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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 251

Having struggled to make progress for such a long time in the past, Lee Bohan felt as if a part of his burden had been lifted off his shoulders with Chu Xiang helping him, and he began to cherish her even more, so much so that his feelings for her had unknowingly started changing.

Now, he gradually enjoyed being around her presence even more and was slowly beginning to admire her.

At this point, he had even allowed her to sleep on the bed while he himself slept on the couch.

With such changes to Lee Bohan’s mind, the person who benefitted the most from this was precisely Chu Xiang.

Although she had yet to achieve her ultimate goal, she had already attained the life that she sought after.

She was even willing to hand a small portion of her personal stash over to Lee Bohan.

But since she intended to expand her influence with her own hands, she naturally could not afford to hand everything over to him.

With each passing day, her personal treasury gradually increased.

Furthermore, she had even gotten to know the head of the rebel army and deal in secret with him via coastal trading vessels.

However, as the fast-passing days got more busy and intense, Chu Xiang felt as if the twelve hours she had to work each day was no longer enough.

In the blink of an eye, five years had already passed!

During these five years, she had subdued a nest of mountain bandits and a group of pirates at sea, trained a private army, established a secret base, arranged a maritime route of retreat, and even hidden away the treasures of the Chu Family.

At the same time, she used her name as “Lin Mu” to act as the Prince of Qin’s personal wallet.

Not only did her Chu Family not restrain her, but they helped out in various ways.

If not for Chu Wensong climbing his way up into becoming the person in charge of Lee Bohan’s information network, she would never have easily found the perfect place to stash away her personal fortune.

If not for Chu Yiru giving her advice on various strategies, she would have long since fallen into someone else’s trap.

Though Chu Xiang now possessed the title of the King of the Business World, she still lacked experience in scheming against others compared to Chu Yiru.

Having gained an abundance of knowledge from him, she realized just how lucky she was to have such extraordinary people in her family.

Furthermore, Chu Wenyuan had also received several promotions in the army and become the right-hand man of the commander of Lee Bohan’s private army.

Naturally, he too helped Chu Xiang quite a bit with his suggestions.

He was precisely the one who trained her excellent private army.

During one of their meetings,  Chu Xiang took another look at their strengths and suggested, “Why don’t we just have the Chu Family take over the throne and then have Father become the emperor”

At that moment, she truly believed that it would be even better for one of her own family members to seize the throne as she would also become the princess.

However, upon hearing her far-fetched suggestion, the three men of her family immediately overruled her idea.

Chu Yiru joked, “Oh, you! How bold of a woman you’ve become! To actually have the guts to utter such things.

However, you need to understand that not just anyone with great power has what it takes to become the emperor.

An emperor doesn’t necessarily have to be either an intelligent strategist or a great general.

Rather, an emperor needs to understand what it means to walk down the path of a ruler and how to run a country properly.

Otherwise, it would only result in the suffering of the masses.

Although I’m capable as a Grand Chancellor, I certainly don’t have what it takes to become the emperor.”

Unable to comprehend those words, Chu Xiang asked, “Didn’t you assist with most of His Highness’ accomplishments What aren’t you capable of”

Chu Yiru shook his head in response.

“If things were that easy, then great strategists wouldn’t have existed in the past as they might as well have become the emperor themselves.

If Zhuge Liang couldn’t call himself an emperor, then how could I Xiang’er, the Prince of Qin is a wise ruler, worthy of our loyal support.

If he ever becomes the emperor in the future, it’ll ultimately be a blessing for the people.”

Just as Chu Xiang swept her gaze towards Chu Wenyuan and Chu Wensong, the two of them nodded.

Then, Chu Wensong joked, “My dear little sister, enough with the ridiculous suggestions.

Although you’re indeed an unparalleled figure in the business world, do you really see yourself as being capable enough to be emperor If you don’t understand the path of a ruler, how are you supposed to govern the land as the emperor”

Chu Wenyuan added, “The Prince of Qin is a wise man.”

Over the past five years, the Chu Family had become more than willing to assist the Prince of Qin.

Thus, Chu Xiang naturally didn’t mention anything else.

However, she really could not understand the path of a ruler nor did she have any interest in such topics.

In her eyes, the emperor stood as the person with the least freedom, a person who shouldered the fate of his people by waking up to do work until late at night, restricted in all aspects of life.

Only those who were truly born with that fate could endure the loneliness of being one themselves.

Otherwise, they’d simply be deemed as incapable rulers.


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