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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 204

Holding onto a microphone, Chu Xiang remained silent for a while before saying, “Everyone… has their own trials in life that no one else will be able to interfere in.

Since I don’t know anything about your family situation, I won’t be able to give you any advice either.

But if I were you, I would cast aside anything that makes me unhappy.

Time will never wait for you.

Before you even realize it, a few decades might have already passed by.

No one knows what might happen tomorrow.

Who knows Some sort of accident might occur before tomorrow even comes.

So why let yourself be unhappy for the rest of your life” Pausing for a brief moment, she continued, “Since the opinions I give on ‘Sweet Love Poem’ often trend these days, I was able to see various kinds of views from others and their discussions about whether my opinions were correct or not.

Allow me to say a few words to everyone present today.”

“I believe that each person has their own unique lifestyle and way of living.

As for me, I tend to be a bit more on the selfish end, and I love myself most.

I couldn’t care less about what anyone says of me.

In this modern society, marriage rates are gradually decreasing while divorce rates are, on the other hand, slowly increasing.

If you have anything you wish to achieve in life, don’t be afraid to keep pushing forward in order to accomplish that goal.

As long as you have a clear goal and don’t let yourself down, your efforts will eventually bear fruit.

In that case, you won’t have to pay any mind to what anyone else thinks of you.

As for the urges of the people surrounding you, I’d say that you won’t be able to discover a good life in this city.

However, you can always move to another city and start anew there while looking for the things that will make you happy.”

“On the contrary, there are people in this society who believe that one should hold their feelings to themselves… that one should get married and bear a child in order to achieve a blissful, happy life.

They believe if you choose not to get married to your partner, that you’d be letting them down.

For those who enjoy living such a life, I suggest that you keep things the same way as it poses no problems.

Even so, I don’t like such a way of living.

I simply don’t.

You mentioned how you’ve come to like me after watching ‘Love Sweet Poem.’ Then, let me tell you something.

I’m not living for the sake of love.

There’s only one thing that I’m seeking after in this life of mine.

I simply want to live a happy life for myself where I can do whatever I want.

I hope you won’t cry again during our next meeting.”

The woman seemed to have calmed down quite a bit.

Although Chu Xiang clearly said that she wouldn’t be able to give her any advice, the woman nevertheless felt comforted after hearing.

She felt as if she had suddenly gained the courage to cast away the burden oppressing her.

A path had suddenly appeared at what seemed to be a dead-end for her before.

Filled with all kinds of emotions, the woman cried her eyes out, so much so that she couldn’t even utter a single word of gratitude.

Thus, she had no choice but to sit back down.

Xiao Tao immediately rushed over with a piece of cloth and some beverages, requesting the surrounding fans to look after her.

As the spotlight once again landed on another girl, she stood up and said, “Xiang Xiang, I only started paying attention to you after seeing the news of your attempted suicide.

At first, I only treated it as gossip.

But the more I came to know about you, the more I started liking who you are as a person.

When I listened to what you said just now, I could tell that you were genuinely thinking that way rather than trying to show off.

You’ve become so much stronger than before.

Thus, I would like to ask you a question.

Have you cast away all those painful experiences from the past Have you cured your depression Will you truly remain happy as you stay with us”

Chu Xiang chuckled.

“Thank you.

I’m fully aware that all of you are worried and concerned about me.

I also want to personally tell everyone that I’m okay now.

In fact, I’ve never been better.

I’m not suffering through anything nor am I feeling depressed anymore.

Just like what I sang, I’ve chosen to open a new door and walk down a new path.

As such, I now see a world filled with all kinds of color… with you guys in it.”

During her birthday party, Chu Xiang talked about many things with her fans.

Perhaps she would never interact with her fans in such a way anymore in future events.

While idols should certainly build a close relationship with their fans, they should nevertheless maintain a suitable distance away from them for obvious reasons.

But at least this time, Chu Xiang’s gentle words manage to appease the troubles and concerns brooding in her fans’ hearts.

Just like a new ship had set sail, they began to accompany Chu Xiang with their best attitudes, sailing towards the stars across the ocean.


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