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Who knows if Chu Xiang will be able to adapt or how long she’d be able to live for when the Prince of Qin went back to his home residence Would the prince’s mother be willing to accept her The entire Chu Family had undoubtedly been sabotaged by Concubine Hui!

Everyone could not help but feel somewhat pitiful for someone who might have to suffer a miserable life in the future.

Naturally, they too held both Concubine Hui and the emperor in great contempt.

Even so, no one dared to speak their mind openly or show their stance on the situation.

They continued feigning ignorance regarding the matter as they made a show of joy and prosperity.

Back in her tent, Concubine Hui had already smashed everything that she could smash.

“Who the hell does she think she is To actually dare act so arrogant and put on the airs of a young lady before me! Does she think she still has the protection of the Grand Chancellor I want to see just how she’s going to die!”

Her palace maid urged her from the side, “Madam, there’s no need to get so angry.

I’ve never heard anything about the Prince of Qin’s taste for women.

I’m afraid the women back at his home residence are far too ugly for his liking, seeing how he was captivated by Mistress Chu.

The Prince of Qin is widely known to be an extraordinarily strong and dissolute man.

He doesn’t seem like someone who would love his woman dearly.

Besides, there’s still his mother to worry about back at his home residence.

Mistress Chu will definitely not live a good life.”

Concubine Hui shot a cold glance at her.

“Did you think your words would comfort me Scram! Stand guard at the front entrance and don’t let anyone disturb me!”

“Yes, Madam,” the palace maid instantly shut her mouth before withdrawing with her head bowed, afraid that something bad might happen if she were to stay any longer.

Unable to swallow down her flaming rage, Concubine Hui felt great distress in her heart.

“Is there an item that I can use to harm someone I want that slut to make a fool out of herself in front of everyone.

Let’s see whether or not the Prince of Qin will continue to favor her then!”

[Host, there’s the colorless and tasteless Charm Pill that can make one lose all reason upon consumption.

The doctors of this world will definitely not be able to detect it.]

She grinned.

“That’s exactly what I need.

Isn’t Chu Xiang beautiful I want to see just how beautiful she is today when she pounces on another man in front of everyone.”

[Host, here’s a reminder that the Charm Pills require a large number of points to buy.]

“Enough nonsense, make the exchange for them immediately.”

After purchasing the Charm Pills without a hitch, Concubine Hui called her trusted palace maid over and instructed her to find the opportunity to slip the drugs into Chu Xiang’s drink.

At some point, Chu Xiang would need to quench her thirst.

Since there weren’t many servants loyal to the Prince of Qin or Chu Xiang here, it would be rather easy for Concubine Hui to spike it.

Obviously, she was unaware of the fact that Chu Xiang could use spiritual energy, allowing her to detect any kind of substance in her drink.

When given the cup of warm milk, she suddenly felt her senses repelling her.

After testing the other food and realizing that they were fine, she confirmed that the cup of warm milk had been tampered with.

Chu Xiang purposely dipped the tip of her lips into the cup of milk, pretending to drink in front of the palace maid.

Only after the palace maid withdrew did she place the cup back down.

Then, she swept her gaze around the tent and memorized the faces of the servants who were within.

At last, she called one of the spies planted by the emperor and handed the cup of warm milk over to her.

After seeing that palace maid drink, Chu Xiang stood up and suggested, “Let’s go out for a walk.

It’s not every day that we get to come out here to the hunting grounds.

Once we return to the imperial palace, we won’t get to come back for quite a while.

That’s why we should take the chance to go for a stroll around the place.”

“Your Highness, please use this to warm your hand.” Zi Yu handed a bottle of hot water over to Chu Xiang and draped the fox-fur coat properly around her before slowly supporting her as they walked out together.

Nowadays, Zi Yu would often be wearing a bright smiling expression.

In her eyes, her master had already gone through her share of bitter hardships and was now back to living a happy life.

Chu Xiang had yet to tell her the truth.

But as the saying went, fortune indeed favored the foolish.

From today onwards, the most devoted servant of the original host would be living a good life with her.

Meanwhile, Chu Xiang brought her group of servants along to a daily crowded place.

All of a sudden, the palace maid who had drunk the cup of warm milk began pulling her own clothes and making strange noises.

The moment Chu Xiang turned around to see what was going on, the face of the palace maid flushed red as she pounced onto the nearest imperial bodyguard!


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