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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 212

Holding a great number of shares in the Lin Group, she was truly the largest shareholder in the company.

Thus, her words definitely had some sort of impact.

Though she made it clear long ago that she wouldn’t interfere with business matters within the company, her stance against Lin Jiawei nevertheless brought about many troublesome conflicts regarding the decision-making within the company.

Meanwhile, Zhou Ye had been watching the Lin Group silently from the side like a predator waiting to pounce on its prey.

The instant the Lin Group showed any signs of carelessness, he would lunge forward and tear them apart.

Facing his muddle-headed grandmother, dealing with his hypocritical wife, and tackling the internal trouble and outside aggression of his company, the pressure on Lin Jiawei only ever increased each day without any solutions at hand.

Even then, he could only focus his greatest efforts on defending against Zhou Ye.

On the other hand, Zhou Ye treated this situation as some sort of joke and told everything to Chu Xiang during their video call.

While practicing the parts of her shoot, Chu Xiang said, “I have sent you the names of the companies that I’ve invested in, including the list of the contact numbers of the people in charge.

Take it and use it so that you may spare some strength.”

Zhou Ye chuckled.

“Do you feel sorry for me Did you realize that I’ve lost weight To be honest, I’m actually not tired as I’ve only been thinking of you.

How about I fly over to see you tomorrow”

Chu Xiang giggled.

“Sure, if you want to come over, then why not However, my schedule is actually pretty intense.

I’m only free from 10 at night to 4 in the early morning.

I’ll have to head over to the shoot to prepare my makeup at 4 am.”

“Surely, that’s way too exhausting.

You’ve already filmed so many movies, yet you still enjoy doing it Why don’t you keep it to one film per year from now on I’ll take you around to have fun during the rest of your free time.”

Chu Xiang shook her head.

“Nope, I’ve fallen even more in love with shooting films.

Besides, I discovered just how different it is to shoot movies compared to a TV series.

Each of the frames and expressions will be captured in the actual movie.

Isn’t that interesting Before I get tired of it, it would be my greatest pleasure to shoot movies every day.” Shooting him a glance, she continued, “I’ll take a day of leave after finishing the shoot.

When that time comes, let’s go out and have some fun.”

“I will do as you say, my Queen.” Zhou Ye chuckled lightly, feeling as if he was a young boy seeking attention.

Even so, it didn’t feel that bad, for he could finally relate to Chu Xiang’s fans after being spoiled by her.

Such gentleness can only be understood by the ones who experienced it first hand.

There would inevitably be people who would not understand why Zhou Ye was dead set on being with Chu Xiang, so much so that some were saying that he’d accepted a compromise of sorts.

They would just never understand just how amazing Chu Xiang truly was, for you would have practically surpassed everyone else as long as you stand by her side.

In this world, there were countless women who would gladly submit themselves to Zhou Ye.

However, Chu Xiang was one of a kind.

How lucky was he to be Chu Xiang’s boyfriend

With the help of Chu Xiang, Zhou Ye was now in close relation to many other companies as they had even formed an alliance with one another, further increasing their strength and influence in the industry.

As such, his attacks against the Lin Group became even more fierce.

Snatching away several of their businesses consecutively, they hindered the Lin Group and caused them to suffer huge losses.

The companies who were originally spectating this situation on the side fell into a state of shock upon seeing how many companies Zhou Ye had formed an alliance with.

After some discreet investigations, they found out that all those companies had ties to Chu Xiang, causing them to feel even more astonished.

They knew that Chu Xiang had used her secret formula to invest in S Company and had invested separately in a few other decent companies.

However, where did all these companies suddenly erupt from Surely, she could not have hooked them in with money.

Therefore, she must have used her own knowledge to rise to her positions within those companies.

How could she be so strong

Meanwhile, Chu Xiang’s fans all knew that their idol was busy shooting a movie overseas and thus didn’t do much for the time being.

As such, they could only rely on the recently aired “Palace of the Abyss” and “Target” to relieve their longing pain.

However, they never would have expected to see Chu Xiang’s name pop up in the top search queries at this time.

[Chu Xiang invests in 17 companies]

Anyone could tell that the word, “companies,” had to do with the business world, and it was quite strange seeing it in the same sentence as Chu Xiang.

Only after reading through and understanding the context of the article was everyone stunned.

Just what kind of divine idol were they following To have actually relied on her own brilliance to invest in so many companies And now, all these companies were going against the Lin Family! Surely, these sudden turns of events were far too good!

At this point, all the netizens were completely puzzled by Chu Xiang’s behind-the-scenes operations.

So it turned out that the reason why Chu Xiang had been investing in all these companies ever since the beginning was to ultimately destroy the Lin Group!


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