just so happened to notice those exact posts.

After all, the comment section of his novel was filled with comments saying how his goddess was being attacked online.

Since he would often post about “Demon Empress” on his timeline, his readers have all accepted his fanboy behavior.

Thus, after ascertaining the situation, they quickly reported it to him at once.

Upon clicking on the post, Liang Jun cursed aloud, “That f*cking brat, did he finally lose his mind”

Immediately, he brought his laptop over to Chu Xiang’s place.

“Xiang Xiang, come out quickly.

Something came up.”

Since it was already rather late at night, Chu Xiang had already put on her pajamas and was prepared to head to bed.

But as soon as she heard his voice, she ran over to open her front door.

“What happened”

Liang Jun showed her the post and said, “Look at this braindead brother of yours.

He actually posted about your family affairs and even threatened you to go back home at once.

There are even people starting to call your character into question.”

Chu Xiang skimmed through the post and replied, “Is that all”

“What do you mean A while ago, there were rumors going around about a famous author actually being a scumbag in real life.

Such rumors are always described with very vivid details despite being nothing but lies most of the time.

Even after he clarified everything online, a good portion of people lost their trust in him, which ultimately affected how people received his work.

In other words, an author’s reputation is extremely important.

If people ever find faults in your character, your popularity and work will definitely be affected.

Take Matchless Sovereign as an example, she lost her reputation and ended up losing her chance at selling the rights to her novel, right”

Afraid that Chu Xiang might not understand the severity of this matter, Liang Jun quickly explained everything to her and attempted to enter her apartment, wanting to solve the issue at once.

“Quick, we need to come up with a solution to settle this matter.”

“Give me a second, let me change my outfit before talking.” Chu Xiang pushed him away from the front door before closing it immediately.

Snapping back into reality, Liang Jun froze up for a moment and recalled that Chu Xiang was just dressed in her pajamas!

At that moment, his face flushed red in an instant as he truly did not notice.

After all, he had never been this close to a girl before.

Besides, he was wholeheartedly focused on helping Chu Xiang solve the problem so much so that he did not even think about such a thing.

Surely, she would not think of him as a beast after this, right Surely not!

At the same time, Zhuo Yu opened the door and came out to ask, “What are you standing there for What’s going on”

After explaining the whole situation to him, Liang Jun exclaimed, “Argh! That brat and his parents are terrible human beings who only want to use Xiang Xiang.

But no matter what, she can never truly break away from them.”

Zhuo Yu asked in a puzzled manner, “Is the relationship between Chu Xiang and her family that bad Could it be some sort of misunderstanding Besides, you shouldn’t say such terrible things about her parents, especially in front of her.”

Liang Jun rolled his eyes and replied, “Ah, you’re completely oblivious of her situation.

I’ve seen her parents and that younger brother of hers before.

In short, the three of them are truly outrageous human beings who only want Xiang Xiang back for her money.

Xiang Xiang even had to listen to their…”

“Wait a minute, you’ve met them before How did you meet them” Zhuo Yu asked him in an inconceivable manner as he suddenly felt as if there was a wall standing between the two of them.

He never knew that Liang Jun and Chu Xiang were already so close to the point that he had already met her family.

When exactly did this happen

After changing into a casual outfit, Chu Xiang invited them inside before taking Liang Jun’s laptop to look more carefully at the posts.

Meanwhile, Liang Jun gave an explanation to Zhuo Yu about what had happened before.

“I’ve only met Xiang Xiang’s parents once.

At that time, I was simply worried that they might bully Xiang Xiang.

As such, I decided to follow her as her bodyguard.

And thank goodness I ended up following her that day, especially after I witnessed firsthand just how despicable and shameless of human beings her family truly is.

*Sigh* You definitely can’t understand since your family treats you so well.”

Zhuo Yu nodded his head.

“Only ones who’ve gone through something similar can relate to such a situation.

Chu Xiang, if you ever need any help, don’t hesitate to ask us.

We will definitely stand by your side.”

Chu Xiang browsed through the forums and said, “It’s fine.

It wouldn’t be appropriate for the two of you to get involved in this matter anyways.

Since he went as far as to bring up the matter online, I reckon he’ll keep pushing matters even further if I don’t deal with him right now.

Thus, I might as well clear up the situation online and render him speechless.”

Zhuo Yu subconsciously puckered his brows and asked, “Is that really the proper way to do things After all, you are dealing with family matters.

If you try to handle things online, it’ll become a matter that everyone can see and learn more about with a single click.

When that happens, you won’t ever be able to break free from that situation.

If you don’t respond but rather sort things out privately, on the other hand, the netizens won’t have anything to talk about and this matter would eventually fade into oblivion.

Even if someone tries to bring it back up in the future, there won’t be anything to worry about.”


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