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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 255

At that instant, Lee Bohan laughed at himself, wondering when he had such a good understanding of her personality On the contrary, no one else in the household took her seriously at all.

He took a deep breath before saying to Concubine Yu, “Mother, we’ll have a child sooner or later.

That, you won’t have to worry about.

Since I’ve been occupied with all these battles, I didn’t want to bother myself with such matters for the time being.

I hope Mother can understand.”

He then held Chu Xiang up.

“Alright, the two of us are completely worn out from our journey back, so we’ll now be getting some rest.”

“Han’er! Han’er!” No matter how much Concubine Yu shouted for his name, she could only watch helplessly as the two left their sights.

At that moment, she felt a great sense of urgency in her heart.

When Lee Bohan finally ascends the throne, would she — as the emperor’s mother — still be as powerless as she was today Chu Xiang had truly captured Lee Bohan’s heart, but how could this possibly be a good thing

Lee Bohan wore a cross expression just as he held Chu Xiang all the way back to their room.

Feeling rather fatigued, Chu Xiang asked Zi Yu to get her usual bath ready.

When Zi Yu was washing Chu Xiang’s back for her, she whispered, “Master, do you want to get the physician over for a check up Although Concubine Yu’s words had always been unreasonable, I’m afraid that people might actually start believing in what she claimed this time.

Seeing how you’ve yet to get pregnant over these past five years, could it be that you’ve suffered some sort of injury back during your time in the doghouse

Chu Xiang laughed, “Why does it matter what others think of me”

“That’s not it, Master.

His Highness will very likely ascend the throne as emperor one day.

When that time comes, you’d naturally become the empress.

If you aren’t able to conceive children, wouldn’t it essentially give an opportunity to other women Seeing just how much His Highness adores you, if you were to give birth to a son, the young master would definitely become the crown prince!”

Lifting up some of the flower petals in the bath, Chu Xiang chuckled, “Oh, Zi Yu… don’t you know that your master is a witch concubine When had any of such concubines ever relied on their children to strive for favor You don’t need to have such unnecessary worries, for I do indeed have my own ways.”

Giving birth to a child was a no-go.

Although she may be able to attain freedom after, she would nevertheless be held back by her identity for all eternity.

No matter how many lifetimes she lives through, she would never place any man as her highest priority.

Although a man can naturally be forgotten, a child conceived by her own self cannot.

She knew full well that she won’t be willing to leave after giving birth to a child of her own flesh and blood.

Thus, the best-case scenario would simply be not conceiving any children.

Only then could she live the rest of her life free and unfettered.

This was also another reason why she absolutely cannot stay behind and become the empress.

Since an emperor must carry on their ancestral line, both she and Lee Bohan simply aren’t destined for each other.

Even if Lee Bohan does indeed adore her to death at this time, his love for her will undoubtedly be a momentous one.

From Chu Xiang’s perspective, the only reason why he could still love her now was that they had not come across any points of conflict yet.

Upon Chu Xiang’s attitude, Zi Yu could tell that she had not set her heart on Lee Bohan.

Furthermore, she understood that nothing could stop her master once she has already made her final decision.

The only thing she could do now was to help her master manage the Palace of Qi, not allowing Concubine Yu to get control of the palace back.

From that point onward, Lee Bohan would always feel that he had been placed in an awkward predicament and start sulking whenever he faced Chu Xiang.

Even when he’s alone by himself, he would try to think of a way to solve the main issue at hand between him and her.

If he were to become the emperor, would it be possible for him to spend the rest of his life only with Chu Xiang — with any other concubines As Chu Xiang had stated clearly, she won’t be willing to be trapped in the palace forever.

If she wanted to dress up as a man and engage in business outside, would it be possible then Would both the civil and military officials accept a witch concubine as the empress


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