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Hearing Chu Xiang’s words, the hairdresser did not pursue the topic any further and quickly gave Chu Xiang a short haircut.

Moreover, hearing how many times Chu Xiang emphasized the word, “short,” the hairdresser ended up cutting her hair similar to the length of most men’s haircuts nowadays.

Just as she looked into the mirror, she saw that her glasses did not suit her very well.

In addition, her plump appearance did not add to her appeal whatsoever.

Although she was not completely satisfied, she nevertheless found her current appearance to be a much-improved version compared to herself several days ago and felt much more relaxed.

Persistent, the hairdresser emphasized once again, “Your short hair will definitely look much better with a slight perm.

If you find some time, please reconsider.”

Chu Xiang fiddled with her hair in a pleased manner and chuckled, “Alright, thank you.”

As long as she continued to be confident, she would definitely be able to lose weight and slim down.

When that time comes, her hair would also have grown quite a bit, making it the perfect time to style her hair then.

But at this moment, doing so would simply be a waste as she did not have that great of an appearance to begin with.

With that, she moved on to make her next decision — either to go to the gym to work out or stay home so that she would not need to go through the trouble of changing into another outfit later.

When Zhuo Yu caught sight of Chu Xiang, he could not help but stare blankly at her for a moment as her new haircut had seemingly revitalized her entire appearance.

Thinking back to all the negative comments about her on the web forums, even he could not help with a frown in disgust upon reading them.

As such, he simply could not imagine just how a young lady like her was bearing up against them.

Having first met her in the hospital of all places — and only for a short time — Zhuo Yu naturally connected the matter regarding Chu Xiang’s sudden heart attack to all the cyberbullying she had to face online.

However, he never expected her to emit a completely different feeling from that of his initial expectations.

In fact, it did not seem as if Chu Xiang cared much about those matters whatsoever.

It truly came out as a surprise to him.

Having met up, the two soon headed over to a nearby restaurant for dinner.

During that time, they mainly talked about matters related to physical exercise and further refined Chu Xiang’s personalized workout plan.

Since Chu Xiang had moved over, making her trip to the gym extremely convenient, they ultimately decided on a three-hour workout for her each day.

Other than the workout plan itself, they also talked about the ways to maintain good health and the importance of staying healthy.

Lacking knowledge about this particular topic, Chu Xiang could only listen to his words attentively.

From the second day onwards, she would strictly follow the workout plan and report to him at the gym each day.

After returning back home, Zhuo Yu searched up online for “Rising Immortal” and “Immortal Demon” to read through carefully.

Since Chu Xiang had moved into the apartment room across from him and become a regular in his gym, he would definitely come across her often from now on.

Furthermore, with the two of them having somewhat similar goals, he reckoned that their meeting was no longer just a mere coincidence — instead, some sort of predestined relationship.

Thus, he needed to make sure whether Chu Xiang had truly plagiarized with his own two eyes.

Only then would he decide whether to become friends with her or maintain a certain distance away from her.

After reading through both works thoroughly, Zhuo Yu concluded that the plot of both stories did not have any sort of resemblance with each other at all.

In fact, the only things that he found similar were the usual tropes often seen in such works, such as the relationship between master and disciple in the immortal world or the relationship between fellow disciples of the same master.

Any story dealing with the immortal world would eventually delve into these topics.

Therefore, he realized that the people accusing Chu Xiang of plagiarism were only trying to cause trouble deliberately for absolutely no reason.

It’s just the people who weren’t knowledgeable in this field would naturally fail to realize that they had the power to unfairly place a false label on Chu Xiang’s name.

With ten years’ worth of experience in this field, Zhuo Yu was also extremely familiar with how things functioned within the circle.

Upon further investigation, he quickly noticed that the book, “Immortal Demon” was created solely to attract attention to its copyright holder.

The author had deliberately written the story in a broad fashion so that the chances of another author writing something similar would be higher.

In other words, Chu Xiang was being used as a mere stepping stone for Matchless Sovereign to gain more attention from the public and to promote herself.

After all, a well-known author getting their work plagiarized by someone else would definitely make for a hot topic.

Furthermore, the people who had yet to read their work would read it out of curiosity and boost its views, causing it to gain popularity and rise up in the rankings.

And the higher the views of a certain work, the more likely it would be seen by new users of the site.

Regardless of the final judgment that Jinjiang makes, as long as “Immortal Demon” continues to remain a hot topic of discussion, Matchless Sovereign would keep benefitting from it.

This was the main reason why she purposely spared no effort into making such a big fuss, so much so that it attracted the attention of people from outside the circle.

Although this was merely a method of marketing, such matters rarely occurred within their circle.

As such, the majority of people failed to see the truth and purpose behind the accusations and got swept along with the current.


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