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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 231

A tense Zi Yu hurriedly followed them from behind with her head bowed down.

The emperor gulped down his wine in a single shot.

For his preposterous uncle to have been entranced by a single beauty, it could not be possibly more ideal of a situation for him.

Besides, he didn’t really care for a woman he had already discarded.

Half-leaning against the Emperor’s embrace, Concubine Hui huffed.

“Your Majesty, why did you let them go just like that I still wanted to have a toast with Sister Chu.

Though she’s not very fond of me now, I nevertheless remember all the good things she’s done for me in the past.

Since we don’t have many opportunities to meet each other, we ought to reminisce with each other when we get the chance.”

At that moment, a hint of satire flashed past the eyes of the emperor.

Just like Lee Bohan, he raised his head and passed his mouthful of wine into her mouth, making her blush and cough.

He laughed and held her intimately.

“My beloved concubine is always so kind-hearted.

Come, let’s go back and get some rest in resting chambers.

I too would like to see whether or not you’re worth a thousand jin of gold.”

He dragged Concubine Hui along by her wrist.

Seated on the side, the empress turned ashen as she glared at Concubine Hui’s departing figure with flame-ignited eyes.

Only after great difficulty did Concubine Hui finally manage to stop coughing.

Even so, she did not pay much mind to such a shameless, humiliating approach.

After all she had already captured the heart of the emperor.

No one else would dare belittle her.

At that moment, she urged within her mind, ‘Quick, activate the Passion Arising Function.’

[Host, the Passion Arising Function has been activated.]

At that instant, Concubine Hui felt a sudden fiery passion surging within her body.

Upon entering the resting chambers, her hands immediately slithered up the emperor’s chest like a pair of snakes.

Letting out a soft curse, he picked her up and quickly went to bed with her.

Having long since gotten used to this situation, the head chamberlain waved his hand and signaled everyone to leave the place at once while standing guard in front of the door.

Despite hearing all sorts of intimate sounds from within the resting chamber, his expression remained indifferent as he thought to his mind how lucky Concubine Hui truly was to have come across such an opportunity.

To think a mere palace maid would actually be blessed with such good fortune.

If she were to get pregnant with a prince, her position within the imperial palace would be firmly established.

She was completely unlike him.

Not only would he have to work painstakingly to serve the emperor while trembling in fear, but he would now also have to serve his charming master.

Truly people of the same original status living two different lives.

While the emperor was having a great time in the resting chambers, Chu Xiang and Lee Bohan sat opposite one another in their horse carriage as if separated by a river.

Supporting himself by placing one arm on a short table beside him, Lee Bohan smiled at Chu Xiang.

“I didn’t go back on my words, right I got you out within a single day.

So, how are you going to repay the favor to me”

Minding her own business, Chu Xiang poured a cup of tea for herself and said, “I’m the one who rescued you first, so you’re the one returning the favor.”

She coughed twice as the previous mouthful of wine was rather strong for her throat.

Lee Bohan sized her up.

“You really choked on the wine I didn’t want to bother listening to their mindless chatter and thus came up with an excuse to get out of there.

Who knew you can’t handle your liquor Perhaps you’re actually sick”

“I’m doing fine.” Chu Xiang chuckled.

“I still haven’t congratulated you for getting yourself a concubine.

I suppose that this matter was outside of His Highness’ expectations.

Do you regret your decisions today”

Lee Bohan said with a slight headache, “The matter is actually troublesome.

Since my mother constantly nags me to get married and have children, she often attempts to match me with women from other noble families.

She’s going to nag me again when I go back this time.” Looking at Chu Xiang’s unperturbed expression, he laughed.

“You’ve certainly struck a good deal, to have become my first-ever concubine despite having been abandoned in the past.

Aren’t you overjoyed”

Chu Xiang smirked.

“You’re the one who struck a good deal, Your Highness.

You had accidentally won the heart of the Emperor today.

Besides, I’m someone with a high position, so I don’t feel the slightest bit of guilt when taking the position of a royal concubine.

If His Highness ever gets married to someone else, he would have me change my name or even fake my own death.

That is what’s going through your mind right now, correct”

“Heh, you’ve actually seen through my mind.

You’re not at all like a person who would be thrown into the doghouse.” Lee Bohan held a cup of tea in his hands as he stared at her curiously.


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