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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 211

Mo Xinru quickly got up and staggered towards the bathroom.

No matter how much the servants knocked on the door, she still wouldn’t get out.

When Madam Lin asked about the situation at the Mo Group in detail, her vision went pitch-black as she immediately fainted.

The family doctor had long since been bribed by Mo Xinru.

As soon as he arrived, he advised that they ought to avoid stirring her emotions up and advised her to get some rest in the bedroom.

Otherwise, both she and the child would fall in great danger.

As for Madam Lin’s condition, her health had certainly deteriorated.

Previously, she had fallen ill because of Chu Xiang, and now, she had lost consciousness due to her agitated emotions.

Thus, she needed to stay in the hospital to be observed for a period of time.

What else could Lin Jiawei possibly say Under an immense amount of pressure, he could only go back to the company for the time being and call for a meeting with the higher-ups to analyze whether or not the Mo Group had any chances of making a comeback.

Previously, Mr.

Mo had merged the Mo Group into the Lin Group, which gave him quite the surprise.

Even so, he was fully aware that Mr.

Mo would definitely have left some sort of hand in the company as there was simply no way he would actually just give the entire Mo Group to him.

However, he was not a force to be reckoned with either.

How could he possibly be scared of Mr.


After probing the situation for a while longer, Lin Jiawei realized that the Mo Family was dead set on relying on him and would thus not let him escape their grasp unscathed.

Since that was the case, he might as well swallow up the entire Mo Group and expand the Lin Group for now.

But how could things be so easy Zhou Ye had known about the Mo Group’s situation for much longer than he did now.

As they had even attacked the Mo Group before, they must have made all the necessary preparations.

As soon as Lin Jiawei had made his move, he had fallen into the trap laid out by Zhou Ye and would sink down along with the Mo Group.

Therefore, Lin Jiawei looked around everywhere for assistance… for anyone who would cooperate with him.

Only then was he stunned to realize that the Lin Group had actually made countless enemies from all sides.

In fact, those enemies were all inexplicable, for he had never interacted with them before in the past.

Asking around within his circle for a sound explanation, he discovered that all these companies were the ones that Chu Xiang had invested in before!

When did Chu Xiang invest in so many different companies Where did she get the money from However, it wouldn’t matter whether or not he could figure out her methods.

To those companies, Chu Xiang would either hold the high positions of a shareholder or a consultant.

Even if those companies had not reached the height of the Lin Group, there were all companies that were growing at an extremely rapid rate and could thus not be antagonized easily.

Especially since so many of these companies were going against the Lin Group, all the others with connections to the Lin Group would naturally opt against getting involved in the crossfire.

As such, the Lin Group was now surrounded by enemies from all sides like a trapped beast fighting for its life.

Lin Jiawei vented out all his rage on Mo Xinru alone as she was now being treated as an enemy.

No one within the Lin Family would ever give her any face nor respect.

At this point, her current situation had become much worse than when Chu Xiang was still in the Lin Family.

Living in the abyss of suffering, she had to rely on the “child” in her womb as an excuse just to even breathe in a gasp of air.

However, it had already been three months since their marriage.

If she continued to drag out her act, things would definitely take a turn for the worse.

Moreover, Lin Jiawei now slept in a separate room from her, not even wanting to come into contact with her.

It wouldn’t be good if the lies about her pregnancy ended up getting exposed either.

The only thing left was to feign a miscarriage.

But would the Lin Family actually let her go even after the miscarriage

Mo Xinru’s anxiety gave her a perpetual headache.

Furthermore, her nerves would always be tense as she lived in constant fear that someone from the Lin Family would call her.

From time to time, Zhu Yujia would even come to borrow money from her by threatening to expose the truth.

As such, she felt like a thread on the verge of snapping!

As for Madam Lin, no matter what, she would not allow Lin Jiawei to meddle in the affairs of the Mo Family.

At this point, she had already grown quite old and had fallen sick several times.

Thus, she wasn’t exactly in the right mind at times.

In fact, she would often recall the words Chu Xiang said right before she initially left the family, stating how Lin Jiawei was Mo Xinru’s dog.

Seeing Mo Xinru nurturing the child in her womb quite well, how could she possibly not suspect that Lin Jiawei might have fallen for Mo Xinru’s poison

No matter how much Lin Jiawei tried to explain things to her, she would never take in a single one of his words.

He was clearly doing this for the sake of the Lin Group as the Mo Group had no choice but to be part of Lin Jiawei’s wild schemes.

Even then, Madam Lin would never listen to him.

In fact, she was paranoid about the current situation and strived to find a way to cut all ties with the Mo Family as she stubbornly refused to suffer any losses.


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