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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 299


There was also a great god who knew about Matchless Sovereign’s intentions.

She knew that Matchless Sovereign was stepping on a no-name author to sell the rights and create hype for ‘Immortal Demon’.

Matchless Sovereign and her were birds of a feather and were equally scum of the earth.

What did righteousness mean to them When she saw Matchless Sovereign sink, she immediately cleared their relationship and said that she did not pay attention to this matter because she was busy in real life.

She said that it was Matchless Sovereign who begged for her help, which she agreed to because she thought that Matchless Sovereign was just defending her rights.

Unexpectedly, something like this ended up happening.

Now that the authors had all spoken up, it was like nailing Matchless Sovereign to the pillar of shame.

Her fans were furious not only because Matchless Sovereign bullied a newcomer but also because she caused them to be scolded by the masses.

The fans advised everyone not to take sides in the future while pouring into Matchless Sovereign’s microblog to bomb her comment section!

Meanwhile, the greatest attack Matchless Sovereign suffered was from her fans themselves.

The fans who stayed behind were extreme fans and were not rational in the first place, so they loved to scold and argue with other people.

Now that they learned that they had been fooled by Matchless Sovereign, they were naturally outraged and vented all of their anger on Matchless Sovereign herself.

Now, there were no more negative ratings on Chu Xiang’s two novels, but Matchless Sovereign’s ‘Immortal Demon’ was swiftly review bombed to hell and back.

They still remembered the technique Matchless Sovereign taught them on how to leave negative scores without them being deleted, and now they were using what they learned on ‘Immortal Demon’.

This time, no one came to defend the novel, and everyone watched as the negative ratings flooded the entire novel.

Matchless Sovereign’s Weibo also exploded, with hundreds of comments popping out with every refresh of the page.

Countless Matchless Sovereign fans, fans from several other great gods, bystanders, and people just watching the show all posted their comments.

In short, this matter was completely pushed to its climax and became a grand conference of exposing Matchless Sovereign’s true colors.

Many sleepy people in the peanut gallery were simply shocked awake!

Hua Zi called Liang Jun.

“Bro, I just saw what happened.

This has nothing to do with you, right Why were you in such a hurry when the sun isn’t even up yet Did you stay up all night for this”

Liang Jun leaned back on the bed and smiled smugly.

“I did.

It turned out pretty good, didn’t it Your bro is like a one-man army.

There’s nothing that I can’t solve!”

“That’s not what I mean.

Do you know Chu Xiang Why are you so protective of her You’re doing this to help her, right Do I know her” Hua Zi clicked into Chu Xiang’s author profile with eyes full of confusion.

She was a new author and only wrote two stories.

She was so popular now only because of this incident.

What was going on

Liang Jun laughed.

“I can’t stand seeing injustice.

Hurry up and go to sleep.

I’m gonna go take credit.”

“Take credit for what”

“How can I not take credit when I helped her so much Do you think I’m some sort of silent guardian Shoo, go to sleep.

I’m not at home these days, but I’ll pick up the carving and send it to you later.

Thanks, buddy.” Liang Jun hung up the phone, whistled, and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

It was already 6 in the morning, and the sky was starting to brighten.

Although he stayed up all night, he was young and strong so he did not feel sleepy at all.

As he said to Hua Zi, since he did such a great job, he had to go to Chu Xiang to take credit for it.

He knew that Chu Xiang woke up early and only ordered takeout because she did not know how to cook, so he went out for a morning run and bought a hefty breakfast along the way.

Zhuo Yu slept late and usually got up around 10, so Liang Jun did not buy Zhuo Yu’s share and went back upstairs to knock on Chu Xiang’s door.

Chu Xiang still did not know what was going on online, and was puzzled to see Liang Jun at the door.

“Why are you here so early You even bought breakfast”

Liang Jun said excitedly, “C’mon, I have great news for you.

I helped you solve the incident with Matchless Sovereign.

How are you going to thank me”

“Huh” Chu Xiang stepped aside to let him come in and followed him to the dining table.

“You solved the incident with Matchless Sovereign What did you do”

Liang Jun clapped his hands and laughed.

“I did tons of stuff.

Lemme tell you.

First, I opened three alternate accounts to help you control the comments under your novel and rebut Matchless Sovereign’s fans.

You can go and see it later.

My dissing skills are no joke.

It didn’t take long for my comments to throw them into chaos.

Guess what happened next.”

Chu Xiang pondered and sat down, shrugging.

“Matchless Sovereign must have come out to act pitiful, of course.”

Liang Jun’s eyes lit up and he also sat down.

“Smart girl, you got it in one.

Okay, now guess what else I did.”

Chu Xiang took a sip of soy milk and shook her head.

“I don’t know.

Did you upload a plagiarism checker”

Liang Jun clapped again.

“Exactly! I used my main account to upload it, and many authors helped to forward it.

Isn’t that awesome So many fans stopped supporting Matchless Sovereign.

Here, let me show you.”


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