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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 210

With Chu Xiang traveling overseas for her movie shoot, Zhou Ye focused all his attention and energy on his family’s company.

Rather than spending his time at Glorious Star Entertainment, these days, he would spend most of his time at the Zhou Group, learning the ropes from his father.

The first task he strived to accomplish was aiming his gun at the Lin Group.

After receiving news of Zhou Ye’s intentions, Lin Jiawei was extremely puzzled.

Though the Lin Group couldn’t compare to the Zhou Group, it was nevertheless not a weak group that could be easily targeted.

Even if Zhou Ye did manage to viciously suppress the Lin Group, what good would it bring to him Why bother doing something that wouldn’t bring any benefits

Since Lin Jiawei was taught to prioritize his own benefits and interests above anything else, he definitely wouldn’t consider the fact that Zhou Ye was targeting the Lin Group for Chu Xiang.

Thus, he believed that there must be some other reason for doing so.

Regardless of Zhou Ye’s reasons, since he had already ignited the fuse, Lin Jiawei could not remain terrified.

As such, he immediately worked together with Mr.

Mo to make arrangements for the matter at hand.

Originally, he expected some sort of reluctance from Mr.


In contrast to his expectations, Mr.

Mo had, on the other hand, pushed for the cooperation and combined the forces of their two companies together at once.

As soon as Lin Jiawei took over the Mo Group, he realized that it wasn’t a fair partnership!

The current state of the Mo Group was already that of an arrow at the end of its flight, as if a colony of ants had hollowed out its interior completely.

With even a slight poke at its structure, the entire system would crumble down to the ground in mere seconds.

Moreover, the company was even in extreme foreign debt.

In an instant, Lin Jiawei’s expression darkened like never before!

He stared fixedly at Mr.

Mo and asked in a deep voice, “What exactly is the meaning of this”


Mo revealed a remorseful expression and replied, “Oh, Jiawei, it was me who was incompetent.

I failed to manage the company well, which resulted in such setbacks.

Since Zhou Ye had recently struck down on the Mo Group, our situation got even worse than before.

Fortunately, I now have your assistance.

I truly believe that with us, father-in-law and son-in-law, joining hands that we’ll be able to resolve this situation with ease.”

However, Lin Jiawei wasn’t an utter fool, for he now knew the real reason for Mo Xinru’s sudden change in attitude.

She had clearly treated him like some sort of rubbish in the past, yet she suddenly returned back from abroad and claimed to be in love with him.

Even if his feelings for her would eventually fade, Mo Xinru wouldn’t pay much mind to it.

How ridiculous! To think he’d actually thought that Mo Xinru had a change of heart about him.

So it turned out that she had tricked him into marriage for him to wipe the Mo Group’s ass!

Lin Jiawei fumed.

“Since the Mo Group had already collapsed, then you should just apply for bankruptcy.

Forgive me for being so powerless in such a situation.”

Just as he turned around, Mr.

Mo pleaded anxiously behind him, “Jiawei, please don’t be angry.

A broken vessel can still be of great value.

How could it possibly fall down to the stage of bankruptcy You should consider this carefully.

When the Mo Group merges into the Lin Group, it will certainly bring many benefits.

Since I’m already at such an old age, there’s nothing much that I seek in life anymore.

I only wish for you young married couple to live a happy life.

Why don’t you do this for your child’s sake Don’t you plan to pass everything down to your child in the future”

Though Lin Jiawei came to a stop in his steps for a moment, he nevertheless walked away without even turning his head and headed back home immediately.

As soon as he arrived back home, he grabbed onto Mo Xinru angrily and asked, “You knew all along that your family’s company would go bankrupt soon, right So this was your true intention all along Our marriage was actually a trap set up by you from the beginning! You actually dared to play with me like this”

Frightened out of her wits, Mo Xinru, feeling if Lin Jiawei was going to slap her, shouted aloud, “What are you talking about What bankruptcy I came back to look for you because I love you.

Let go of me, my stomach hurts.”

Releasing his grasp on her, Lin Jiawei placed his hands on his hips and paced around the room.

“Mo Xinru! Did you think I would believe you I will not get caught up in the mess created by your family.

Change your clothes now.

We’re going to file for a divorce right now!”

The quarreling on their end startled Madam Lin greatly.

Displeased, she came over to ask them just what was going on.

After learning about the situation at the Mo Family, her complexion turned ashen.

She lifted her crutches and slammed them viciously down on Mo Xinru’s arm! “You’ve got quite the nerves! Jiawei, file for a divorce at once! Tell her to get out now!”

Pointing at her stomach, Mo Xinru sat down on the ground and cried out, “Lin Jiawei, you’ve chased after me for such a long time, yet you still don’t understand me as a person When have I ever cared about the situation happening in my family How could I possibly know anything about what’s going on in the company I will not get a divorce! I will not let my child be born into such a grim situation!”

T/N: Someone get her an Oscar!

E/N: I’m so entertained LMAO they’re all just horrible people


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