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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 208

Only after the next day at noon did the grand, sudden announcement of their romantic relationship start simmering down.

At that point, the fans had finally calmed down from their shock and even posted a variety of photos and videos taken at the scene during her birthday event.

Of course, they also included clips of them chatting with Chu Xiang and receiving precious gifts from her.

That particular event was undoubtedly a showstopper! Every single fan who attended the event would not deny that as they happily shared the touching and exciting memories that took place then.

Many of the fans who couldn’t attend grieved regretfully.

Meanwhile, Chu Xiang’s two new songs had soared up the music rankings

One of Chu Xiang’s biggest fans posted: [The first song that Xiang Xiang released ever since coming out of retirement was one written for us.

How could it deserve any less than first place on the rankings Come on, guys, let’s get to it!]

Another one of her biggest fans added: [Since Sister Xiang even publicly announced her relationship at the same time, the community forum will definitely erupt in chaos.

Does everyone still remember how to control the situation properly We ought to match up to Sister Xiang and protect her along the way!]

At that moment, Chu Xiang’s fans responded one after another and quickly took control of the momentum in the forums.

Very soon, they had already “purified” them, including the topics related to Chu Xiang in the top search queries.

Moreover, they had pushed all the comments written by the haters down to the bottom by posting and supporting any positive things related to Chu Xiang’s work.

On this day, her name had popped up and remained high in a total of five top search queries.

[Chu Xiang and Zhou Ye announce their relationship publicly], [Chu Xiang’s birthday event], [Chu Xiang apologizes to her fans with her new song], [Chu Xiang’s true strength], [Chu Xiang’s work].

The only person capable of creating such an astonishing result was no other than Chu Xiang.

Although no one could make out what kind of “magic” she used to achieve such things, her every action would without a doubt attract the attention of many.

She seemed just like a shining light that everyone else couldn’t help but swarm around like flying termites after a rainy day.

Only after fermenting for quite a few days did all the hot topics related to Chu Xiang finally settle down.

Who knew that the marriage between Lin Jiawei and Mo Xinru would suddenly be announced at such a time Due to their rather unusual qualities and Chu Xiang’s recent public announcement of her own relationship, many individuals within the entertainment industry were now paying close attention to them.

Naturally, they also found out that Lin Jiawei was going to hold his own “Wedding of the Century,” several times grander than his previous wedding with Chu Xiang!

Surging with rage, Chu Xiang’s fans started butchering the Lin Group’s official page by sending in words of “encouragement.” Even so, anyone could make out the tone of ridicule implied in their sentences.

In the end, each and every comment was wishing Lin Jiawei and Mo Xinru an everlasting relationship with one another.

Though some people wanted to report those comments, they couldn’t find any valid excuses to do so.

At that time, a certain marketing news report released photos of Lin Jiawei and Mo Xinru, including the portrait photos of Mo Xinru wearing a wedding dress.

While she did indeed appear to be happy judging from her bright smile, anyone could tell that her skin was rather unwell without any filters applied to the original photos.

As the marketing news report was only looking for traffic on the internet, they fearlessly asked a question that would not get them in trouble with Zhou Ye: [How much do Chu Xiang and Mo Xinru actually resemble each other Who do you think is more beautiful]

In an instant, Chu Xiang’s fans said that it wasn’t even a close competition.

In fact, how could they compare Chu Xiang with a mere mistress

Meanwhile, the onlookers no longer had any misgivings.

However, they were rather curious about that bastard.

Lin Jiawei really did get married to Chu Xiang and treated her as a substitute just because of her similar appearance to Mo Xinru They even started recalling how an unusually large number of haters had been bashing Chu Xiang in the beginning.

Who knew after comparing the two of them now that everyone realized that both Chu Xiang and Mo Xinru only actually had a few similarities with one another In fact, those similarities weren’t very apparent either.

When comparing the photos taken of Chu Xiang back then with Mo Xinru, on the other hand, they discovered that they looked more similar to each other at that time.

But now, Chu Xiang was undoubtedly queenly.

Even smiling gently, her demeanor was obviously fierce.

Nobody knew if her personality had undergone tremendous changes, but Chu Xiang seemed to shine brightly in an imposing manner as if she controlled everything in her palm.

As for Mo Xinru Her skin seemed to have gone through some sort of trauma, her smile looked rather fake, and her personality appeared quite unnatural.

Basically, her entire being itself seemed artificial.

She had once been praised by Chu Xiang’s haters to be generous and elegant.

But now, compared to Chu Xiang, she appeared to have fallen far down from before.

In fact, Chu Xiang looked more like someone from a wealthy family than she did.

Some would say that one’s appearance was born from the heart.

At times, when one’s aura underwent changes, it would feel as if their entire appearance had done the same as well.

At this moment, Mo Xinru’s looks achieved using makeup could barely compete with Chu Xiang’s bare-faced beauty.

Surely, wasn’t this far too embarrassing

After properly comparing their looks, the onlookers gradually concluded that Mo Xinru didn’t look similar to Chu Xiang whatsoever.

They began to wonder just what Lin Jiawei saw in a person like Mo Xinru.

Assessing Chu Xiang’s strong points, they deemed her worthy to be called a precious, treasured girl.

With that, everyone started seeing Lin Jiawei as a complete fool.

This outcome dealt a heavy blow to the morale of Chu Xiang’s haters, for they wouldn’t be able to call her a substitute for the daughter of the Mo Family any longer.

As a matter of fact, they wouldn’t have been able to do so after seeing the photos now.

These days, Chu Xiang’s haters kept suffering serious losses one after another.

Skyrocketing up the top search queries time and time again, Chu Xiang had secured herself a stable position in the industry with her own strength.

Of course, her fans had also played an important role in these matters.

As such, this marked the utter defeat of the haters as they gradually shrank in number.

Even the onlookers no longer had anything to strike up regarding Chu Xiang.

The only “loyal” haters were ones who persisted in posting comments that would give one second-hand embarrassment.

Some people say that this is the true peak of the entertainment industry as even the marriage of Chu Xiang’s ex-husband could push her up to the top search queries.

At this point, she’s practically an unparalleled being.

The kind of feeling that derived from seeing Chu Xiang’s gradual improvements further incited the netizens to ridicule and sneer at the mistress of the Mo Family.



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