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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 282


Only after sleeping till three in the afternoon did Chu Xiang finally wake up.

Having regained her vitality, she ordered take-out to fill her stomach before messaging Zhuo Yu, asking him about her ten-thousand-word manuscript.

Soon, Zhuo Yu replied to her message: [I’ve left behind several annotations that contain my personal suggestions.

Why don’t you take a quick look at them That’s right, I also just received a piece of news, stating how Matchless Sovereign’s novel, “Immortal Demon,” hit the jackpot.

A certain copyright holder noticed its popularity and is currently considering to adapt it into a film or TV drama.]

Rubbing her chin, Chu Xiang suddenly had her suspicions: [So, she was using me as a stepping stone to gain popularity, making it seem as if her novel had a larger fanbase than what it seemed to attract the attention of the copyright holders]

[Zhuo Yu: I’m too think that to be the case.

As such, Jinjiang’s final verdict upon the case isn’t important.

It also doesn’t matter whether or not the readers end up trusting you or her.

All that matters now is how she gets to sell off the rights to her novel.

From then onwards, as long as she continues writing and selling off the rights to more of her titles, she will eventually receive the opportunity to become a screenwriter and get her hands on many more resources, thereupon building up her network of connections.

This is a marketing strategy that purely benefits herself.]

Fiddling with her phone, Chu Xiang thought for a moment before responding: [Thank you for telling me this.

I know what I’m supposed to do now.]

Seeing her unexpected response, Zhuo Yu was rather puzzled.

Just what could she possibly do at this point Even though she managed to figure out Matchless Sovereign’s plan today, what could a small author who had just entered the industry possibly do against a veteran in the field Even if she had an acrimonious falling-out, it simply would not achieve anything.

At best, it would only cause a minor uproar for a while.

In reality, there’s simply no purpose to it.

Unable to hold himself back, he asked, [What do you intend to do It won’t do you any good even if you decide to make a fuss about it.

In this situation, the best thing you can do is just swallow your bitterness.

Though you may feel hesitant doing so, there’s unfortunately nothing better you can do.]

He could have certainly lent her a helping hand and spoke up on her behalf.

However, that would not be an appropriate response to the situation.

After all, it would not be right for a male author like him to meddle in the affairs of a female author.

Besides, the story could very well be twisted and take a sudden turn for the worse.

Moreover, Chu Xiang was still a small author.

If she was found out to be supported by another well-known author being the scenes, people would definitely suspect her of leeching off that well-known figure.

Thus, he decided not to shift the topic in that direction, especially since their relationship with each other had reached that point where he would willingly do so much for her yet.

This time, Chu Xiang did not respond back.

Instead, he was earnestly looking through the annotations made by  Zhuo Yu.

At first, she felt rather proud of the manuscript she had written.

But after reading through his comments, she could now see the distinct gap between the skill of an amateur writer and one with years of experience.

Upon that realization, she read through all the feedback three times and reflected upon it before she was able to fully comprehend everything.

With that, she first sent a message to her editor, urging Jinjiang to come out with their final verdict faster before mentioning her new work.

Her new novel would be called, “Demon Empress.” It was a story about how an ordinary girl accidentally stepped foot into the immortal world and would later struggle through countless trials and tribulations along her path into becoming the Empress.

As the story was essentially an autobiography about her past life, she had a clear picture of the entire story and could easily write everything down on paper.

Keeping in accordance with the high standards of the readers of Jinjiang, Chu Xiang purposely hired a copywriter for two hundred yuan to write an eye-catching synopsis for her novel.

She then immediately posted the announcement of her new work on the page of “Rising Immortal” and her social media.

The instant she made her move, everyone paying close attention to the plagiarism case immediately caught on.

Upon seeing her move, the fans of Matchless Sovereign quickly flocked over and insulted her for being shameless for actually daring to start a new novel.

The neutral onlookers and even the authors who were partially towards Chu Xiang’s side, on the other hand, often chose to remain silent as their occasional comments in support of her would always receive the torrent of abuse.

Knowing that, who would be willing to speak up for her

With Chu Xiang’s social media falling into the anti's hands, it would be an understatement to say that the comment section below her post had erupted in chaos.

Even so, within the span of half an hour or so, her novel had already been bookmarked a hundred times.

According to the memories of the previous host, such a number could be considered pretty good.

It seemed like the individuals supporting her were bookmarking her novel in a low-key fashion.


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