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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 300


Liang Jun used his phone to log on to Weibo and showed Chu Xiang his post and the people who shared it.

Chu Xiang held the soy milk and said, “Thank you.

You even used your main account to share it.

It’s much more effective than if I had used my own.

Now, there must be very few people who are still willing to believe in Matchless Sovereign.

You really helped me out.

I should treat you to a meal today.”

Liang Jun smugly tapped on his post.

“Look at this.

This was what hammered the last nail on Matchless Sovereign’s coffin.”

This time, Chu Xiang could not guess what it was.

She curiously took Liang Jun’s phone and tapped on the screen recording.

Then, she was shocked to find out that Matchless Sovereign pretended to be a fan to incite other fans into flaming her.

She was stunned.

“She could do something like that”

“People like her are really amazing, in one way or another.

Did she think she could secretly act like her body double” Liang Jun told Chu Xiang everything that happened, picking up the bun and eating it up in large bites.

He was starving after staying up all night.

Chu Xiang understood what happened with the voice recording and the IP address checking, and said sincerely, “I really have to thank you this time.

If I were alone, I wouldn’t even be able to think of methods like these.

There’s no way I could’ve checked her IP address.

Go on, is there anything you want I’ll buy it as a gift for you.”

Liang Jun grinned and waved his hand.

“No need.

Why don’t you call me Brother I’ll protect you in the future.”

Chu Xiang deliberately said, “Brother Liang.”

Liang Jun spewed out a mouthful of soy milk, hurriedly grabbed a napkin to wipe his mouth, and stared at her incredulously.

“What Brother Liang Why does that sound so unpleasant Can’t you just call me Brother Jun”

Chu Xiang helped him wipe the table with amusement and said, “Brother Jun, then.

Happy now Eat properly and don’t make a mess.

How did you find out the IP address Can you teach me”

“I don’t know how to do that.

I only know how to check the most simple stuff, and this was a little challenging, so I asked a friend to help.

I even promised to give him a carving in exchange for his help.

You have to make it up to me.”

Chu Xiang held her chin and said, “You’ve worked hard, Brother Jun.

How do you want me to repay you”

“Well, I’ll have to think about that.” Liang Jun took a bun and pondered.

Then, his eyes brightened.

“Write more reserve chapters and let me see.

I’m following your novel.

You have to write everyday, the more the better.

How about that This request isn’t too much, right”

Chu Xiang raised her brows and nodded.

“No problem.

I was planning to finish it quickly anyway.”

Liang Jun was dumbfounded.

“Huh Then aren’t I asking this compensation for nothing”

Chu Xiang chuckled.

“Not really.

I didn’t plan on showing you the reserve chapters, but I’m agreeing to show them to you every day now.

Other readers can’t enjoy this kind of benefit.”

Liang Jun took two bites of the bun and said vaguely, “It’s a good thing that I’m reading it for you.

Think about it.

Why do I never write reserve chapters It’s because I can see comments and feedback from the readers after I write every day and make adjustments in the direction in time.

I’ll also be able to correct any bugs that they find.

However, if you write 100,000 or 200,000 words worth of reserve chapters, you won’t be able to change it easily, right If I help you read your manuscript now, I can give you feedback and advice.

Isn’t that great”

“Yes yes yes, it’s really great.

I’ll have to ask you to help me with the draft from now on.”

“I have this feeling that you’re being sarcastic, but I can’t prove it.”

Chu Xiang shrugged and gave him a professional smile.

“Brother Jun, I’m very sincere.”

Liang Jun was amused.

“Sure, I believe you.

I didn’t realize that you were this interesting before.

You’re very funny.

How is it Do you feel particularly good now that you’re finally cleared of the slander Matchless Sovereign threw on you”

Chu Xiang already figured out his routine.

She put on a serious expression and nodded.


I feel super great right now.

It’s all thanks to you, Brother Jun.

You stayed up all night just to help me deal with Matchless Sovereign.

You’re really amazing!”

Liang Jun knew at a glance that she was saying that on purpose and could not stop laughing.

Chu Xiang did not know how he could laugh so much.

She glanced at him twice and finished her breakfast in silence.

Someone knocked on the door again, and Chu Xiang got up to take a look.

“Zhuo Yu”

Liang Jun perked up in surprise.

“Zhuo Yu He’s awake already” He also walked up to the door with a bun in his mouth and looked at Zhuo Yu outside the door in confusion.

“Why are you up so early Didn’t you go to bed very late yesterday”

Zhuo Yu glanced at the table.

“I promised my grandmother to meet a new friend, so I’m planning to get a gift first.

Are you two eating breakfast”

Liang Jun said loudly, “Yep.

I thought you’d sleep till noon, so I didn’t buy any for you.

You can eat my share.

You can only have a good blind date when you’re full.”


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