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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 207

Furthermore, the portion of Chu Xiang’s fans who dreamt of getting together with her surprisingly did not mind this development either.

They could only hope to stand in Zhou Ye’s position, effectively diminishing their desire to compete against him.

At that time, Mrs.

Zhou just so happened to be looking through the news and noticed the name of her son on there.

Upon reading the news thoroughly, she burst out laughing.

Never did she expect her son to wear the outfit of a butler, let alone smile like a fool as he publicly announced his relationship.


Zhou smiled at her husband.

“This stinking brat, I was wondering what he meant when he went on about how he wanted to be a free king and not an emperor when he suddenly came back a few days ago.

It turns out that he had fallen in love with Chu Xiang.”

Putting down the newspaper, Mr.

Zhou asked, “That same Chu Xiang who caused an uproar some time ago”

“Yes, she does indeed have quite the interesting character.

It’s no wonder that brat took a fancy to her.

I had introduced him to so many people, yet he’d never laid his eye on a single one of them.

Seeing his haughty manner, I had even made preparations for him to come out of the closet.”

“Why don’t we tell him to bring her back home sometime in the future” Mr.

Zhou said as he looked at the photo on his phone.

“What kind of strange clothes is that brat wearing How outrageous.

He’d always been a mischievous one even during his childhood years.

But even after growing into an adult, he still acts the same as before, perhaps even worse.”

“How good looking! We must keep this photo properly.

How long has it been since our son took a picture of himself You shouldn’t worry about him anymore.

Just let him move forward during this period of time.

Besides, he’ll be inheriting the company very soon.

When you finally retire, let’s travel around the world together.”


Zhou laughed.

“That’s right, he’s indeed changed after getting a girlfriend, finally understanding the benefits of power and influence.

I’ve worked hard for most of my life.

After he inherits the company, I’ll finally have time to travel.”

The two parents who raised Zhou Ye weren’t at all old-fashioned as they turned a blind eye to the mess sparked by their son online.

In fact, they even binged through all the variety programs that Chu Xiang had taken part in overnight.

From those shows, they could make out Chu Xiang’s genuine nature and managed to understand quite a bit about her.

They felt extremely content with what they saw.

They understood that it would be almost impossible to find another girl who could make their son so happy in this world.

Seeing their son having a great time with Chu Xiang, they were naturally glad for him.

In all likelihood, their son would very soon inherit the company, allowing them to go on their second honeymoon.

On the other hand, Madam Lin had a completely different opinion.

Ever since the beginning, she had been brooding over Chu Xiang’s counterattack against her, constantly searching for the opportunity to exact revenge.

From time to time, she delved into Chu Xiang’s state of affairs and came across the remarks Chu Xiang had said during her time on several programs.

Upon seeing the news regarding Chu Xiang and Zhou Ye going public about their relationship, she scoffed, “Not wanting to get married or bear children, who does she think she is Just wait and see, Zhou Ye’s parents will sooner or later interfere with their relationship.

When the time comes, her reputation will be dragged through the mud.

Hmmph! That Zhou Ye is also such a good-for-nothing brat.

What kind of outfit is he even wearing How shameless!”

Accompanying her at the side, Mo Xinru stared at the photo and felt needles prickling through her heart.

At this moment, the Zhou Group was no longer going after the Mo Group.

She had also set aside the matters of the past, no longer feeling hatred for Zhou Ye.

However, to think that Zhou Ye would be willing to act as Chu Xiang’s butler! Surging with both envy and jealousy, her face contorted horrifically as she nearly ripped apart her pants!

Knitting her brows, Madam Lin asked, “Are you alright”

Mo Xinru lowered her head and said in a soft tone, “Grandma, I just feel somewhat nauseous and a bit tired.

Don’t worry.”

“Why don’t you go get some rest Lie down on the bed and take care of your womb.

You’ll be getting married in a few days, so you can’t have any problems arising.”

“Alright, Grandma, you should also get some rest early.” Mo Xinru faked a smile before going into the room.

Suddenly, she felt a surge of hatred and regret in her heart.

She simply could not bear seeing Chu Xiang’s current lifestyle!


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