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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 298


Hua Zi was worthy of being a god in this aspect and sent Liang Jun the IP address comparison in just ten minutes.

What was surprising was that not only was the leader Matchless Sovereign herself, even the helper was also Matchless Sovereign.

She opened two alternate accounts to play her own rhythm and thoroughly used her fans.

Liang Jun took a look at the results and laughed.

“Hua Zi, you really came through for me! This is perfect! Hurry up and send me the evidence.

I want all the cold, hard proof.”

“Sure thing, bro.

Don’t forget my carving.

I’ve always loved stuff like that.

Don’t go back on your word.” Hua Zi said as he sent the query process screen recording to Liang Jun.

Liang Jun replied, “Don’t worry, when have I ever let you down”

He hung up the phone and began to organize the evidence.

While Matchless Sovereign was still pretending to be a fan and directing the other fans to review bomb Chu Xiang, he used his alternate account to upload the plain evidence to Dragon Sky Forum, a forum where many male and female authors gathered.

The Matchless Sovereign fans who just united slightly suffered a huge blow again!

What was worse than knowing that you had been played Furthermore, it was by the person that they desperately tried to defend.

They gave all kinds of criticism, review bombed Chu Xiang endlessly, got called brain-dead by others, and risk getting sued by Chu Xiang all to get justice for their favorite author.

In the end, it was that very author who played them like fools.

She opened two sub-accounts to direct them and even used a voice channel to tell them what to do.

She completely treated them like tools.

This was simply too shameless!!

Matchless Sovereign’s act shocked the online novel community.

Even the bystanders outside the industry were stunned.

Someone asked incredulously, [Is the online novel industry that scary It’s even more dramatic than harem dramas!]

The authors of the online novel community hurriedly replied, [Matchless Sovereign is a freak who only appears once every decade.

The online writing industry isn’t like this.

This was a problem with the individual.

It has nothing to do with the industry.]

Many other authors furiously criticized Matchless Sovereign for being rat ** and told her to come out and apologize.

The reputation of the entire industry was ruined because of her.

Most authors wrote because they love novels.

They were all devoted to writing their own stories and did not get involved in such messy matters.

However, something like this happened in the industry and a person like that appeared, affecting everyone’s impression of online authors.

How could they not be angry

Matchless Sovereign was completely blindsided.

She immediately left the YY voice room, but Liang Jun uploaded his screen recording of the words that she said.

Her ugly face was exposed to everyone and her once bright outer shell of a great god was ruined.

She immediately fell into the mire and became an existence everyone despised.

Now that there was iron-clad evidence out there, it was impossible for her to clear her name no matter how hard she tried.

Was she going to say that having the same IP address didn’t mean it was her, and that those two sub-accounts were her housemates who just wanted to help her

These kinds of words had been said by several authors who had their identities exposed before, and all of them had been ridiculed by the public.

Did they think that everyone was a fool If there were people living under the same roof, even if it was not really Matchless Sovereign herself, wouldn’t she know if her housemates or family or sisters were doing this Why was she pretending to be an innocent white lotus flower now No one believed it at all!

Matchless Sovereign was at her wit’s end.

The other great gods who helped her were all implicated and none of them were spared.

Their Weibo were full of comments telling them to apologize, questioning why they stood with Matchless Sovereign, and whether their character was as ‘complicated’ as Matchless Sovereign.

The few great gods might have called each other in private and soon appeared.

Some of them had a good relationship with Matchless Sovereign and usually had writing battles and chatted with each other.

When they saw Matchless Sovereign getting plagiarized, they immediately took her side without even looking at Chu Xiang’s novel.

It was all because of their trust in Matchless Sovereign.

Now that the truth was out, they issued an apology as soon as possible and said that they would find out the truth before speaking out in the future.

Another two authors had seen the plagiarism tool and felt that it was false, but they continued to help Matchless Sovereign because of their relationship as friends.

When Liang Jun’s plagiarism checker came out, they had already intended to apologize.

However, they still harbored wishful thinking and waited to see if Matchless Sovereign could make a comeback, but unfortunately, she was completely defeated.

Thus, they naturally issued an apology on their microblog and even went to the comments section on Chu Xiang’s Weibo to apologize.

They made sure they did enough PR damage control.


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