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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 220

[World 3] The Imperial Concubine Cast Aside to the Doghouse (2)

As for the original host, she was the daughter of the Grand Chancellor, widely known as one of the four beauties within the imperial palace.

Naturally, with such an attractive appearance, the emperor would dote on her quite often.

Having lived in the imperial household for a whole year without causing any mishaps, a few days later during the New Year Festival, the emperor was to bestow her the title of senior concubine.

However, a certain incident just so happened to take place soon after her conferment.

The senior palace maid, Hui Yun, who accompanied the original host, had somehow seduced the emperor using who knew what methods and managed to obtain the sole pamper of the emperor.

At that same time, she purposely used her means to viciously suppress the original host.

This particular emperor was precisely fond of praising one to the skies and disliked any weak-willed women who could be easily cast away to the barracks as a comfort woman.

Discovering bullying the original host as his new form of entertainment, the emperor at the same time amused himself with his new lover.

Going along with the intentions of Hui Yun, he purposely punished the original host several times before throwing her to the doghouse.

T/N: Here, a ‘doghouse’ means somewhere unfavored ladies were thrown.

Naturally, the Grand Chancellor wanted to stop the emperor from doing so, but when had he ever listened to his subjects Thus, the emperor ordered his men to fabricate multiple crimes against the Grand Chancellor and immediately locked his entire family up in prison before exiling them in a year.

Having obtained the title of Concubine Hui, Hui Yun ordered her servants to deliberately make things difficult for the original host, tormenting her daily by not giving her food or water.

She had even purposely sent the ragged clothes and moldy quilt over to the original host in order to humiliate her.

Since Concubine Hui had once served the original host, she saw her past as a sort of disgrace and wanted to return all the “humiliation” she felt serving the original host back to her.

With Concubine Hui getting pampered by the emperor, no one within the imperial court dared to offend her whatsoever.

As for the original host, on the other hand, the only person who remained by her side was the powerless palace maid, Zi Yu.

Despite only living in the doghouse for a few days, the original host could no longer endure the disgrace she felt and unfortunately passed away.

At that moment, Chu Xiang happened to transmigrate into her body.

The instant before the original host’s spirit departed this world, she pleaded for Chu Xiang to save her family members.

It was already beyond unjust for her to go through such an inexplicable disaster.

Why should her family get involved

As Chu Xiang’s state of mind resonated extremely well with this particular body, she immediately accepted her request without hesitation.

Starting today, she would have to think of a way to escape and get rid of her status as the abandoned concubine before even planning to save the rest of her family members.

Such a situation would certainly be difficult to solve, even for Chu Xiang.

But first, she would still have to resolve the urgent matter at hand.

Before doing anything else, Chu Xiang focused all her efforts on nourishing her own body with spiritual energy for the rest of the evening, successfully reinvigorating herself.

At nightfall, she propped herself up with the support of her bed.

In the midst of dozing off, Zi Yu immediately jolted awake and hurriedly went over to support Chu Xiang.

“Your Highness, you look much better than before.

But do you still feel unwell anywhere”

Chu Xiang put on her shoes and waved her hand.

“I’m completely fine now.

From now onwards, please abstain from addressing me as ‘Your Highness.’ We will definitely get punished if heard by someone.”

“Yes, Master.” Zi Yu bowed her head and covered Chu Xiang with another layer of thin outer clothing as tears welled up and silently trickled down her eyes.

Upon seeing this, Chu Xiang chuckled.

“What are you doing We have not spiraled down the abyss of despair, for we still have a long journey ahead of us.“

Choking with overwhelming emotions, Zi Yu uttered, “Master, the Grand Chancellor has… Who else is capable of saving you How about… How about I create a path for you to get out and plead for leniency from the emperor The emperor had always treated you very kindly, so who knows You might just be able to receive another opportunity.”

Thinking back to that emperor, Chu Xiang let out a sneer.

‘You want me to amuse that bastard of an emperor Dream on!’

Though Chu Xiang might be a give-and-take person, under such dire circumstances, she was certainly not interested to win favor by fawning for that imbecile.

Even if they ended up failing, she would still have to keep finding a way to make that emperor submit to her.

Seeing how Chu Xiang remained silent, Zi Yu figured that she was feeling rather troubled.

After helping her dress, she immediately went to open the window for more ventilation.

Following Zi Yu next to the window, she gazed out towards the ruined courtyard and muttered, “Has it stopped raining”

“Yes, Master, would you like some water I managed to catch some rainwater.”

Chu Xiang shook her head.

“Let’s go out for a walk and see what we can find to eat.”

Zi Yu immediately tried to persuade her otherwise, “Master, you’ve only just gotten better.

You shouldn’t tire yourself out.

Why don’t you get some rest in the house I’ll go out to look for some myself.”

“Let’s go together.

Besides, we still don’t know how long we’ll have to stay in this place.

Thus, I’ll have to adapt to the environment here.” Chu Xiang tidied up her clothes and walked out of the house.

With the ground outside drenched and filled with countless puddles, Zi Yu worriedly supported Chu Xiang from the side, purposely detouring around the puddles in the courtyard.


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