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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 214

With such thoughts in his mind, Lin Jiawei saw Mo Xinru in an even worse light as the two of them often quarreled with one another practically every day.

But compared to Lin Jiawei, Mo Xinru was under even greater pressure.

During their next fight, she resolved to purposely infuriate Lin Jiawei and get him to shove her away as her stomach crashed down heavily on the corner of the table!

She had even researched about miscarriages beforehand and discovered just how difficult it was to have a miscarriage for a healthy fetus.

Thus, she took her acting skills up a notch and crashed violently down on the corner of the table.

Clenching down on the blood bag in her hands, a pool of blood could soon be seen on the floor.

Scared out of his wits, Lin Jiawei immediately carried her up and rushed out of the house.

Meanwhile, Mo Xinru was in so much agony that cold sweat began dripping down her face.

With a bleach pale face and crimson lips, her complexion was truly frightening.

At the very least, her acting managed to fool the eyes of everyone in the Lin Family.

Mo Xinru spoke in a weak voice, “Send me to my obstetrician…”

Since an obstetrician would best understand a pregnant woman’s condition, her request naturally made sense to him.

However, her obstetrician had long since been bribed by Mo Xinru.

How much could a doctor earn per year Mo Xinru gave him a total of 5 million yuan with the request of playing a role in her act.

How could he possibly refuse such an offer

Thus, Lin Jiawei became the reason for Mo Xinru’s miscarriage.

Letting out a blood-curdling cry, Mo Xinru even lifted up her clothes for Lin Jiawei to see the purple bruises on her stomach, which was certainly shocking for one’s eyes.

Naturally, Lin Jiawei was entirely taken aback.

No matter how ruthless of a person he was, he simply could not accept how he had killed his own flesh and blood.

This could be considered the greatest psychological shock he had ever felt so far in his life.

He simply could not bear such guilt.

Just as Mrs.

Mo cried after hearing the news, she would, at the same time, skillfully remove Mo Xinru from the company’s affairs and purposely make Lin Jiawei feel even more guilty for his actions before chasing him away.

With that, she had successfully brought Mo Xinru back to the Mo Family just in time to cover up the truth of the situation.

There was no one out there who doubted the situation as they would never have expected Mo Xinru to fake her pregnancy.

Due to this incident, the Lin Family would no longer do anything that would tarnish the reputation of the Mo Family.

At best, they would just ignore them.

With that, the in-laws appeared to be even more distant than strangers as they would seemingly never interact with each other anymore.

As such, they ended up becoming a laughingstock within their social circle.

After suffering a “miscarriage,” Mo Xinru returned back home and could finally relax.

Although she no longer needed to endure the torture back at the Lin Family, she couldn’t quite understand why she still felt downcast.

She felt as if she had lost the ability to feel joy.

Constantly living in a state of loss, she now directed her anger at her own parents for forcing her to grab hold of Lin Jiawei as it ultimately led her to live a life that revolved around fawning and currying favor in the Lin Family.

When Zhu Yujia once again came over to ask her for more money, Mo Xinru finally snapped.

She pushed Zhu Yujia down the stairs and caused her to have a miscarriage on the spot.

Zhu Yujia had only kept her child for so long in order to threaten Mo Xinru and was already planning to get an abortion sooner or later.

After all, it would be far too late for her to do so if she delayed any longer.

However, she never expected to be pushed down a flight of stairs!

Only then did Mrs.

Mo realize that something was amiss in Mo Xinru’s state of mind.

She decided to bring her to see a psychologist, who then diagnosed her with clinical depression.

Hearing that, Mrs.

Mo felt a mix of emotions.

After consoling Mo Xinru with great difficulty, she also softly appeased Zhu Yujia.

Moreover, she promised to give her 20 million yuan for her to leave the city and never get involved with Mo Xinru ever again.

20 million yuan was the most that Mrs.

Mo could possibly give her.

With the Mo Group on the verge of total collapse, where else could she possibly find more to give her

Though Zhu Yujia was certainly moved by that, having suffered a serious injury from the fall, she would never be able to bear another child any longer in this lifetime!

Fully aware that she might lack evidence if she ever decided to sue Mo Xinru, Zhu Yujia opted to accept the offer.

Thus, as soon as she received the money, she immediately left the country with her family… but not before she sent all the message logs of her conversations with Mo Xinru and the recordings taken at the hospital to Lin Jiawei.

The recordings taken at the hospital showed clearly that Zhu Yujia was the one who went inside for the inspection, not Mo Xinru.


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