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The meeting went smoothly and was very successful.

Both companies showed their sincerity in the collaboration and demonstrated the strength of their company.

Both companies were now more confident in the collaboration and decided to swap business plans in a week.

After that, they will discuss the details in the plan that needs to be changed and have a joint meeting with all the members that will be working on the project to draft the final collaboration terms.

The people from the Dongfang Group and Xiao Group were very busy, so they enjoyed a simple meal together and then returned to their respective companies.

On their way back to the company, Fang Qing rode in Chu Xiang’s car.

She smiled happily and said, “Xiang Xiang, you did great just now.

If I didn’t know that you had just started working at the company, I would’ve thought that you had been working for the company for years!”

A smile bloomed on Chu Xiang’s face, “Really I was just about to ask you how I did just now.

This is the first time that I have attended a business meeting, so I watched a few business tutorial videos online in advance.

I wasn’t sure if I was doing things correctly.”

Fang Qing was ecstatic and praised her without any hesitation, “You did well, actually, you did very well.

I’m really proud of you.

My family’s Xiang Xiang is great and can do everything perfectly! The tea you brew earlier is delicious as well.

You only attended around ten lessons for tea brewing class, right I think my daughter is smarter than other people.”

Chu Xiang pondered over Fang Qing’s praise.

Her divine sense is extremely powerful, so it wasn’t wrong to say that she is smarter than the average person.

She smiled and said, “Mom, I’m relieved to hear you say that.

I have never done anything like this before, so I was worried.

Since I’m doing well, I’ll work harder to help lighten the load on you and dad as soon as possible.”

“I’m happy as long as you’re happy.

Don’t overwork yourself, after all, your father and I are still young.

We can wait for you to slowly get accustomed to this.”

“Mom, don’t worry.

I’m not tired.

Once I take over the company, I will send the two of you on vacation.

You can relax and travel the world for your honeymoon and maybe you’ll even give birth to another child.”

“Stop joking! We’re already old, so how can we give birth to more children” Fang Qing patted her head in amusement.

She sighed and said, “You’re enough for us.

We’re content with just watching you grow and mature.”

Chu Xiang laughed, “Then I must work hard and become your pride.

That way, everyone will envy you for having such a good daughter.”

“Don’t you feel ashamed for praising yourself” Fang Qing joked happily.

Why did she work hard all her life She worked hard for the happiness of her family.

After the incident with Ye Chen, she felt that her daughter seemed to have matured overnight.

Her daughter became more sensible and optimistic.

She didn’t know whether that is a good thing or a bad thing.

Fang Qing hesitated before she said earnestly, “Xiang Xiang, I’ve heard many people say that they want to have the most romantic experience in college.

This is because after they pass a certain age, they will lose their simple and pure nature, and the relationship will not be the same.

Are any of the young men in your school pursuing you”

Chu Xiang carefully recalled her memories and nodded her head, “Yes, there are about…six guys that are pursuing me.”

Fang Qing was surprised by her response, “That many Well, it’s not surprising since my daughter is so outstanding, so it’s normal for you to have so many suitors.

Then… Xiang Xiang, have you considered dating another person I know that the incident with Ye Chen has hurt you deeply, but I noticed that you seem to be especially focused on your career recently.

Although it’s not bad, don’t you feel like it’ll prevent you from dating”

Chu Xiang turned around and looked at her.

She asked in amusement, “Mom, what are you thinking Are you afraid that I’m still upset over Ye Chen and Bai Xuewei and develop physiological problems How could that be possible I’m perfectly fine; it’s just that none of the guys pursuing me at school piques my interest.

I just happen to be more interested in the company’s matters, so I’m happy to work at the company.

Don’t worry, if I meet a man I fancy in the future, I will definitely pursue him.”

“Oh, then I’m relieved.

What’s your ideal type Can you tell me”


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