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Chu Xiang’s parents had visited twice a day for the past three days, so she was already familiar with them.

Being loved by her parents was a strange but warm feeling; however, Chu Xiang enjoyed being showered by their concern and she felt very close to them.

The family of three sat in the back seat of a spacious car.

Chu Xiang leaned on the window and unconsciously smiled as she looked out at the bustling city outside the car window.

Seeing the smile on his daughter’s face, Chu Dongqi also smiled happily and said, “Xiang Xiang deserved to be happy.

If you have any difficulties or problems, come to me and your mother.

We will solve your problems for you, so you must not hurt yourself like this again in the future, okay Your health and wellbeing is the most important thing in the world, do you understand”

T/N: Xiang Xiang is like a more intimate way of addressing Chu Xiang.

Fang Qing gently took Chu Xiang’s and held her hand.

She said in a distressed tone, “Your father is right.

Take a look at how much weight you have lost in the past few days! Why would you torture yourself by drinking excessively It’s not healthy and hurting yourself will not solve any problems.

You and Ye Chen grew up together and had always had a good relationship with each other.

So, why are the two of you arguing with each other nonstop lately If he had bullied you, then tell me and your father.

We won’t let anyone bully you…”

Chu Xiang leaned her head on Fang Qing’s shoulder and said, “Mother, I’ve been acting stupidly recently, but who hasn’t gone through such a phase when they’re young I’m alright now, and I promise that I will never hurt myself again.

I’m sorry for making you worry about me.”

Feng Qing didn’t fully believe her, so she asked uneasily, “Are you sure you’re feeling better”

Chu Xiang nodded her head sincerely and said, “I’m certain I’m feeling much better now.

I was really frightened when I woke up in the hospital.

This incident taught me that I will only have a limited number of years to live.

I still have many things I’ve yet experienced, so I shouldn’t hurt myself again because of someone else.” She sat upright and smiled at her parents, “Mother and father, don’t worry about me.

I will definitely be happy in the future.

If anyone tries to make my life miserable, I will make sure they won’t ever be able to smile again.”

Chu Xiang’s sarcastic remark made the loving couple laugh, but they could tell from their daughter’s tone that Ye Chen had made their daughter sad.

Chu Dongqi asked earnestly, “Xiang Xiang, tell me, what did Ye Chen do to make you unhappy I will help you vent out your anger on him.”

Chu Xiang raised an eyebrow and laughed, “Father, don’t look down on me.

I’m already twenty years old, so how can I ask my parents to help me get revenge I can take care of Ye Chen myself, after all, dealing with someone like him is a children’s play.

However, I do have a matter I wish to discuss with you.

I want you to fire someone from our house.”

Chu Dongqi and Fang Qing glanced at each other and asked, “Who do you want us to fire”

“Bai Ling.” Bai Ling was Bai Xuewei’s mother.

“She has been working in our house for many years, but perhaps she had worked for us for so long that she had forgotten her real identity and status.

I believe she’s a little over her head and thinks that she is also one of the masters of the Chu Family.

I want you to dismiss her and compensate her according to the law.

I don’t want you to give her even a penny extra.”

The couple froze for a moment after hearing her request.

Fang Qing recalled her memories and said, “Bai Ling acts a little arrogant in front of other servants, but she always acts very respectful when she’s serving us.

Xiang Xiang, does the incident with Ye Chen have something to do with Bai Ling”

“That’s right.

Her daughter is trying to go head to head against me.

Not only does she want to step on me, but she also snatched my fiancé.”

Fang Qing’s face immediately sank and said, “How dare she do something like this! Ye Chen is absolutely disgraceful too! I will fire her when I get home and make sure she leaves our house immediately.”

Chu Dongqi frowned and nodded his head, “You can handle this matter however you want to.

After you return home, take a few days off school, so you can rest comfortably.

Don’t let others anger you and cause your health to deteriorate, it’s not worth it.”

The couple suddenly realized how much their daughter had suffered during this period.

Bai Xuewei, Chu Xiang, and Ye Chen all attend the same school, so it must’ve been hard on her seeing Ye Chen and Bai Xuewei flirting with each other at school.

The two of them were distressed for their daughter, and their resentment towards Ye Chen peaked.

They were already planning to teach the brat a tough lesson.

Chu Xiang hooked her arm around Fang Qing’s arm, and leaned back on her shoulder once again.

She closed her eyes and smiled happily.

She was relieved and blessed to have such loving parents.


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