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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 267


Since the two of them had already heard from the nurses about their daughter’s stable condition, they immediately turned around and walked away in a fit of anger.

Not paying much mind to their departure, Chu Xiang asked the old lady, “May I ask if the nurse you mentioned works for this hospital How can I get in touch with her”

“Hu Zi, please contact that nurse.” Somehow able to sympathize with Chu Xiang, the old lady urged Zhuoyu to make a call at once.

Very quickly, Hu Zi helped Chu Xiang get in touch with the nurse and even called her over.

However, since Chu Xiang still felt quite weak, she soon fell asleep after eating a bowl of porridge, not even knowing when the old lady and Zhuoyu had left the hospital.

Even so, she had an extremely good sleep and felt completely invigorated after waking up the next day.

Before even propping herself up, she focused on gathering up the spiritual energy around her.

But since trying to absorb the energy posed to be quite difficult for her at this moment, she took a whole five hours before finally succeeding, so much so that her nurse thought that she was going to faint.

In spite of that, the benefits of drawing spiritual energy into her body were evident.

After using it to nourish her heart, the feeling of discomfort in her body gradually faded away.

Furthermore, the face too slowly regained its rosy tint.

After finishing her lunch, Chu Xiang turned on her phone to take a look at the original host’s latest novel and noticed countless negative comments.

[Are you playing dead Quickly come out and apologize! Did you think we would eventually let you off if you don’t utter a single word for a while Plagiarizing bitches like you should just get lost from Jinjiang!]

T/N: Jinjiang is a famous shoujo novel website in China

[You actually dared to plagiarize from one of Matchless Sovereign’s works Looking at the novels you’ve written, I’m starting to wonder if you’ve even graduated from primary school You don’t possess even a hundredth of our goddess’ talent! What a joke you are!]

[Get lost from Jinjiang! Plagiarizing bitches like you don’t deserve to write novels.

Delete your account immediately and apologize to Matchless Sovereign!]

With a single glance through the comments, Chu Xiang could tell that each of the users was a reader of the so-called “Matchless Sovereign”.

Not only did they possess vile personalities, but they were even bombarding her with obscenities.

In the face of Chu Xiang, however, this was but mere child’s play compared to what she had experienced in her previous life as an idol.

With that, she searched up her editor’s QQ ID and sent a message over.

T/N: QQ is a messaging app used in China.

[Qingxiang Chuyun: Sorry, but I won’t be able to complete this week’s draft since I’ve just been hospitalized.]

[Editor Tingyu: Alright, your health is the most important.]

[Qingxiang Chuyun: How do you intend to deal with the mess involving “Rising Immortal”]

“Rising Immortal” was precisely the original host’s serialized novel that Matchless Sovereign had wrongly accused to have been plagiarizing one of the most famous works that they had completed a year ago.

Moreover, they had even used a plagiarism tool to compare the two works as evidence for her claims.

Although the results deriving from the plagiarism tool weren’t entirely accurate, with the great reputation of Matchless Sovereign, many people assumed that such a well-known author like them would definitely not wrongly accuse an insignificant author like Chu Xiang.

Moreover, since Matchless Sovereign had such a large fanbase, there would naturally be many users on the platform who would support their claims.

As such, it did not take much effort to tear apart the original host’s reputation, especially with a justified reason such as plagiarism.

Even the passers-by with little to no knowledge of the situation would start siding with Matchless Sovereign.

On the other hand, the original host had only just published the first chapter of her novel and earned 20,000 yuan.

Since she was a new author who had only just debuted her first work, she was practically facing a sea of enemies all on her own.

After a moment of thinking, Chu Xiang sent a message to her editor.

[Qingxiang Chuyun: I intend to consult this matter with a lawyer and see whether or not I can use legal means to defend my reputation.

The website will definitely pass a fair verdict on matters such as plagiarism.

I’ll wait for the results as I don’t plan to go down.]

[Editor Tingyu: It is the correct decision to not make any responses before the results come out.

Besides, there isn’t any other way to approach this situation.

I have read through your work, and there definitely aren’t any problems with it.

Don’t think too much about it and focus on getting better first.]

[Qingxiang Chuyun: Alright, thank you.]

After closing the messaging app, Chu Xiang mentioned at the end of her most recent work that she would be taking ten days' leave of absence.

Upon seeing the note about her leave of absence, all the antis appeared to be quite satisfied for the moment.

Meanwhile, Chu Xiang turned off her phone and stretched herself before proceeding to write her novel.

As she wrote down each of her interesting stories, she suddenly found writing to be quite enjoyable.

Matchless Sovereign claimed that the ideas and tropes in “Rising Immortal” were plagiarized from one of their works But what do they even mean After all, is there anyone in this world who knows the immortal world better than Chu Xiang


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