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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 230

Supported by Zi Yu from the side, Chu Xiang was brought before Lee Bohan.

Slowly lifting her head, she looked straight into the eyes of Lee Bohan and stared blankly at him.

The original host’s appearance was already quite beautiful in the first place.

Although her beauty had been obscured by the dust in the doghouse, now that she had properly dressed up, she truly looked gorgeous.

But since she was an abandoned concubine who cannot be dressed in glamorous clothing, she ended up wearing a plain azure dress and simple adornments that curled her hair up in a bun.

Moreover, the only jewelry she had were the silver hairpin and a pair of silver earrings, keeping her look extremely neat and tidy.

Even so, her outfit had actually placed greater emphasis on her natural beauty, so much so that neither the empress nor Concubine Hui could hope to ever compare.

Looking at her face, Lee Bohan took a sip of his wine and placed it to the side before pulling her into his embrace.

Gently caressing her cheeks, he said in a lethargic tone, “Her skin is seriously no joke.

My nephew, you truly don’t understand how to indulge in pleasure.

How could such a beautiful woman possibly be left to wither in the doghouse She ought to be held in my embrace every single day.”

The emperor shot a quick glance at Chu Xiang.

“Since Uncle likes her so much, I’ll just give her to you.

But let me tell you something, Uncle.

That woman… you certainly can’t find delight from looking at her face alone.

It’ll be better for her to serve you.

Don’t blame me for not warning you.

That Mistress Chu is truly a slow-witted blockhead.

Lacking any sort of personality, her face is the only thing going for her.”

“Whether she’s interesting or not, I’ll simply have to find that out myself.

Since my nephew is so gracious, I shall gladly accept your kindness.

Come, let’s have a toast.” Lee Bohan cast Chu Xiang onto his seat without the slightest hint of gentleness and stood up for a toast.

Just as the Emperor was about to drink his wine, Concubine Hui joked from the side, “Your Majesty, I didn’t think Sister Chu would still have such luck.

But no matter what, she’s still someone I care a lot about.

Since the Prince of Qin is now taking her in, I’m afraid it’ll be difficult for us to meet each other again.

Your Majesty, don’t you think… you should bestow Sister Chu with some sort of status”

The Emperor pecked his lips on her cheeks and laughed, “Your words certainly do carry reason, my beloved concubine.

My uncle is similar in age to me, yet he’s yet to have gotten married.

Since Uncle fancies Mistress Chu’s appearance so much, why don’t you make her the Queen of Qin”

Suggesting that his uncle marry an abandoned concubine was simply a great humiliation.

The few ministers seated around the hall swept their gazes towards Lee Bohan.

Regardless of the emperor’s intentions, it would not be good to go against his suggestions.

Who knew that Lee Bohan would actually not care as he sat back down on his soft chair with Chu Xiang in his embrace

“Sure, why not Both princesses and concubines are women, so what’s the difference Besides, at least my ears will now be free from my mother’s constant urging me to get married.”

“Very well, then the arrangement is now set in stone.

However, her father has already been imprisoned, I’m afraid…”

Lee Bohan waved his hand.

“What does her father have to do with me I can’t stand that old face of his anyways.”

The smiling expression on the Emperor’s face deepened slightly.

“That’s good.

Come, today is a day of celebration for Uncle.

Everyone, let’s congratulate my uncle for taking a liking to a beautiful woman!”

Even though all the ministers found this situation to be completely absurd, no one dared to raise any objections.

Instead, they simply raised their cups of wine and gave Lee Bohan their best wishes.

Chu Xiang cleverly leaned closer into Lee Bohan’s embrace in order to make her presence less noticeable.

Since this was most likely her one and only chance of getting out of the doghouse, she could absolutely not mess things up.

Contrary to her initial expectations, Lee Bohan was actually quite patient.

Even though the emperor bluntly humiliated him time after time, he could still pretend as if he didn’t understand a single thing.

Their gazes met coincidentally.

While the other ministers were still congratulating him, Lee Bohan instantly lowered his head and gave Chu Xiang a kiss, passing his mouthful of wine over to Chu Xiang.

T/N: That’s kinda SUS monkaS

E/N: I think this is the earliest kiss scene, world-wise, no

Caught off guard, Chu Xiang choked on the wine and started coughing.

Lee Bohan, on the other hand, burst out laughing.

“Much thanks to my nephew.

I will now be taking my leave.

With a thousand jin of gold right before me, I ought to not delay things any further.

Hahaha!” Carrying Chu Xiang like a princess, Lee Bohan left the grand hall without even waiting for the Emperor’s permission.


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