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Now that Chu Xiang was technically the aunt of the emperor, she would now only have to act politely with the empress herself, not having to pay attention to Concubine Hui anymore.

Although Lee Bohan did not have any authority on paper, the emperor made it extremely clear just how much he favored him.

Who would dare provoke Chu Xiang now However, everyone could not help but feel somewhat uneasy when in her presence, for they were once “sisters”.

With the emperor entering the hunting grounds with the rest of the other men, Concubine Hui shot a glance at Chu Xiang and chuckled.

“Right, I haven’t congratulated Sister Chu yet.

In the blink of an eye, you’ve already become Concubine Qin.”

Chu Xiang smiled lightly.

“I’ll have to thank Concubine Hui.

If it weren’t for you, I would never have been lucky enough to receive the Prince of Qin’s affection.

I will definitely remember this great kindness of yours.”

Concubine Hui did not think that she would stir up any trouble, but she just could not help but feel dissatisfied, knowing that Chu Xiang was now receiving the sole love of one person.

After all, even the emperor would occasionally dote on his other concubines.

She sneered, “Concubine Qin, you ought to enjoy these days of being doted on.

It’ll be difficult for you to meet the Prince of Qin again once you get more sisters.

This way of serving someone certainly won’t last a long time.

It’s not exactly a good thing for the Prince of Qin to regard your appearance as important either.”

“Thank you for worrying about me, Concubine Hui.

Fortunately, I have already received strict education regarding such subjects ever since my childhood days.

Other than charming the Prince of Qin with my appearance, I still have many other things that I can do to keep his favor.

Besides, I still have a long life ahead of me.

Who can guarantee that they’ll continue receiving favor for the rest of their lives For me, I only want to live with a clear conscience so that I can sleep peacefully at night,” Chu Xiang said flatly while peeling off the skin of the dried fruits in the plate before her.

However, since Concubine Hui originally served as a palace maid, she was illiterate and could not possibly compare to the education that Chu Xiang received as the eldest daughter of the Chu Family.

Proficient in all four arts, on the other hand, Chu Xiang was making a mockery out of her!

Her expression immediately soured as she stared fixedly at Chu Xiang for quite a while before snorting coldly,.

“Concubine Qin has indeed changed drastically from before.

You’re much more clever and eloquent now, completely different from.”

“Having nearly plunged into the depths of hell, I would naturally change.” Chu Xiang stared back at Concubine Hui with a cold gaze, making her shift her eyes away subconsciously.

Realizing that she had instinctively evaded Chu Xiang’s gaze, Concubine Hui flew into a rage of humiliation.

“Concubine Qin!”

“Enough!” the empress reprimanded.

“Concubine Hui, you appear to be quite tired.

Go and get some rest back in the tent.

Do speak to Concubine Qin rudely.”

With the empress’ eldest brother as the greatest general in the imperial army, serving under the emperor himself, no one dared to disobey the empress.

Although Concubine Hui dared to strive for favor from the emperor, she nevertheless did not have the guts to go against her when the emperor was not present.

Now that the empress had opened her mouth, she could only snort before returning to her tent.

Frightened by the conflict between Concubine Hui and Concubine Qin, none of the other wives and children of the ministers dared to utter a single word.

Everyone knew very well what kind of relationship the two of them had with each other.

Having been sabotaged and thrown into the doghouse by her palace maid, the master had crawled her way back up to the top.

Now, the two of them were going at it with one another.

If the empress did not open her mouth, no one dared to imagine what could have happened then.

At that moment, the empress said to Chu Xiang in an indifferent voice, “Concubine Qin has a delicate body, so why don’t you go back to the tent for some rest for now You should eat more tonics to replenish your health instead of fighting.”

Chu Xiang smiled.

“Yes, thank you for worrying about me, Your Majesty.”

With the strong chilling wind blowing past and snow covering the earth, Chu Xiang was naturally willing to go back into her tent.

Someone would definitely inform her when the emperor and the others came back, so she would just go back out then.

With Chu Xiang taking her leave, the empress gave the order for everyone to do whatever they wanted.

As such, everyone split up into groups of two or three to enjoy the scenery, chat with one another, and play with each other in the snow.

Some of the women were even discussing Chu Xiang’s situation.

Had they been in her shoes, they would have most likely committed suicide.

Fortunately for Chu Xiang, she was lucky enough to gain the favor of the Prince of Qin.

It’s a pity that the rest of her family had been wrongly locked up in prison and would soon be exiled to the frontiers to endure many hardships.


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