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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 245

“You! You’ve never been interested in women and have always caused me to feel troubled in my heart.

Now that you’ve finally opened up, why did you have to choose her of all people” Royal Concubine Yu exclaimed in a fit of rage as she pointed at Chu Xiang.

“You jealous woman! Don’t tell me you’re manipulating Han’er Could it be that you’re after his sole favor”

“Mother, don’t be angry.

You’ve already mentioned my humble status, so how could I possibly control His Highness You can’t force a cow to drink water, isn’t that right From my perspective, His Highness will naturally ask for more concubines when he feels the need for more.

But since he finds it annoying right now, then don’t let anyone pester him any longer.

As my heart belongs solely to His Highness, I’m willing to do anything for him until he’s satisfied.”

Royal Concubine Yu felt her facial muscles twitch.

Wasn’t Chu Xiang alluding to the fact that she was deliberately troubling her son without any regard to his feelings Just as she was about to say something, Lee Bohan raised and waved his hand.

“Mother, you don’t have to worry about me.

The one taking charge of the house cannot be an outsider, but rather someone I can trust to share the same bed with.

How could I easily accept anyone If that person ends up being a spy sent over by who knows who, I won’t be able to sleep soundly knowing that she could possibly stab me in my sleep.”

Royal Concubine Yu shot a nervous glance at Chu Xiang.

She did not expect Lee Bohan to have opened up to Chu Xiang in such a short period of time, willing to expose his feelings for her without hesitation.

Lee Bohan continued, “Xiang’er handles the affairs back at the house very well.

I trust her.

Mother, you’ve worked your body to the point of exhaustion over these past several years.

Why don’t you get some well-deserved rest now I have my own ways of doing things.

You should just live the rest of your life comfortably.

You don’t have to worry about anything else.”

“What You’re letting Miss Chu take charge of the royal palace” Royal Concubine Yu initially intended to give Chu Xiang a warning, but she never expected Lee Bohan to take away her authority to do so as soon as he opened his mouth.

In the blink of an eye, her complexion changed drastically.

“Now that I’ve already gotten myself a wife, how could I have any intentions of making Mother work even harder Over these past several years, I’ve seen firsthand just how many hardships you had to go through.

Feeling a deep heartache, I wouldn’t dare let you go through the same bitter experience.

Xiang’er, don’t trouble Mother from today onwards.

You must definitely take good care of her.”

Chu Xiang smiled at Royal Concubine Yu.

“Mother, I won’t disappoint you.”

Royal Concubine Yu pressed a finger on her forehead and said, “You two… irritated me so much that I’ve gotten a headache!”

Lee Bohan stood up from his seat and pulled Chu Xiang up as well.

Ordering his men to call the senior physician over, he then said, “Mother, you’re only getting headaches so often because you worry too much.

Make sure to get some rest after getting examined by the senior physician.

You can leave the rest to us.

We won’t disturb you any longer.”

He possessed an unyielding, determined resolve when handling matters.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to keep anyone from seeing the royal concubine over these past several months.

With him speaking up till this point, Royal Concubine Yu did not pursue the matter any further and instead chased them away with a slightly annoyed expression.

After leaving the palace of Royal Concubine Yu, Chu Xiang looked at Lee Bohan and whispered, “I was wondering why you dragged me over to meet your mother in such a hurry.

So, it turns out that you wanted to take away her authority.

But why Were there any problems with how your mother handled the affairs in the royal palace”

Lee Bohan shook his head before dragging her into the Golden Room and dismissing everyone.

“About my mother… I won’t conceal this fact from you.

Overestimating her own abilities, she would occasionally take matters into her own hands and cause troubles for me.

She’s far too conceited and always thinks that she has a good eye for people.

Thus, she believes that the people she approved are ones that she could trust.

No matter how much I try to persuade her, she just won’t budge.

As such, I might as well take away her authority.”

“Then, you must actually trust me quite a bit.”

“Of course, you’ve already proven that you’re worthy of my trust.

I shall treat you with the courtesy of an advisor, so I hope you won’t let me down.”

Chu Xiang nodded and poured herself a cup of tea.

Upon returning, she could already tell that Lee Bohan only treated Royal Concubine Yu with a sense of filial piety rather than obedience.

Otherwise, he would not have kept this secret from her for such a long time.

This was the only plausible reason as to why he contradicted his mother, probing the bottom line of his relationship with her.


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