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At the end of the writing battle, the page was automatically locked and a torrent of text burst out at once.

[Snow Flying Fox: You piece of **, you actually locked the page But to think that you were crushed by Empress Chu! What a rare sight! You actually lost hahahaha! @Gentlemanly Thief you owe Empress Chu a red envelope.]

[Mountain Duel: Give Empress Chu a round of applause.

She’s too powerful.

I only managed to write 1500 words.

I willingly concede defeat.

I’m gonna add her as a friend.]

[Yeoman Service: Empress Chu, add me, add me! I read your ‘Demon Empress’ and absolutely love it.

I’m your fan!]

[Gentlemanly Thief: Back off, all of you.

This is Empress Chu’s first writing battle.

You’ll scare her off like this.]

After replying to them, Liang Jun asked Chu Xiang, “Do you wanna go another round How many words do you plan to write today”

Chu Xiang glanced over at the chapter outline.

“I’m on a roll now, so let’s write another 10,000 words.

It’ll be just enough reserves to last till the weekend.”


I’ll start another round.” Liang Jun quickly set the word count, ignoring what the other people were saying, and locked the page again.

The room fell silent again, with only the sound of Liang Jun tapping on the keyboard.

In the rankings, Chu Xiang and Liang Jun’s names alternated between first and second place.

The person in the lead was always either him or her.

After half an hour of writing, Chu Xiang’s phone vibrated.

It was the alarm she had set earlier reminding her that it was time to get up and get moving.

She didn’t really care about winning the writing battle, so she stopped writing and walked out the door with a glass of water.

When she saw Liang Jun, he was fully immersed in typing away.

His usually playful look was replaced by a straight face, and his serious expression was like he was trying to figure out some kind of academic problem.

No one would have thought that the Liang Jun who loved to joke around would be like this when he was working.

Chu Xiang quietly went to pour a glass of water and brought a bottle of mineral water for Liang Jun along the way.

Liang Jun snapped back to his senses and instantly reverted to that peppy look.

“Eh Why aren’t you writing anymore Are you tired”

Chu Xiang stretched while saying, “I’m not in good health and so I’ve been more health-conscious recently.

I don’t dare to write for too long.”

“Oh, yep.

It’s important to move around.” Liang Jun extended his arms and stretched his waist.

He moved his wrists and pointed to the screen.

“How is it My writing is no worse than Zhuo Yu’s, right Our scores have always been the best, and we basically have a permanent spot on the top rankings.”

Chu Xiang looked at it while she drank her water, and nodded.

“It’s very well-written.

Zhuo Yu and you have different styles, different writing habits, and different techniques, but you’re both very good.

It seems I still have much to learn.

Do you have any books to recommend I’d like to have a look.”

“Sure! ‘The Story’ is a classic that most authors have read.

It was particularly admired for a period of time.

You can think of it as the basics.

I’ve read your novels before, so give me some time to think about it.

I’ll recommend a few books that are suitable for you.” Liang Jun stood up and walked around the living room before continuing, “Your new novel is much better than the old one, so you can consider publishing it.

Pay attention to the phrasing you use.

I’ll send you a document later about publishing specifications, so take a look at it when you have time.

Don’t waste such a good story.”

“Sure, thank you in advance.

Zhuo Yu and you are very enthusiastic.

I made the right choice to move here.” Chu Xiang wanted to continue asking about the publishing process, but her phone rang.

She saw that it was a call from the original host’s mother, Fang Ping.

Frowning slightly, she tapped on the answer button and was bombarded before she could say anything.

“Chu Xiang! Where the hell are you Why did your landlord say that you moved out You must think that you’ve grown up, haven’t you You didn’t even tell your family that you were moving.”

Chu Xiang said coldly, “I just moved and was going to tell you after I got settled down.

What’s the matter”

“You didn’t even bother to call home, and you’re asking me what’s the matter You’ve always been a freak.

You act as if the family owes you something.

What’s your problem Give me your address.

Your father and I will go see you.” Fang Ping’s tone was not pleasant at all.

Chu Xiang refused her directly.

“No need.

I haven’t finished unpacking yet, so let’s talk about that another time.

I’m writing a novel now.

If you don’t need anything else, I’ll hang up now.”

“Huh Where did your manners go, girl Is that how you talk to your mother” Fang Ping ran out of patience and said in a cold voice, “Your younger brother said that he’ll be attending some kind of summer camp for the summer.

Your father and I don’t know much about it, so hurry up and do some research, and then sign him up for it.

Make sure you pick a good one.

It must be safe.”

Chu Xiang rifled through many similar occurrences in the original host’s memory.

They would tell her to sign up, make her pay for the entire thing, and then make a fuss about how she arranged everything poorly.

The original host poured in her energy and money but did not get a single word of gratitude.

She was just an ATM in her brother’s eyes.


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