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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 311


Hearing Liang Jun’s suggestion, Chu Xiang sized him up with a suspicious look.

Faced with her intense stare, on the other hand, Liang Jun could not help but find the situation somewhat nerve-wracking.

Only after making sure that nothing was wrong with his clothes did he break the silence and ask, “What’s up What are you looking at”

“I was trying to see whether or not you were a beast.

After all, what were you thinking suggesting that I come and stay at your place” Chu Xiang shot him a blank stare before taking the lead and walking toward the house.

“Aren’t you gonna go get your carving There seems to be enough time for a quick workout session when we arrive back.”

Liang Jun hurriedly gave her an explanation, “No, please don’t misunderstand.

What I meant to say was that… Umm… There’s such a big courtyard, and there are even many rooms inside.

Thus, wouldn’t it be the best place to write novels I wasn’t trying to suggest living together with me.

I-I meant that… the two of us could stay in different rooms.

Isn’t that pretty much similar to being neighbors then In fact, the distance between the rooms would be even further than the distance between Zhuo Yu’s place and your place.

Well… it’s fine if you don’t want to either.

I didn’t really mean much by saying that.

I’m not a shameless beast.”

Chu Xiang looked at him from head to toe once again and said in a slightly puzzled tone, “I was only joking.

Why are you getting so nervous Speaking of which, why are you acting so strange today”

Liang Jun subconsciously touched his own face and replied with a flustered expression, “I’m acting strange”

Caught off his guard, he quickly avoided Chu Xiang’s stare before reacting with his usual laugh.

“What are you going on about I just wanted to show off my house to you, didn’t I But then, I ended up saying something misleading and was afraid that you might have misunderstood.

Anyways, feel free to take a look around while I go find the carving.

In fact, I’ve only recently renovated this place, so let me know what you think about it.”

With that, Liang Jun quickly walked into his bedroom as he remembered storing the carving somewhere inside the cabinet.

Placing down her bag, Chu Xiang took a stroll around the spacious, grandiose house.

Upon entering the living room, filled with all kinds of antiques and ancient decorations, she felt as if the volume within the room had been purposely lowered, seeming as if a lady would show up to brew tea at any time.

On the contrary, the study was designed with a more modern look.

With a single glance, she could tell that the chair was extremely comfortable, and the desk could be raised or lowered, which made the entire workspace rather ergonomic.

Furthermore, there was even a two-monitor setup — one of which was a curved monitor — being supported by a monitor stand behind that also held up a smaller screen above.

Other than that, Liang Jun had even purchased a hand rest for his keyboard and a wrist rest for his mouse.

 He certainly did not hold back compared to Chu Xiang’s setup.

Thinking back to Liang Jun’s words, she reckoned that he could already use this room whenever he felt like doing so.

But seeing how he would always bring his laptop over to Zhuo Yu’s place to do work, he must really like being around others’ company rather than staying alone.

To the side stood a large glass display cabinet that held all kinds of certificates and trophies, presumably having something to deal with writing and literature.

Coming to a stop right before it, Chu Xiang thought back to the one she too once had.

But rather than writing awards, hers was filled with film and acting awards.

Although their awards were from two very different fields, achieving great accomplishments in any professional field can always be something for one to be proud of.

At that moment, Chu Xiang’s impression of Liang Jun had greatly improved.

No matter his personality, he truly was a revered author worthy of being known as one of the godly writers.

After finding his carving, Liang Jun walked back out, only to see Chu Xiang stare intently at his trophies and awards.

Immediately spreading his tail like a peacock, he put on a bright smile and asked, “What do you think Not bad, right”

Without holding back, Chu Xiang praised him, “Incredible! Brother Jun, you’re amazing!”

“Hehe! Not bad, huh” Liang Jun stood proudly next to Chu Xiang as he straightened his collar.

Looking at his bookshelf, he then dragged Chu Xiang over and said, “Didn’t you say that you wanted to take a look at the reference books All these ones here should be what you’re looking for.

Let me suggest a few that would be useful to you.”

On one hand, he was slightly upset that he forgot to get Chu Xiang a list of books before.

On the other hand, he felt relieved and somewhat delighted that he forgot to do so.

After all, he could now lend some of his books to you instead.

He then quickly picked out a dozen or so books.

“These were all very well written, and the content also covers many ideas that can be applied to our way of writing.

Take these back and read them first.

There’s still more after you finish reading them.”

Just as Chu Xiang reached out her hands to receive the book, Liang Jun immediately took a step back.

“Don’t worry.

I’ll carry the books to the car for you.”


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