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All of Chu Xiang’s fans witnessed her spectacular performance on TV.

The majority of her newer fans — consisting of onlookers who discovered her through her parts in films and variety programs — weren’t as touched.

They only saw that Chu Xiang was extremely proficient when it came to singing and dancing.

Their idol truly was a perfect jack-of-all-trades.

The OG fans who kept following her despite previous circumstances were, on the other hand, moved to tears.

As for her former fans, they still didn’t buy into her promise.

Even so, they could tell that Chu Xiang was back.

She had returned onto the big stage as their glamorous, charming idol.

Sure enough, they liked her as much as they did in the past.

Those former fans were necessary for Chu Xiang’s further growth.

As soon as she released her new songs and albums, her number of fans skyrocketed immeasurably at lightning speed.

After taking part in yet another program, Chu Xiang spent the rest of her days dancing in the practice room and improving her singing abilities in the recording room.

Her efforts were entirely focused on her birthday party performance.

At this point, Uncle Dong had already ordered his men to prepare the venue and arrange for a selection of fans to participate in the event.

All of which were managed and handled in an intensive process.

During that time, Chu Xiang even participated in a celebrity charity event in the evening.

Walking down the red carpet, she came to a stop to allow the news media to take pictures of her.

The host asked her, “By this time, everyone knows that you’ll be holding your birthday party very soon and are planning to have other concerts in the future, which your fans are extremely excited for.

If I may ask, if you have any plans of getting married and making a family in the future, how do you plan on allotting time for both your family and work”

Her fans watching the live broadcast tensed up.

Chu Xiang had initially retired from the entertainment industry after getting married.

If she were to fall in love with another man in the future, would she announce her retirement once again without demur

At that time, some of her haters began ridiculing her.

[She’s simply raising her social status.

Furthermore, she has close relationships with Director Zhou of Glorious Star Entertainment and the boss of the S Company.

I reckon she’s trying to whitewash her past deeds while looking for another wealthy family to marry into.

Just wait and see.

Her words claiming that she’d stay as a celebrity for the rest of her life are complete nonsense.

Have any idols ever done so]

However, all of Chu Xiang’s fans had already matured tremendously in comparison.

They immediately called out the haters and criticized them.

On her end, Chu Xiang said clearly, “I have no plans of ever getting married or giving birth to children, so there won’t ever be such problems.”

Surely, her claims of never ever getting married were too difficult for people to believe, right Perhaps she just hadn’t come across anyone she wanted to marry The majority of the people who heard her words believed that Chu Xiang was only trying to comfort them.

After all, it meant that she would have more time to spend performing up on stage.

On the same night, when Zhou Ye came over to pick Chu Xiang up, he asked her in the car, “Did you really mean what you said You won’t be marrying anyone”

Chu Xiang faced him and said earnestly, “Yes, I was indeed being serious.

I know that Uncle Dong had already told you about this.

If you must take someone as your wife, I’m definitely not suitable for that position.

In my eyes, that marriage certificate means nothing to me.

It won’t affect me in any way, nor will it change anything about me.

Nothing will change whether I get it or not.

You are my boyfriend.

Whatever you do will have nothing to do with me.

You should consider your decisions carefully.”

“What do you mean by that Anyways, let’s go back for some rest first.”

After driving for a while longer, Zhou Ye faced her and asked, “Could it be that you have doubts about me I will not sign a property notarization with you, nor will I get a divorce from you.

My family will not bully you either…”

“Married or not, I will still treat you the same way that I always have.

Why do we need to get married”

Since Chu Xiang would keep living through many other lifetimes, things such as marriage certificates held no meaning in her eyes.

Besides, she would never accept any restraints that would result from her marriage, nor would she ever tolerate any compromises or concessions that might emerge from the relationship with the household of her partner.

It might be better off for them to not have anything to do with each other’s matters.

It wasn’t as if she didn’t want to be with anyone.

It’s just that in modern times, it has become much more common for people to not get married.


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