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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 266


Hu Zi urged in an embarrassed tone, “Grandma, quickly eat your food.

Otherwise, it’ll get cold.”

After taking a few sips of the warm water to moisten her mouth, Chu Xiang felt much more invigorated and comfortable.

She then chuckled, “Thank you very much.

I definitely ought to take care of my health.

In fact, I’ll start working out after getting discharged.”

“That’s good to hear.

 Since you’re still young, you can definitely do it.” The old lady took a bite of her food and swept her brilliant gaze towards her grandson.

“Huh Hu Zi, does your gym not prepare such set meals The ones that are custom-made Why don’t you recommend some for this young lady and see if there’s anything that might suit her In fact, isn’t this what you specialize in”

Only after taking a glance at Hu Zi did Chu Xiang realize that he had rather good looks — the type radiating with light from all edges in fact.

Furthermore, the proportion of his body was also near-ideal.

His bare arms, stretching out from his curled up sleeves… the carefully built muscles all around his body appeared visually attractive to her eyes.

As the two of them looked face to face, Chu Xiang let out a light chuckle, “Where is your gym located I really need to start working out.

If it isn’t too far away, I would like to get a membership for your gym.”

“It’s located near Zisu Garden.

Do come over for a look if you’re interested.” Hu Zi got up and handed Chu Xiang his business card.

“My name is Zhuoyu.”

After receiving and taking a quick look at his card, Chu Xiang chuckled, “Thank you.

Please call me Chu Xiang.

I’ll definitely go check it out after getting discharged.”

At that moment, the original host’s parents just so happened to walk into the hospital ward.

After seeing that Chu Xiang had finally woken up, they heaved a heavy sigh of relief.

Upon walking in, her mother, Fang Ping, scolded her, “I told you to come back to live with us, yet you didn’t listen.

Don’t you realize just how dangerous it could’ve been for you today If your father and I didn’t just so happen to go over for a visit, you would’ve been gone.”

Zhuoyu made his way back to his grandmother’s side and began observing the two who had just entered the room.

The original host’s father, Chu Guowei knitted his brows and said, “Come back home after you get discharged this time.

You’re not suited to live in the outside world alone.

It isn’t as if you don’t have a family to come back to either.

So why do you stubbornly insist on renting an apartment outside Look at what happened to you.”

Knowing how the original host did not have a very good relationship with her parents, Chu Xiang put the business card away and said plainly, “This was only an unforeseen accident.

I’ll definitely pay closer attention to my health from now onwards.

The nurse said that I still have to stay in the hospital for two more days to be examined.

I’ll just hire one of the nurses to take care of me, so why don’t go back first for some rest”

Upon hearing her words, Fang Ping immediately said with a solemn expression, “What do you mean by hiring a nurse I’ll look after you here in the hospital.

Why spend money so unnecessarily Can an outsider take better care of you than your own family”

“The nurses are professionals.

It won’t cost much for just two days anyways,” Chu Xiang said weakly as she pressed down at her chest.

“Mom, Dad, I don’t feel very well right now., so could you not lecture me any further I would like to get some rest.”

“You…” Fang Ping seemed to have finally noticed that the old lady had been watching their exchange the entire time and revealed an awkward smile.

“Ah… we’re very sorry.

We must have bothered you.

This child has been disobedient ever since she was young.

You must’ve witnessed an embarrassing scene.”

The old lady laughed, “The young lady had only just woken up, so she must still feel rather unwell.

In fact, the nurses here are quite well-trained.

My grandson had also hired a nurse to take care of me over the past three days.

Thus, I can say for certain that they’re quite capable.

Coincidentally, I will be getting discharged as soon as the IV finishes.

Why don’t I introduce you to the nurse taking care of me”

“No need.”

“That’ll be great.”

Both Fang Ping and Chu Xiang uttered at the same time.

Chu Xiang then said, “Mom, Dad, I truly intend to take good care of my body from now on.

After all, I had just gone through a near-death experience because I didn’t do so before.

Besides, you’ll only keep scolding me if you stay here to look after me, so why don’t you just go back home for now I’ll get a nurse to look after me.”

Hearing their own daughter speak in such a manner to them in the presence of outsiders, both Chu Weiguo and Fang Ping felt rather embarrassed and found her words ridiculous.

It truly felt as if their daughter had estranged from them.

Enraged, Chu Weiguo dragged Fang Ping outside and said in a frustrated voice, “Fine, let’s go.

What’s the point of staying here if she herself doesn’t appreciate it”

Fang Ping too glared at Chu Xiang with a furious gaze, “Never once have you ever listened to us.

If that’s how it is, then we won’t care about you anymore!”


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