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Chapter 197

Looking at her watch, Chu Xiang was going to leave.

Right before she went out the door, she said to Zhou Ye, “Why don’t you rest for a while longer I’ll go look for you at your office after work.”

Her words lingered even as she left.

“Why don’t you rest for a while longer… Rest for a while longer… Rest…”

Why did their activities all night long seemingly not have even the slightest bit of effect on Chu Xiang On the other hand, Zhou Ye felt the need to get more… rest.

But only a bit more! No matter how hard or long he thought about it, something felt amiss.

Thus, he immediately looked for a dietitian and a fitness instructor, deciding to train his body even further.

He still remembered how Chu Xiang had once worried about him not being capable enough!

Meanwhile, Chu Xiang, along with the director, the male lead, the female lead, and the second female lead for “Palace of Abyss,” partook in a nationally famous publicity program known as “Merry Camp.” Naturally, the program had a large number of viewers.

Prior to the event, Xiao Tao had even leaked the fact that there’d be some sort of performance during the show.

As such, the moment Chu Xiang stepped up onto the stage, she immediately noticed a sea of blue below the stage, all of which were fans who dressed in blue to support her.

The original host had once been an idol who stood at the peak of the industry and received great amounts of support from her fans.

The style of clothing her fans chose to wear was quite suitable as it was similar to the blue dress worn by the original host during her debut performance.

Furthermore, she had once mentioned how she loved the vastness of the ocean.

This was a big show of support, their sweatshirts emblazoned with an image of Chu Xiang wearing a crown.

Since the program did not permit the use of lightsticks, each one of her fans dressed in the blue outfit.

Anyone could tell that they’d put in great effort and thought into this.

Seeing this, Chu Xiang, who usually acted more reserved than others, smiled and waved at them.

Her fans waved back excitedly at her — some of them even shouted out her name.

However, those fans were immediately put to a stop by the other fans, telling them to adhere to the rules.

The host of the program chuckled.

“It seems that Chu Xiang’s fans are all rather passionate.

After coming out of retirement, Xiang Xiang was always busy shooting films and other variety programs.

Now that I think about it, isn’t this the first time you’ve interacted face-to-face with your fans”

Chu Xiang smiled and nodded.

“That’s right, it's very exciting.

I never expected to be able to see the sea of blue created by my fans once again a year and a half after I chose to retire.”

“We will always be here!” All of Chu Xiang’s fans exclaimed in unison before raising banners that said as much.

Upon hearing them, the host immediately burst out laughing.

“Chu Xiang’s fans do indeed love her very much.

I’m sure everyone here is itching to see Chu Xiang perform on stage once again, right Well, it just so happens that Chu Xiang has prepared a performance for everyone today.

In any case, here’s the masterpiece created by Xiang Xiang herself, ‘The Secret of a Young Lady.’ Everyone, let’s welcome her!”

The lighting around the stage dimmed as various colors of light illuminated the entire place.

Chu Xiang’s fans immediately started cheering before restraining themselves.

Everyone began paying their attention.

Dancing to the music, Chu Xiang sang the one song her fans were most familiar with.

The OG fans present at the performance could not help their tears of joy.

As the dance gradually intensified, Chu Xiang began sweating even more, displaying her incomparable passion.

The choreography went perfectly along with the mood and rhythm of the song.

The fans also began waving their banners according to the beat and singing the chorus along with her.

One could surprisingly discern the fans choking with their overwhelming emotions!

Noticing the profuse amounts of emotions emerging from their expressions, Chu Xiang let out a gentle smile as soon as the music came to an end and exclaimed, “Don’t cry, I’ve come back.”

She never expected her words to make them all cry harder! They had been waiting for her to come back for such a long time.

No one could understand how they felt when they initially found out that their dazzling idol retired — the feeling of helplessness when they thought they would never get to see her perform on stage ever again.

From her fans’ perspective, they could not put their feelings of despair and regret into mere words.

But upon hearing Chu Xiang’s words, her fans felt as if their long wait for her had been worth it.

Sobbing, they shouted, “Once a fan of Chu Xiang, always a fan of Chu Xiang.

We will always be here!”


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