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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 261


At that moment, he wanted to know if Chu Xiang ever felt even the slightest bit moved about their relationship.

He wanted to know how she would do by herself after they walked separate paths from one another.

Staring at the scene before him, he felt nothing but regret lingering around his heart.

Before their relationship with each other had even begun, it had already come to an abrupt end.

Lee Bohan continued standing behind the tree for quite a while.

Only after seeing Chu Xiang return back to her room did he turn around and leave.

Just as he took his leave from the area, Chu Xiang closed the windows and took a quick glance in the direction where he had been standing just now.

With that, everything developed just as Chu Xiang hoped, and Lee Bohan would never restrict her from leaving the palace again.

However, he made sure to arrange two bodyguards to look after her in the dark.

Since everyone should have heard the news of Chu Xiang being Lin Mu by now, she naturally did not make any efforts to disguise herself as a man anymore.

Instead, she revealed her true self as a capable and strong woman.

Having attained her freedom, Chu Xiang continued providing military supplies to the Army of Qin.

While the masses were still discussing the matter regarding her showing her face in public, not a single person in the military, on the other hand, had any misgivings about her.

After all, wouldn’t only such a capable woman be suitable for their master In fact, they even started to call her the imperial concubine in a proud tone.

When Chu Yiru made his return to the Royal Palace of Qin, he specially arranged a meeting with Chu Xiang and asked her if she still insisted on her original idea.

With her current prestige, she could easily attain a stable position if she were to enter the palace in the future.

Even if the Prince of Qin were to focus his sole attention on her then, they would not come across many obstacles.

Chu Xiang prepared some tea for him and chuckled, “Father, after His Highness allowed me to roam freely outside again, she specially arranged for two bodyguards to protect me in secret.”

“Huh” Chu Yiru instantly understood the meaning behind her words.

“His Highness seems to want to keep you in check just as he should.”

“Moreover, he even assigned two of his best guards, which shows just how great of an importance he attached to me.

However, he still ordered them to keep me in check as an emperor can’t have any other powers or influences that aren’t in his control that exist after all.” Chu Xiang fully understands that the men in this period will find it difficult to understand her thinking.

Even so, she doesn’t need them to understand her either.

With that, she said to Chu Yiru, “I’ve already made up my mind and won’t be changing it anytime soon.

But don’t worry, for he will definitely let me go and not cause trouble for any of you.”

Chu Yiru looked at her and sighed, “Since that’s the case, I won’t be saying much more.

You just do whatever you want.”

For someone in the position of an emperor, they will feel helpless in many situations.

Despite being someone with the greatest authority, they will often be placed in situations where they have no choice but to choose one option or the other, never both.

Over the past few years, Chu Xiang had essentially mastered everything taught to her by Chu Yiru.

Furthermore, Lee Bohan’s change in thinking was also within her expectations.

Only in this way could she get through in one piece.

Even if she does have the power to protect herself, she won’t have to worry about Lee Bohan targeting her either.

Throughout this entire situation, Chu Xiang had essentially been walking down a tightrope.

Any small mistakes she made would have caused her to fall down into the deep abyss.

Only by controlling the subtle balance of the circumstances did she manage to avoid any tragedies that would have caused her to walk down the route with the bad ending.

Chu Xiang had even purposely leaked some subtle information to the bodyguards watching over her in the dark for Lee Bohan to see a part of her strength.

Even so, he could only assume the information to be the tip of the iceberg that included part of the forces visible to him.

Naturally, such hints would make Lee Bohan feel slightly threatened to the point where he would think that trying to eradicate Chu Xiang’s forces would only result in him suffering great damages and losses to his own forces.

Taking into consideration his feelings for Chu Xiang and how he would benefit from working with her, Lee Bohan would naturally just let her be.

His feelings for her played a big part in this outcome.

Otherwise, how would he have allowed her forces to exist side by side to his own

With Chu Xiang successfully walking across the tightrope, she hardly needed to provide much support for Lee Bohan’s march towards the capital.

Just like a hot knife slicing through butter, his forces quickly broke through the defenses of the capital.

On the day of entering the capital, Chu Xiang and Lee Bohan rode side by side on their horses ahead of the troops.

At that moment, not only could the people see the heroic and brilliant Prince of Qin, but they even witnessed the valiant and formidable Concubine Qin.

The moment they entered the capital, all the commoners who stood on both sides of the road kneeled down and cheered, “Long live His Majesty! Long live Her Majesty!”


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