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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 244

As soon as Chu Xiang changed into her female outfit, Lee Bohan dragged her impatiently over to see Royal Concubine Yu.

“If you don’t go and meet my mother now, I’ll soon have to face her wrath.

You haven't witnessed it for yourself, but her complexion had been getting darker and darker with each passing day.

A few days ago, she had even taken the opportunity when I was away to break some people in.”

T/N: Royal Concubine Yu is the mother of the Prince of Qin.

Chu Xiang looked back at the palace and chuckled, “You’ve claimed to be keeping your wife in the royal palace and really haven’t let anyone see her, huh In fact, you could’ve just gotten someone else to impersonate me.

Besides, aren’t we simply putting on an act anyways In that case, I can just keep dressing up as a man and continue doing my job outside.”

Lee Bohan suddenly paused in his steps and cupped Chu Xiang’s face with his hands.

“Alright, then could you tell me how many women look as beautiful as you Although they have never met you in person before, they’ve certainly heard the rumors about your stunning looks and have been pestering me to let them see you.

If I had an ordinary-looking woman impersonate you, wouldn’t it make them think that I have bad eyes for women And the moment I reveal the appearance of my royal concubine, she would have to help me with various tasks such as managing the house while I’m gone and dealing with the other women being sent to me.

How would I be able to make sure that the person impersonating you wouldn’t make a careless mistake and slip up If there’s a possibility of such things happening, I’d rather not have you show your face in public.”

Chu Xiang moved his hands away.

“You’re playing the role of a scumbag anyway, and it isn’t as if you care about such things, right And if such news were to reach the ears of the emperor, wouldn’t he care even less about you, thinking that you’re drowning away back at your hometown Alright, enough chit-chat.

Let’s head over to meet your mother.

Oh, and one more thing.

I’ll have you know that I can do many things for you whether it be managing the house or earning money outside.

In any case, I have what it takes to help you with various tasks.

Don’t I seem just like the manager of your house now As such, you’d better take good care of me and not let your mother bully me.

With this temper of mine, if I get ticked off over someone bullying me, even I can’t predict what I’d end up doing.”

“What are you talking about Enough with the nonsense.

Let’s hurry up and go.” Lee Bohan grabbed her by the wrist and proceeded to drag her away.

Having made a public display of their great affection for one another back in the capital, the two of them had long since gotten used to putting on such a show.

Naturally, they had also developed a rather special relationship with each other that outsiders could not hope to stick their noses into.

When Royal Concubine Yu finally heard that Chu Xiang had fully recovered from her illness—meaning that Chu Xiang could finally come over to visit her—she had already dressed herself up and taken a seat solemnly at her place, lyingin wait.

The instant Lee Bohan walked through the door hand-in-hand with Chu Xiang, she saw Chu Xiang’s remarkably stunning looks and instantly thought that she resembled a vixen.

Lee Bohan chuckled, “Mother, Xiang’er had made a full recovery and was extremely eager to come to visit you.

As such, I brought her here.”

Wearing a bright smile on her face, Chu Xiang greeted her politely, “I pay my respects to Mother.

Mother can rest assured.”

Royal Concubine Yu squinted.

“I’m rather worried.

Miss Chu, you should be fully aware of your status.

You don’t have what it takes to be Concubine Qin…”

Chu Xiang turned her head and asked Lee Bohan, “Your Highness, you’re going to turn your back on me”

Having been interrupted, Concubine Yu knitted her brows in slight irritation.

Lee Bohan then said with a smile, “There won’t be anything like that.

Come, sit down and have some tea with Mother.

She was only joking around with you.

Besides, His Majesty had already stated personally that you’re Royal Concubine Qin.”

Royal Concubine Yu rebuked, “Han’er! Do you understand what you’re saying She’s the daughter of Grand Chancellor Chu, an abandoned concubine who was tossed away to the doghouse.

Taking her as your royal concubine will only bring you shame and humiliation! If you really don’t want to part ways with her, then why don’t you just change her status to that of a normal concubine As for your royal concubine, I’ve already picked out a few possible candidates for you.

You’ll only have to pick one out of the three girls.

They’ll definitely serve you well in the future.”

A headache was building within Lee Bohan’s head.

“Mother, you’re making a mess of things again.

My royal concubine is good, so what are you trying to do here If you’re fond of the young ladies of the other families, then you can just ask them to come over to have a chat with you and relieve your boredom.

Don’t try to pair them up with me.

It’s annoying.”


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