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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 209

On this particular day, Chu Xiang took a flight overseas and posted on her social media regarding her safe arrival before proceeding to shoot a movie.

This piece of news quickly spread around the net like wildfire.

Chu Xiang was now going to shoot the scenes for the show, “Mermaid.” With such a capable director, such a wonderful legend, and such huge investments, the film was definitely a huge project.

But the most important thing was that Chu Xiang managed to receive a role in such a highly-anticipated film, much larger than her previous three films combined.

Despite their moment of arrogance, Chu Xiang’s fans did not forget to care about Chu Xiang’s well-being as they posted various kinds of culinary delicacies, beautiful sceneries, and interesting attractions they could find at the place where she was filming the movie on her social media.

It had gotten to the point where the onlookers jokingly called them “the most intimate fans.”

By taking part in this film, Chu Xiang could easily find anyone that would be a better boyfriend to her than Lin Jiawei.

It felt as if she had chosen the long end of the straw when compared to Mo Xinru.

Moreover, when everyone thought back to Madam Lin’s personality, they began congratulating Mo Xinru for snatching whatever kind of strange life she was living now away from Chu Xiang.

On the day after her wedding, Mo Xinru quickly scrolled through the online forums.

Reading countless posts saying how she couldn’t compare with Chu Xiang, she nearly had a heart attack then and there.

Furthermore, seeing the selfie Chu Xiang took on her trip overseas, she came to a realization that she had really married into the Lin Family.

Even when she wanted to eat some snacks at night, Madam Lin would force her to lie down on the bed to raise the child in her womb.

Having snatched such an insufferable life away from Chu Xiang, she was already on the verge of losing her mind.

Memories of Mo Xinru’s marriage were already starting to feel intolerable.

Fortunately, she had accomplished her goal as soon as her marriage was a done deal.

Madam Lin had been in a particularly good mood throughout the entire day.

Only after turning on the news at night did she realize that the reputation of her Lin Family had been tarnished to such an extent.

Meanwhile, Chu Xiang had gone overseas for a shoot as if she was not the least affected by the situation.

Originally, Madam Lin had arranged for the Wedding of the Century as a slap in the face for Chu Xiang.

However, not only did Chu Xiang not feel the slightest bit affected, but the Lin Family had also become a laughingstock.

She called Lin Jiawei over and vented out all her anger on him.

Just when Mo Xinru could finally spend some time with Lin Jiawei, she suddenly received a call from Zhu Yujia!

Going into the bathroom, she whispered into her phone, “Have you lost your mind Jiawei was right next to me, yet you want to discuss the matters related to the child”

Zhu Yujia replied in a calm voice, “Sister, I’ve used up all my money and just wanted to ask you for more.

Isn’t this something to worry about”

“Didn’t I just give you some money recently Zhu Yujia, stop being so greedy and insatiable.

Things will not end well for you if you keep acting this way!”

“Sister, very well.

I’ll end the call then.

That’s right, I suddenly recalled something that I needed to tell your husband.

Could you pass the phone to him” Zhu Yujia chuckled.

Anyone who heard her voice then would find it rather disturbing.

“Wait!” Mo Xinru shot a glance at the bathroom door and gritted her teeth in rage.

“Zhu Yujia, this will be the last time!”

“Fine, you don’t have to worry.

As long as I continue to live a good life, I will not expose the matter regarding your fake pregnancy to your husband.” The voice through the phone felt just like a sharp knife dangling above Mo Xinru’s head, making her feel a great sense of restlessness.

Only after hanging up the phone and transferring the money to Zhu Yujia did Mo Xinru finally come out of the bathroom.

Lin Jiawei shot a glance at her stomach and asked, “Are you too tired”

Mo Xinru said with a smile, “Yeah, what a tiring day.

However, I’ve finally married you.

In the future, we and our baby will definitely live a happy life.

I especially love our baby.”

“Good, our family of three will definitely live a wonderful life.” Lin Jiawei started imagining the scenes he thought about before getting married.

At that time, he had always thought that his happiest moments would be the time spent with Mo Xinru and their child.

But now… he didn’t feel any sort of joy whatsoever.

In fact, he felt as if the Mo Xinru standing in front of him was but a stranger.

The newlywed husband and wife shared the same bed but with different dreams as the two of them had started to feel ill at ease after looking through the top search queries related to Chu Xiang.

Suffering from insomnia and pretending to sleep, their first night after becoming newlyweds was spent uncomfortably.

Regarding the marriage between the Lin Family and Mo Family, aside from Mo Xinru’s child, both Madam Lin and Lin Jiawei had long since discussed that they would assist Mo Xinru’s family in their affairs so that she could nurture her child without any worries.

After waking up early in the morning, Lin Jiawei recalled this matter and spoke to Mo Xinru.

Feeling an empty void in her heart, Mo Xinru said with a smile, “That’s great, I was worried about how I wouldn’t understand a single thing.

How relieving it is to know that you’ll be helping me manage the affairs of the Mo Group.”

Mo Xinru could tell in an instant that Madam Lin and Lin Jiawei intended to devour the entire Mo Group, taking it from the Mo Family as a form of dowry.

If it were the usual, she would absolutely not give them such an opportunity.

But now, it had actually saved her the effort of coming up with an excuse for Lin Jiawei to help her family out.

The most important thing right now was the “child” in her womb!


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