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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 258

Moreover, even the soldiers and officers of Chu Wenyuan’s troops were utterly dumbfounded.

On their way here, they were even worried that Lin Mu might end up throwing away his life.

Who knew that he would actually be killing the enemies with such dauntless bravery upon entering the battlefield Not only did he not hesitate when shooting at the enemies, but his kill count alone was undoubtedly far greater than any of the other soldiers.

More importantly, he had saved His Highness with a single arrow! It was no wonder Chu Wenyuan decided to bring him here.

He truly was not just any ordinary merchant.

In fact, he seemed more like the king of archers!

Gently rubbing her sore hand, Chu Xiang unequipped her longbow and drew out her sword.

Opening out a path, she slowly began withdrawing from her end of the battle.

Compared to everyone’s praise of her archery skills, she had actually controlled the trajectory of the arrows and enhanced the power of each shot with her spiritual energy.

Similarly, she enhanced her longsword in a similar manner.

Instead of her using the sword, it could be better described as the sword directing her slashes.

This was the fighting method that suited her most.

In fact, she had rarely ever needed to resort to this method in her daily affairs, let alone ever lifted up a bow and arrow before.

However, she certainly did not expect to use it here and even end up saving Lee Bohan’s life, not letting everything they had built up go to waste.

Without sparing any time, she rushed towards Lee Bohan’s side, which was the safest place to be at that time.

At this point, the outcome of this battle was already as clear as day.

The enemy forces had lost the chance to kill Lee Bohan and could not defeat Chu Wenyuan’s troops.

Thus, they could only retreat with their lives.

With everything controlled, all the ally troops were now less tense.

Suddenly, a small barrage of arrows shot towards Chu Xiang’s direction.

Since she was the cause of the enemy commander’s death, the enemy troops wanted to, at the very least, avenge their leader!

Seeing this, Lee Bohan shouted anxiously as he charged towards her direction, “Xiang’er, watch out!”

At that moment, Chu Xiang blocked two of the incoming arrows with a single wave of a sword as another barely brushed past her cheeks.

Quickly ducking her head down, the final arrow shot off her wig.

On this rescue mission, she did not equip any armor, let alone wear a helmet.

The instant the wig was shot off her head, her fine black hair drooped down and shocked everyone from both sides of the battle.

In response to this situation, Chu Wenyuan killed off the enemy archers, captured quite a few of the enemy soldiers, and fending off the remaning ones.

On the other hand, Lee Bohan quickly spurred his horse over to Chu Xiang’s side and got off the saddle.

He then pulled her into his embrace and wiped away the blood from her face anxiously, “Xiang’er, are you okay”

Chu Xiang knitted her brows faintly and replied, “I’m fine, it’s just a small scratch.”

She then pushed Lee Bohan away and rubbed her face before suddenly coming to a pause.

At that moment, she was indeed wearing a disguise, but the sort that could be washed off with water.

With blood on her face, wouldn’t it already be ruined Looking swept her gaze across the soldiers present and understood from their shocked expressions that her secret had been completely exposed.

At the same time, she can no longer hide the fact that she was actually Lin Mu.

Lee Bohan had never seen Chu Xiang get injured before.

Moreover, she had gotten it from trying to save him.

Not caring one bit about their secret being exposed at all, he immediately pulled him back to the barracks.

The secret of Concubine Qin being Lin Mu had been completely exposed.

The problem now was that Concubine Qin was widely known to be a jealous witch concubine, someone who would talk back to their elders and someone who seduced the Prince of Qin! How could she possibly be Lin Mu, a legendary figure capable of achieving great feats He could even be said to be the person that everyone depends upon for their livelihood.

After all, he was the one who supplied all the provisions and comfortable clothing for them on the battlefield.

How could he possibly be Chu Xiang

However, it has already become a fact that Chu Xiang is Lin Mu.

She was someone capable of being the Prince of Qin’s “wallet”, capable of shooting down an enemy commander.

Now that they thought carefully about things, did this Lin Mu person not suddenly appear around the same time Chu Xiang left the capital So, the reason why Concubine Qin did not show herself often during these past few months was that she was earning money outside with her alias, “Lin Mu”

No one dared to believe this, yet they had no choice but to do so.

They could not help but feel rather troubled by this complicated situation.

Upon  hearing the news, the leaders of the rebel army found the turn of events to be rather inconceivable.

Just how did the Prince of Qin select his concubines Seeing just how capable of a woman she was, it’s no wonder he pampered her to death.

This woman can no longer be considered to be an ordinary woman.

In fact, she could be considered as the pillar supporting the Prince of Qin!

The one person that could absolutely not accept this fact was the emperor himself.

He could not believe that this legendary Lin Mu was actually Chu Xiang, the woman he had tossed away into the doghouse… the woman whom he had given away to someone else


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