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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 271


With many other senseless users on the forums joining the fray, this situation eventually erupted as a hot topic.

After all, people on the web will never stop criticizing a woman’s appearance the instant they get the chance to do so.

However, what exactly did Chu Xiang’s looks have to do with the initial situation But now everyone seems to be sneering at her appearance in her leaked photos and throwing all kinds of insults about her.

At first, this situation was only a hot topic within their small circle, known to a large portion of authors and a small portion of the readers.

The situation now had, on the other hand, spread towards all corners of the web because of Matchless Sovereign’s vengeful fans.

At this point, nearly all the authors, countless readers, and other passers-by had attained knowledge of this matter.

Spreading like wildfire across the web, if Chu Xiang failed to handle this matter properly, her reputation could easily be tarnished for the rest of her career.

After all, people’s impression of her would depend on the outcome of this situation.

Even if she laid low and continued pursuing a career in this field, people would forever remember her as a shameless author who plagiarized from another person’s work.

But in any case, Chu Xiang was someone who struggled and crawled through mud in the entertainment industry for an entire lifetime.

At once, she used five thousand yuan to hire some people to control and ease the current situation online.

Furthermore, she had no intentions of fighting back against those antis on the forum.

Instead, she disguised the spam accounts as her fans and other ordinary onlookers to pacify the situation.

[Anyone who has read “Rising Immortal” must have already read “Immortal Demon”.

The two novels are completely from each other.

I don’t think Qingxiang Chuyun plagiarized at all and will support her for trying to defend herself.

No matter the reputation of Matchless Sovereign or the size of her fanbase, it does not justify her reason to falsely accuse anyone of plagiarism without any solid evidence.

Let’s just wait for Jinjiang to lay fair judgment upon the matter.]

[Rising Immortal was a really interesting read.

I never expected it to go into hiatus because of such unfortunate reasons.

I will support Qingxiang Chuyun and wait for the fair judgment of the case.

No matter what the result may be, it still does not justify Matchless Sovereign’s fans doxing Qingxiang Chuyun and leaking her private information online as it simply violates the bottom line of the internet.

One should firmly resist such unruly behaviors and avoid throwing such insults at others.

I hope the fans of Matchless Sovereign will come to understand this and abide by the laws.]

[Although I neither read novels nor know whether she actually plagiarized or not, should we wait for the final verdict before coming to any conclusions If Matchless Sovereign truly has such confidence, why is she in such a hurry to get Qingxiang Chuyun to admit her mistakes Her fans aren’t any better either.

Not only did they dox Qingxiang Chuyun, but they’re even ridiculing her for her looks in real life Why don’t you guys upload your own photos Let’s see just how much better you look in comparison.

Besides, what does one’s appearance have anything to do with you Does it make you feel good to insult someone for no reason Are you meaning to say that one isn’t worthy of writing novels unless they’re beautiful in real life]

[All I see are female fans joining the fray to insult another female author’s looks.

Why aren’t I seeing any male fans mentioning that the author is ugly Does one need to have a beautiful appearance in order to become an author on Jinjiang]

As the matter continued brewing, many more users started joining the forums for the discussions.

Upon the mention of the male-to-female ratio in Jinjiang, many of the authors on the platform started feeling annoyed.

After all, aren’t the fans of Matchless Sovereign simply humiliating all other female users on the platform by taking the situation too far on their own accord The outsiders would think as if Jinjiang was like a palace of concubines, consisting only of women fighting for their cause at this point.

Upon such mentions, everyone immediately switched gears and focused on the main topic at hand such as not supporting either side until the final verdict has been made or criticizing the fans of Matchless Sovereign for doxing Chu Xiang.

But the one thing that everyone berated was how the fans were ridiculing Chu Xiang’s looks in real life.

Being a woman themselves, such actions were absolutely disgusting and unnecessary.

With that, the edge that Matchless Sovereign held began faltering slowly but surely.

However, with the large size of her fanbase, more people were naturally willing to side with her and believe that Chu Xiang had actually plagiarized from one of her works.

Otherwise, why would the other well-known authors suddenly stand on her side Furthermore, the fans of those authors would naturally side with and support their favorite author.

With their combined numbers, they could easily turn the tides of the battle into their favor and leave behind countless messages all at the same time.

They would even insult the people siding with Chu Xiang and call them the hunting dogs of the plagiarizer.

During this entire situation, Chu Xiang had never once instigated her fans to do anything.

Besides, she was but a mere author who had only recently made her debut.

Thus, she did not expect any of her readers to willingly defend her anyways.

But since the majority of the other users were either people interested in internet drama or passers-by of the situation, their impressions of Matchless Sovereign were n't exactly good.


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