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“It doesn’t matter whether I live till my teens, thirties, seventies, or eighties, I will remain happy.

I have people who will entertain me during my leisure time.

I don’t need to manage a household, so my life would be relaxing and comfortable.

As for the part about overcoming obstacles together, I don’t need anyone else.

I can do it by myself.

Even if I can’t overcome the obstacles by myself, there’s no merit in relying on others to solve my problem for me.”

Fang Qing, who is usually very eloquent, couldn’t refute her daughter’s claims.

Although she and her husband, Chu Dongqi are a happy and loving couple, it’s more common for a couple in their business field to be similar to the couple from the Ye Family.

After pondering her daughter’s claims, she admits that marriage is like a gamble.

No one can guarantee that the person she marries is a perfect match for her; nor can anyone guarantee that she and her husband will remain happy and blissful until they turn old.

However, if her daughter follows out the plan that her daughter planned for herself, then wouldn’t she be guaranteed a lifetime of happiness Isn’t her goal to make sure that her daughter stays happy

Chu Xiang parked the car in the underground parking lot of the company.

She and Fang Qing headed to the top floor of the building.

After they sorted all the documents, they held a meeting with the head of all the departments in the company.

The conversation between Fang Qing and Xiao Han was recorded in great detail by Chu Xiang.

Fang Qing was able to recall all the details just by reading it.

The recorded notes by Chu Xiang also allowed Fang Qing to better understand which parts of the project that Chu Xiang was more familiar with.

During the meeting, Fang Qing would let Chu Xiang explain the parts that she was more familiar with.

When Chu Xiang stood up, the head of the various departments of the company wondered, what does a young lady who has just joined the company has to say But after hearing Chu Xiang’s clear explanation, their attitude towards her immediately changed.

They listened closely to her explanation.

Chu Xiang spoke in front of everyone three times during the meeting.

Everyone was astounded by her ability and was willing to take the initiative to discuss certain issues with her.

Chu Xiang’s image greatly improved in their minds.

When the meeting ended, Chu Xiang brewed a cup of scented tea for Fang Qing.

She even helped Fang Qing sort out all the documents.

She expressed her opinions on the parts that she understands on a sticky note, and on the parts she doesn’t understand, she asked for clarification.

After Fang Qing had adequately rested, she read through the documents Chu Xiang sorted.

Chu Xiang has finished half of her work for her.

She couldn’t help but sighed, “It’s no wonder that people often say that daughters are the parents’ small cotton-padded jacket.

Once they reach the age of 20, they will start to mature and grow up more quickly.

I feel so much more relaxed after you came here, Xiang Xiang.

I must send a video of this to your father to make him jealous!”

T/N: Small Cotton-padded Jacket: This is a metaphor.

A cotton-padded jacket keeps you warm in winter → just like the relationship between daughters and parents.

Daughters are caring, very understanding, helps her parents, and are more emotionally connected with parents. 

Fang Qing quickly took out her phone and filmed a short video, filming from left to right of her desk.

She said, “Dong Q, do you see how sweet and considerate our Xiang Xiang is I can get off work early again today.

Perhaps I might be able to retire in a year or two.”

Chu Xiang laid on the sofa while eating fruits.

She was quite amused as she said, “Mom, you should be careful.

He might not bring you a gift when he returns.”

“He dares! If he doesn’t bring a gift, then he can sleep in the guest room.” Fang Qing smiled and put away her phone.


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