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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 192

Witnessing the entire scene taking place before his eyes, Lin Jiawei’s frame of mind took a turn for the worse.

His eyes, gradually turning colder by the second, shot towards Mo Xinru.

“Are you trying to embarrass yourself, or are you trying to make me lose face”

She bit her lips.

“How am I losing face I just find this situation unbelievable.” Mo Xinru stared menacingly at how considerate Zhou Ye acted towards Chu Xiang.

He seemed to be treating her like some sort of precious treasure in all sorts of ways.

While she might have finally seen Zhou Ye’s gentle side, it was unfortunately not directed towards her, but instead, the woman whom she wholeheartedly despised.

Lin Jiawei too felt the same way.

After all, his ex-wife, who had once showered no one else but him with unending love, was now flirting with his archnemesis.

He absolutely could not bear to continue watching such a scene take place before his own eyes.

Despite his rage, he had nowhere to vent.

“Let’s go,” Lin Jiawei uttered in an ice-cold tone before immediately standing up and leaving the restaurant.

Walking past Chu Xiang and Zhou Ye’s dining table, Lin Jiawei could not help himself from stopping right before them.

At that moment, he brought up a topic related to work and said in a menacing tone, “Director Zhou, haven’t you overstepped your boundaries recently The Lin Group and Mo Group will soon be connected by marriage.

Surely, you’ve reached your hands too far into our affairs”

Upon recalling how Lin Jiawei was Chu Xiang’s ex-husband, Zhou Ye’s expression darkened drastically.

“Director Lin, seeing how you have so much time on your hands, you ought to come up with a way to help out your Mo Group.

Did you think you could support the Mo Group with your mere words Excuse me, but… you certainly don’t have what it takes to do so here.”

Roasted in front of Chu Xiang, Lin Jiawei’s expression turned ugly.


Zhou, are you declaring war against both the Lin Group and Mo Group”

“So what if I am You’ll need to possess a higher status if you want to meddle in the affairs between me and the Mo Group.

Does it have anything to do with you” Zhou Ye said as he gave the server of the restaurant a signal.

“Please kick this man out.”

When the server immediately walked over, Lin Jiawei snorted coldly before taking large strides out of the restaurant.

On the other hand, Mo Xinru had long since stood up.

After Lin Jiawei took his leave, she glared at Chu Xiang and asked Zhou Ye, “So, this is the type of woman you like”

Fully aware of what she was trying to say, Zhou Ye — afraid of causing any misunderstandings — immediately replied, “Did you think I would choose you over Xiang Xiang Why don’t you have more self-awareness You can’t even compare to a strand of Xiang Xiang’s hair.

Stop bothering us when we’re having our meal.

Sir, over here.”

Her chest tight with anger, Mo Xinru picked up a glass of wine and splashed it towards Chu Xiang.

Fortunately, Chu Xiang reacted in time and dodged to the side, avoiding the incoming wine.

However, her mood had plummeted greatly.

Zhou Ye immediately stood up to check up on her.

“Are you alright”

After seeing Chu Xiang nod, Zhou Ye turned back around and shot a piercing glance towards Mo Xinru.

“Do you understand why so many people hate you It’s because you’re utterly braindead.

You still see yourself as some sort of rich lady Having fun begging for food in the future.”

The server stepped forward and was just about to force Mo Xinru out of the restaurant.

At that moment, Chu Xiang poured a glass of wine and said, “Wait, did you think you could just take your leave like that”

When both the server and Mo Xinru came to a sudden stop, Chu Xiang poured the full glass of wine onto Mo Xinru’s head.

She let out an ear-splitting scream and shouted in fury, “Chu Xiang! You f*cking b*tch!”

Leisurely wiping her hand clean with a napkin, Chu Xiang said indifferently, “Mr.

Zhou wasn’t wrong.

You better prepare yourself for what’s coming.”

This time, the server yelled at Mo Xinru without demur and dragged her out of the restaurant.

Zhou Ye picked up Chu Xiang’s bag.

 “Let’s take our leave.

What a killjoy that was.”

She took away the bag from his hands.

“So, it turns out you were the reason why that woman despises me so much, to the point where she bothered me practically every single day.”

“That’s not right.

Her love for me is completely one-sided.

There must be several loose screws in that mind of hers.

I was responsible for sniping down her Mo Group, yet she still doesn’t hate me whatsoever.

Isn’t there something wrong with her Surely, her going crazy has nothing to do with me, right”

Chu Xiang nodded her head in response.

However, before Zhou Ye recovered his original state of mind, she said, “Of course, you’re correct.

Even so, my mood for the day is completely ruined, so I’ll be going back by myself.

Why don’t you take the time to deal with your troubles”

As Chu Xiang turned around to take her leave, Zhou Ye wanted to chase after her but refrained.

It wasn’t as if she was mad at him or felt jealous.

She was simply not in the mood for a date at this moment and wanted some time alone.

He understood this fact clearly.

Nothing would change even if he chased after her.

Mo Xinru, that crazy b*tch! He finally took his relationship with Chu Xiang to the next level, yet everything was completely ruined by that b*tch!

Pulling off his necktie, Zhou Ye contacted the higher-ups of the company for a meeting back at the company.

He intended to take down the Mo Group once and for all, leaving not a single scrap behind in their family!

Meanwhile, Chu Xiang called a taxi over and watched performances of the original host on her way back home.

Very quickly, she was fully engrossed in the videos.

She had never experienced singing and dancing on a huge stage in front of such a large crowd before.

According to the memories of the original host, the fans who attended her performances would always be touched by her songs and dances as they brought about a joyous type of feeling deep within their hearts.

Having yet to experience such feelings for herself, she believed that now was the best time to do just that.

As for Lin Jiawei and Mo Xinru, Zhou Ye would naturally make them pay the consequences of their actions.


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