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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 233

From Lee Bohan’s perspective, Chu Xiang was a woman filled with mysteries.

Seeing just how much confidence she had in her own abilities, it seemed as if she really possessed something that he would treasure later on.

He resolved to act more cautiously in her presence.

At first, he simply saw Chu Xiang as someone he could use to rope in Grand Chancellor Chu.

After doing so, he intended to expose the emperor’s absurdity and make him abdicate the throne.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have done things this way.

But having attached great importance to Chu Xiang today, he now decided to pay closer attention to her and dispatch some of his men to keep a close eye on the situation of the Chu Family once again, just in case he had accidentally overlooked something previously.

Paying no attention to his thoughts whatsoever, Chu Xiang tore open the curtains of the carriage to take a look at the pedestrians on the bustling street.

She now had much more freedom than before, finally uncaged.

Moreover, both His Highness and her newly-acquired status as the royal concubine seemed to be rather useful.

Who would run away from such a good life awaiting them This would make it much easier for her to save the original host’s family.

It would not be too late even if she were to make a plan after meeting Chu Chengxiang.

Arriving at his residence within the capital, he held onto Chu Xiang.

“If we’re going to put up an act, we might as well go all the way.

Let’s go, my royal concubine.”

With that, he carried Chu Xiang down the carriage and took large strides towards his bedroom within the inner courtyard.

Just as Zi Yu hurriedly chased after them, Lee Bohan’s personal eunuch servant, Fu Tai, barred her from entry.

“Aiya, Lady Zi Yu, today is a day of celebration for His Highness and the Royal Concubine.

We shouldn’t disturb them.

In the meantime, I’ll call someone over to help you settle down in the residence.

Why don’t you wait until they ask for drinks late in the night before going in to serve them”

“No, this…” Zi Yu stared blankly at their departing figures, wondering if her master really was treating herself as the royal concubine.

Beaming with smiles, Fu Tai leaned in closer to her and whispered, “Who would dare to disobey His Highness’ words You shouldn’t make things difficult for your master.”

Upon hearing those words, Zi Yu instantly became obedient.

Although she wasn’t very smart, she had nevertheless devoted herself to her master.

Since her master had never called for her, she figured that her master didn’t need her to do anything for the time being.

Besides, it wouldn’t hurt to listen to Eunuch Fu Tai’s words either.

After helping Zi Yu settle down, Fu Tai ordered the others to start boiling hot water and prepare a midnight snack, arranging everything properly.

Upon stepping into the room, Lee Bohan threw Chu Xiang onto his cloud-soft couch.

“From today onwards, you’ll be sleeping on the couch.

Try not to disturb me.”

Settling down, Chu Xiang scanned the room.

“Your Highness, tell me the current situation within the residence.

Who can I trust Who should I be aware of I’ll need to have a clear understanding in order to put up a proper act.”

Slightly astonished, Lee Bohan said, “You just need to stay in the house.

Why bother putting up an act”

Chu Xiang took two bites of the pastries on the table.

“Does Your Highness truly intend to exhibit a blockhead in your room Since my health has already recovered quite significantly, it would be easy to feign illness if the imperial physician were to show up.

Thus, it would be better to show my face more often.

Perhaps I might even be able to help Your Highness deal with certain trifling yet annoying matters.

Then, it would be much easier for you to focus on your plans.

Lee Bohan could naturally not put his complete trust in a woman whom he had just met.

However, they were essentially standing in the same position regarding such matters.

As such, it wouldn’t hurt to tell her.

With that, Lee Bohan carefully informed her of the trusted individuals within the residence, as well as the nails stuck in by the emperor and various other parties.

Since Chu Xiang possessed outstanding memorization capabilities, he only needed to say things once for her to remember them.

As soon as he finished speaking, the two of them discussed who was most suited to serve her, who she could use as a pretext to make a huge fuss, and so on.

On the other hand, Lee Bohan was in complete awe of her skills, further convincing him that she was not just any ordinary woman.

Thinking about how the emperor abandoned Chu Xiang and her family for a mere palace maid, he wondered whether or not the emperor would come to regret his decision.

However, he felt that it would be more suitable to say that the Chu Family were the ones who abandoned the emperor and came up with some sort of plan to break away from him.

Then, could Chu Xiang’s favorable attitude towards him today be a sign that she had chosen him to be her family’s next master

But with so many suspicions, Lee Bohan was still not convinced that everything had coincided by chance.

Rather, he was now increasingly certain that the Chu Family might have relied on him for help since the beginning.

Besides, with Chu Xiang as his concubine now, Lee Bohan was determined to win both Grand Chancellor Chu and his network of connections to his side.


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