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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 275


Chu Xiang took a step forward and said, “I genuinely have an interest in that powder box and want to take a closer look at it.

If it catches my eyes, I might just buy it from you.”

Although the man hesitated for a moment, he eventually clasped the powder box in his hands and opened it up for Chu Xiang to see.

“This was passed down by my grandfather.

You should know how things worked back in the days.

Where would my grandfather find a replica of such an item This is undoubtedly genuine.

However, I know that it doesn’t look the most exquisite, so I’m only selling it for no more than eight thousand yuan.

I can guarantee you that it’s worth it.

Who knows It might even be worth more than that amount.

If you actually want to buy it, then transfer the money to me immediately.

Don’t waste any more of my time.

And it’s not like I’m dead set on selling it either.”

Carefully receiving the powder box, Chu Xiang analyzed the cover of the box for a few minutes before verifying that it was indeed the powder box used by an empress in the past.

She then said in a confident manner, “It truly is beautiful.

I rather like it.

Let me transfer the money to you.”

“Huh You’re actually going to buy it Alright then, go ahead.” Afraid that she would retract her decision, the man immediately showed her his account number.

After Chu Xiang transferred the eight thousand yuan, the man quickly left the scene.

He had initially discovered the powder from a storeroom in his house.

Although it did not appear that exquisite, it can nevertheless be considered an antique.

He then searched online for information regarding antiques and found out that most normal antiques would not sell for much.

In fact, he actually believed that the powder box was worth no more than two thousand yuan.

Furthermore, his main objective for coming here today was simply to test the waters.

Thus, it did not surprise him to hear the store owner claiming his antique to be worth at most five hundred yuan.

However, he never expected to come across a naive young lady to buy it from him for eight thousand yuan instead.

Having sold his antique for such a high price, the man quickly drove away in his car, overjoyed.

With the powder box in her possession, Chu Xiang decided to go to one of the largest antique stores in Antique Street.

Even though the owner of the previous store did not seem experienced in analyzing antiques, there will naturally be others who have more experience.

The antique store she ultimately chose had a seemingly deep heritage and even hired staff who actually treated its customers properly.

Unlike the previous store, they would not simply curse at their customers for bringing in an item that seemed worthless at face value.

After learning about Chu Xiang’s intentions, the staff called for the master of the store to come and appraise the value of the powder box.

One could instantly tell that the master had come from a famous clan.

If the powder box was truly a genuine antique, it would definitely be of extreme value.

Thus, he poured some tea for Chu Xiang and asked her to wait a moment.

Meanwhile, he called over two other masters to assist him with appraising the antique.

After their appraisal, they concluded the powder box to possess a value of eight million yuan!

Without even attempting to bargain, Chu Xiang quickly sold the item to them and took her leave from the antique store.

After taking a stroll around Antique Street, her savings account had gained a total of eight million yuan, settling one of her problems.

Upon returning home, Chu Xiang noticed five female students sticking their heads out and looking around at the entrance to her district.

Having taken a cab back, she asked the driver to take her into the district.

Whether or not those girls came to cause trouble for her, she quickly concluded that she could no longer continue living in this district as it would be too much of a pain to keep dealing with them.

Thinking back the neighborhood around the gym, Chu Xiang figured that it would be a good idea to move there next.

Aside from the good environment there, the higher-quality district would naturally have tighter and more reliable security.

As such, she intended to move there at once.

With that in mind, she approached a property agent and explained what she looked for in her new house.

She then asked for a few more options that she could look at tomorrow.

The property agent did not waste time in giving out options as they sent her several links in no time, allowing her to see the general conditions and photos of the rooms.

After filtering through the options, Chu Xiang ultimately selected three of the houses and made appointments for each of them.

Having dealt with that, Chu Xiang proceeded to pack her luggage up.

Although the original host lived alone, she nevertheless had many belongings, and most of them weren’t even necessary.

As such, she packed up all the ones she deemed unnecessary into cardboard boxes with the intention to donate them.

By the time she finished packing everything, it was already very late at night.

With nothing else to do at this time, she laid down on her bed and began nourishing her body with spiritual energy once again while pondering over what her new work should be about.

Having exhausted herself after half an hour, she slowly succumbed to slumber.

Very soon, Chu Xiang would have dealt with another one of her problems.

After moving houses, she would have forged a new lifestyle, completely leaving behind the dust and ashes of the former host.

From then onwards, she would only be faced with a brilliant future.


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