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Chu Xiang pondered seriously after hearing Fang Qing’s question. What’s her ideal type

Demonic cultivators like her have always gathered together and scattered as they pleased.

They have a long life span and each person’s circumstances and growth are vastly different.

They might even stumble upon a hidden realm one day and cultivate there for hundreds of years before finally leaving.

After staying apart for such a long time, they don’t even know if their friends or partners are still alive.

It’s also inevitable that their personality would change since they have such a long life span.

As a result, they may partner up with different people at different points in their life.

It’s impossible for them to stay the same forever.

As for her ideal type… she liked someone who can catch her interest and make her happy.

Otherwise, why would she need a companion

There are many powerless women who wish to find a man they could rely on and depend on.

However, she is a strong woman and she doesn’t mind if her companion is less capable than her.

The most important thing is that he can make her happy.

Chu Xiang smiled at Fang Qing and said, “Mom, it’s hard for me to describe my ideal type.

For example, not only do I like traditional tea, but I also like milk tea, coffee, and other drinks.

I don’t mind who he is.

I’ll like him as long as he can make me happy.”

Fang Qing was taken aback by her response, “Then what if the man that makes you happy is merely a pretty boy”

T/N: Pretty Boy – An attractive young man who usually has no other positive features/characters besides his beauty.

Chu Xiang replied, “It’s not easy to make me happy, so I don’t mind if he’s merely a pretty boy.

It’s not like I can’t afford to keep a pretty boy.”

This was the first time that Fang Qing had thought about it this way.

But after briefly pondering over what her daughter had said, she realized that her daughter was right.

Their family runs a large business, so she can definitely afford to keep a pretty boy. 

There are many women from wealthy families who often become unhappy after their marriage.

Around 70% of their husband who has an affair behind their backs and fools around with women outside.

Isn’t it better to keep a pretty boy This was applicable to the Ye Family as well.

Ye Zhenhong is keeping an idol while Sun Jie is keeping a male model.

Fang Qing held her forehead and chuckled. How did her train of thought lead to this

She thought about her relationship with Chu Dongqi and said, “The type of relationship you’re talking about is different from the relationship between a husband and a wife.

A couple must learn to love each other’s faults in order for the relationship to last.

After learning how to love each other’s fault and investing time and patience in the relationship, the bond between the husband and the wife will become stronger and more intimate.”

She continued, “When the couple encounters an obstacle, the husband and the wife will become each other’s rock, overcoming all the obstacles together.

The family will also become more stable with children.

Chu Xiang, don’t be afraid of marriage.

Although marriage can be difficult, it won’t be as difficult once you meet the right person.

You will naturally feel fulfilled and happy from the relationship…”

Chu Xiang raised her hand and interrupted Fang Qing’s speech, “Mom! Mom, slow down! Life is very short.

We only have a few decades to life if we’re lucky and if we’re not lucky and get into an accident, then it will be shorter.

I want to run our family business and invest time in the hobbies that I’m interested in.

I want to have time to myself, and I also want to have a few close friends that I can have fun with.

With all of that in mind, I will only have a very small amount of leisure time left.”

“Why do I have to spend time to find the right companion, and show tolerance and patience to him when I don’t even know whether our marriage will end well I will find someone who makes me happy, so I don’t need to worry about marriage.

If he makes me  unhappy, then I can just replace him with someone else.”


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