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“Dear God! What in the world is she doing”

“Has she lost her mind”

The surrounding people were completely astonished, not knowing how to respond appropriately.

On the other hand, the imperial bodyguard whom the palace maid pounded onto quickly locked her hands behind her back and pressed her down on the ground, detaining her.

However, the palace maid had already lost all reason, her eyes filled with nothing but lustful desires.

As she kept struggling non-stop, even that single bodyguard found it difficult to keep her restrained.

Underestimating the strength of the palace maid, the imperial bodyguard was caught off guard and turned over by the palace maid.

In the next instant, she sat on his body and began tearing apart his clothes.

Witnessing this absurdity from the side, the other bodyguards dashed over in a hurry and tied her up with rope.

Only then did they feel relieved.

Even so, the palace maid kept twisting and turning like a berserk worm in an attempt to break free, her appearance looking extremely unsightly.

Upon hearing the commotion outside, Concubine Hui rushed over to the scene immediately with her other subordinates.

But when she saw that the palace maid was the one who went crazy, her expression twisted.

After all, she spent so many points simply to harm a mere palace maid

She glared at her personal maid with squinted eyes.

Utterly frightened, the palace maid felt cold sweat dripping down her cheeks as she did not dare to even lift her head.

Seeing the palace maid writhing on the ground from a distance, Chu Xiang said blandly, “Call the imperial physician over.

Before that palace maid went crazy, she drank a cup of warm milk that I gave to her.

 Zi Yu, have someone bring the cups from the tent over for the imperial physician to inspect.”

Hearing Chu Xiang’s words, everyone could not help but shift their gazes towards Concubine Hui.

After all, Concubine Hui had previously returned to her tent in rage not long ago after getting into an argument with Chu Xiang.

Thus, the matter regarding the cup of warm milk being spiked must certainly be Concubine Hui’s doing, right

But since Concubine Hui was certain that the imperial physician would not be able to find any evidence, she was not the slightest bit afraid whatsoever and even sneered, “Rather than being drugged, I reckon that she simply lost her mind.

Concubine Qin, it’s not like I want to tell you off or anything, but you’re the one to be blamed for such a disturbing scene to take place within the hunting grounds.

Now that you’re the official royal concubine of His Majesty’s uncle, you ought to learn how to take good care of things while he’s gone, don’t you think so”

At that moment, Chu Xiang turned around and walked slowly towards Concubine Hui.

Suddenly struck with the instinct to step back, Concubine Hui surged with rage.

Stopping three feet away from her, Chu Xiang stared at her and said, “Since Concubine Hui claimed that she simply went crazy, why don’t you help to deal with her then After all, we shouldn’t ruin everyone’s good mood here.”

Concubine Hui looked back at her with a suspicious gaze, not understanding why Chu Xiang suddenly chose not to ask for the imperial physician.

Could she have known that it would be useless even if the imperial physician came over to inspect the cup Anyways, dealing with someone who had just lost their mind was but a mere small matter.

Without giving it much thought, she waved her hand and ordered, “Drag them away and beat them to death.” She then said to Chu Xiang, “Concubine Qin, you ought to educate your servants well from now on in order to prevent such things from happening again.

Otherwise, you’d only be troubling His Majesty’s uncle.”

Seeing the palace maid being dragged away, the corner of Chu Xiang’s lips lifted up slightly.

“Thank you very much, Concubine Hui.

Zi Yu, let’s head back to our tent.

The outside seems to be more boring than I thought.

To think I’d even come across an annoying crow.”

Concubine Hui gaped, unable to believe that Chu Xiang actually dared to call her a crow! When did Chu Xiang become so bold!

Without even waiting for her response, Chu Xiang had already left the scene with the rest of her servants.

As the grand and beloved concubine of the emperor, it would not be fitting for Concubine Hui to take such a general comment as a personal attack.

Thus, she could not chase after Chu Xiang to make her pay either.

However, having yet to say anything, she was already on the verge of erupting.

Sweeping her gaze across the other women present, she went back to her tent with a glum expression.

When one of the witnesses reported this situation back to the empress, she knitted her brows and said, “There’s no need to pay any attention to them.

One was sabotaged by their own palace maid while the other is a mere fool.

Their good looks are the only thing going for them.

The more they continue making trouble for one another, the faster they’ll reach their own doom.”

Half an hour later, Lee Bohan finally returned with the rest of his bodyguards following him from behind, carrying the corpses of various animals that they hunted.


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