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“Now I don’t wanna go.” Chu Xiang frowned.

With her chubby body now, she would not be able to fight back if she really got beaten up.

She originally wanted to talk about stuff like maintenance allowance, but thinking about it now, maybe it would be better to discuss it over the phone.

In any case, they would not agree to anything she said.

What was she meeting them for

She was also used to settling things face to face and did not consider her situation.

Chu Xiang thought about the possible scenes and agreed.

“Then you come with me.

It’ll be inappropriate to back out of an agreement.

I’ll be counting on you, Brother Jun.

I’ll treat you to a big meal tonight.”

“A big meal Are you cooking”

“I wouldn’t dare.

I’m afraid you don’t dare to eat.”

The two bickered the entire journey, but the mood was surprisingly relaxed.

Liang Jun pretended not to know her and walked into the cafe after her.

They picked an adjacent two-sided booth, and the Chu family appeared not long after.

Chu Guowei and Fang Ping never went to places like cafes, so they were a little uncomfortable sitting opposite Chu Xiang.

Chu Guowei frowned and said in a low voice, “Why can’t we just talk at home.

Why does the whole family have to come to a place like this Ugh…”

Chu Zhe did not want the talks to fall apart immediately and sat down beside Chu Xiang with a grin.

He picked up the menu and said, “Sis, the price of the food here isn’t low.

It seems you’re earning quite well from writing.

By the way, why don’t you come home It’s unsafe for you to rent a place alone outside.

It’s better if you come home with us.”

Chu Xiang bowed her head and took a sip of coffee before asking coldly, “What do you guys want”

Fang Ping grew angry.

“Do we need a reason to come find you” She noticed that her voice was a little loud, looked around, and whispered, “Look at you now.

You’re a girl.

Why did you cut your hair so short You’re already fat, but now you don’t even have a gentle look.

How are you going to find a boyfriend”

Liang Jun silently took a magazine to cover his face for fear that he would accidentally laugh out.

He was not taking pleasure in Chu Xiang’s misery.

He just felt that he had been pretty clairvoyant in the car earlier.

He guessed correctly that they would talk about ‘money’ and then about a ‘boyfriend’.

Fang Ping was not accustomed to Chu Xiang’s unperturbed look and became annoyed.

“What the hell do you want, Chu Xiang Huh What have we done to you I just told you to sign your brother up for summer camp, but you blocked us instead.

What is the meaning of this”

Chu Xiang put down her coffee cup, crossed her arms on the table, looked at them, and said, “If you won’t tell me what you want, then I will.

I won’t agree to whatever it is you want from me.

I’ve been on a full scholarship since I started college and I work to earn money for my tuition and living fees, but I still have to buy stuff for Chu Zhe.

“After I started working, I gave money to the family every month, but anytime Chu Zhe participated in an activity, the fees came out of my pocket.

I almost died last time and finally figured some things out.

From now on, I want to live for myself.

“That being said, I won’t shirk the responsibility I owe to you, so I’ll pay two thousand to your card on the first of every month.

I won’t care about Chu Zhe or anything else in the future, so stop trying to bother me.

Two thousand per month.

If you’re not satisfied and go to court, even the forced maintenance allowance will be less than two thousand.”

Chu Guowei stared at her in shock.

“What You’re disowning your parents”

Fang Ping hurriedly touched his arm.

“Lower your voice.

People are staring.” She reached for Chu Xiang’s wrist and said angrily, “Just be straight with us.

Are you trying to abandon us just because you’re making a lot of money now”

Chu Xiang placed her hands under the table, leaned on the back of the sofa, and said coldly, “I’ve said all that I have to.

It’s non-negotiable.

Give me your account number.”

Chu Zhe had been staring at her.

When he realized that she was being serious, he asked with a cold face, “Are you an animal They’re the parents who gave birth to you and raised you.

How could you do this to them Your novel made it to the gold list of the front page, so you must earn a lot, right How could you only give two thousand to Mom and Dad Is this your filial piety How dare you”

“At least I’m better than garbage like you.” Chu Xiang shot him a glance.

“You have arms and legs but all you know how to do is beg for stuff.

What right do you have to question me”

“Chu Xiang!” Chu Zhe jerked up and pointed at her.

“Look who’s talking.

You think you’re all that for earning a few more bucks How dare you look down on us.

No wonder so many people scold you.

You deserve to be scolded…”

“Sir, please be quiet and don’t disturb the other customers.” A waiter quickly walked over to stop Chu Zhe.

Chu Zhe felt embarrassed and sat down reluctantly.

Fang Ping was even more uncomfortable and got up to pull Chu Xiang.

“Come out with me now.

Come out!”


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