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Chu Xiang twisted her wrist away from her and remained sitting on the sofa.

“If you have something to say, then say it here, but lower your voice.

Don’t disturb others.”

Fang Ping was furious.

“You’re doing this on purpose! You deliberately chose this place.

When did you become so scheming”

Chu Xiang looked at the time on her phone.

“I’ll give you ten more minutes.

Ten more minutes, and I’ll leave.

Are you giving me your account number or not”

Chu Zhe’s sharp eyes saw that her phone was the latest model, and then noticed that her clothes were also from big brands.

He said angrily, “Wow, the clothes you’re dressed in must be worth at least 20,000, right You’re treating your family like they’re poor just because you’re rich now.

You’re so ungrateful, Chu Xiang! Mom, Dad, she’s your daughter.

How can she do this to you She wants to live a good life on her own without you.”

Fang Ping’s heart almost bled when she heard that Chu Xiang’s outfit cost 20,000 yuan.

That was four months of her salary! She pointed at Chu Xiang and said, “Save your nonsense.

I’m your mother.

I can do what I want with you.

You better move back home immediately.

In the future, all of your money will be managed by me.

I think you must have forgotten your last name after earning some money.

You’ll go more and more out of check unless I reign you in.”

Chu Xiang did not expect talking to them to be so exhausting.

It was like they weren’t even on the same channel.

They did not even show a pretense of decency to her.

There was only unreasonable nonsense and noise that annoyed her.

She frowned and said, “Make me go back and manage my money for me What else do you want Are you trying to plan out my life for me”

Fang Ping said righteously, “What’s there to plan about your life That so-called novel you write offended the most powerful people on the Internet and caused you to get scolded so badly.

They even scolded your family as well.

How could you let us down like this You never bother looking for a decent job and only know how to do nonsense like this.

Even your character has become bad.

“You should just stop writing novels.

Go home and quickly find an interview for a stable job, and then find a suitable match and marry.

Just live a quiet and honest life instead of all this crap.”

Chu Zhe hurriedly said, “Mom, she can make money writing novels.

Why don’t you let her write”

Fang Ping said without thinking, “Then she can write after work.

It won’t get in the way of her job.”

Chu Xiang sneered.

“You really have it all planned out, huh Do you think of me as a puppet Don’t blame me for speaking harshly, but I should really record what you look like right now.

That way, you can see what kind of face you have.”

Chu Guowei’s voice lowered, “How dare you talk to your mother like that”

“I talk to everyone the same way.

I’m not afraid to be criticized by that.” Chu Xiang felt like these three people were really brain-damaged.

It was just a waste of time talking to them, so she simply got up and went to the counter to settle the bill.

The three members of the Chu family hurriedly followed.

Seeing this, Liang Jun drank the remaining coffee in his cup, paid the pill, and unobtrusively blocked between Chu Xiang and the Chu family.

Liang Jun followed not far behind Chu Xiang when she walked out.

The Chu family thought that he was just going in the same direction and did not think much of it.

They could not speak loudly in the mall, so they followed Chu Xiang to the elevator before saying angrily, “Chu Xiang, you’re too much! You ungrateful daughter.

You’d better come back with us now! Do you hear me!”

Liang Jun put his hands in his pockets and looked at them one by one.

“Uncle, Aunty, you’re being too much.”

Chu Zhe snorted coldly.

“What’s it to you This is our family’s business.”

Liang Jun stood next to Chu Xiang.

“Xiangxiang’s business is my business.

I heard you guys say earlier that you want her to go on a blind date and find a job There’s no need for that.

We’re getting married soon.

After the wedding, she’ll be a housewife and won’t ned to work anymore.

I’m also not interested in raising a brother-in-law.

I’ll definitely give you a monthly maintenance allowance, but don’t try to get more by force.

After all, it’s not good for anyone if you make a scene, right”

Chu Xiang watched speechlessly as he spun a story without batting an eyelid.

He talked so seriously it was as if it were true.

The Chu family was stunned.

Chu Zhe looked Liang Jun up and down and asked, “Who are you Were you eavesdropping early You’re Chu Xiang’s boyfriend”

Fang Ping was even more anxious.

“What do you mean you’re getting married We haven’t agreed to anything.

What about your parents How could you marry Chu Xiang without even proposing or preparing a betrothal gift There’s no such thing.

Besides, Chu Zhe is Chu Xiang’s younger brother.

It’s only natural that she takes care of her brother.

How can an outsider like you get involved What right do you have”


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