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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 213

With multiple business magazine companies publishing matters related to Chu Xiang, she had naturally shot up the top search queries and received widespread attention from the public once again.

Seeing how Chu Xiang had planned this counterattack against the Lin Group after all they had done to wrong her in the past, everyone who saw the news exclaimed in admiration.

She was no longer at the level of a mere celebrity.

Rather, she had already surpassed that position in the hearts of many, ascending to that of a successful public figure and a talented, young woman whom no one would dare to look down on.

More importantly, she had accomplished such feats at the age of 25!

The ones paying close attention to the entertainment industry possessed another layer of understanding regarding this matter, for they had been keeping up-to-date with Chu Xiang’s recent history.

One thing which stood out in their memories was the words uttered by Chu Xiang shortly after coming out of retirement during the variety program, “Unusual Q&A,” stating how she would do to others what they had done to her.

If calling someone an “old witch” was already going too far in some people’s eyes, she could certainly take things up a notch.

Her method of “taking things up a notch” was clearly pressuring the Lin Group with her investments.

Director Lee, the screenwriter, and the leading actors for “Heaven Realm Sect” were all paying close attention to the recent news related to Chu Xiang.

Each of them simultaneously thought back to the first time Chu Xiang shot a scene with them — when they asked her to act out the feeling one would experience when being betrayed by her husband in the film.

Back then, Chu Xiang mentioned a single sentence, “Since he had let me down, I would naturally want to make him pay.”

At that time, all of them thought that she was only trying to empathize with her character.

But now that they thought about it, she really intended to make her scumbag ex-husband pay the consequences for wronging her in the past.

At this time, several of the “Virgin Marys” of the internet stepped forward preaching against Chu Xiang’s actions of revenge.

Wasn’t it simply her own emotional problems Why did she have to target someone’s company Some of them even claimed Chu Xiang was a venomous woman with a scheming mind, blinded by her own wrath and vengeance.

But sure enough, they were instantly criticized and called out by Chu Xiang’s loyal fans!

In fact, why couldn’t those “Virgin Marys” speak only after experiencing Chu Xiang’s past life for themselves, to willingly accept a compromise and kneel on the ground Did they think that they had what it took to practice their empty words On the other hand, Chu Xiang represented an independent woman of the new age who constantly strove for self-improvement.

Who knew how many young ladies she had encouraged with her words and actions Compared to her, what would those individuals who only know how to blabber on possibly understand

The higher Chu Xiang rose in society, the more confidence, motivation, and strength her fans had.

It hadn’t even been a whole year since Chu Xiang had come out of retirement, yet she had already secured her place at the peak.

From then onwards, she would always dominate the rankings by a landslide.

Even if she did stop shooting films or movies, the entire entertainment circle would nevertheless be filled with stories of her achievements.

The collapse of the Lin Group was not a matter that could simply be achieved overnight.

Zhou Ye wasn’t in that much of a hurry to do so either.

As he continued setting up one trap after another, he developed a detailed, long-term plan and implemented multiple steps to suppress and chip away at the Lin Group.

In the meantime, whenever he found enough time, he would go overseas to visit Chu Xiang and have fun with her for an entire day, satisfying his passion for her after not having seen one another for a decent period of time.

Such days could not possibly get any more comfortable for him.

Lin Jiawei, on the other hand, was on the verge of losing his mind as he had fallen into a deep abyss.

Only then did he realize that the Zhou Group was actually more powerful than he had previously anticipated.

The reason why Zhou Ye spent so much time managing his entertainment group wasn’t because he was incapable of handling his family’s company, but rather because he was too playful.

As such, he had always thought looked down on Zhou Ye in the past and seen him as a hedonistic son of a rich family.

Even if he was fully aware of the fact now, it was already far too late, for he already lacked any strength to reverse his desperate situation.

The only thing he could do now was watch helplessly as his company slowly crumbled.

The shareholders of the company complaining to him had already set their sights on other companies.

Madam Lin would constantly scold him for not handling the company properly.


Mo would also probe him from time to time with intentions of wanting him to save the Mo Group.

Lin Jiawei was now a ticking time bomb.

Filled with regrets, he wondered what would have happened if he hadn’t divorced Chu Xiang back then.

Everything happening now would never have taken place, and he would be able to go home to a family filled with comfort and warmth.

Moreover, he wouldn’t have to deal with family affairs and could even get Chu Xiang to assist with the development of the Lin Group.


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