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Since the situation had already escalated to this stage, Zhou Ye properly explained the dangers of such reckless shipping to Chu Xiang, annoying her to the point where she could no longer continue to read.

Placing down her handbook, she summarized the situation to Zhou Ye, “In any case, being restricted in this way will inevitably provoke the hatred of others, right What else is there other than this Even if Liao Ze announces his girlfriend publicly, he won’t end up losing any fans.

As for me, I won’t lose any of my resources even if they do end up sending me hate messages, so what’s there to be scared of”

Frustrated, Zhou Ye said, “Why should you receive hate for absolutely no reason Don’t worry, I will resolve this situation immediately.

Let me tell you something, it’s never a good idea to get involved with those shippers.

Besides… you promised to consider me as your boyfriend first.”

Although his tone remained unchanged, Chu Xiang could nevertheless notice the hint of grievance in his voice.

Dumbfounded, she said, “In any case, you’re still the director of a company, the heir of the Zhou Group.


Hearing those meaningless words, Zhou Ye grabbed her hand and placed it on his chest.

“Feel my heartbeat.

Why do you think it beats so fast when I sit next to you, talking to you No matter what my status may be, what can I do when I’ve fallen in love with you It’s not like I’m delaying my work for the sake of love.

I do my very best to take care of you every day, yet you keep shunning me”

This time, he seemed to be deadly serious with those words.

Bursting with laughter, Chu Xiang collapsed onto the bed.

“Do you remember the first time we went out for a meal together You were clearly distinguished and carefree.

Compared to then, you’re now like a loyal and honest dog!”

He gritted his teeth and stared at her.

“Laugh all you want! I’m confessing my love for you seriously, yet you still laugh at me! Fine, keep reading that book of yours, I’ll go and deal with that situation.”

Zhou Ye covered her with a quilt and was just about to take his leave.

Chu Xiang pulled his head in and gave him a kiss on his face.

“Alright, I’ll stop laughing now.

This should be fine, right There’s no need to think any further.

Had I fallen for someone else, would I have let you into my room I’m certainly not interested in dating multiple people at once.”

A light flashed past his eyes.

“What did you say Are you giving me your answer now No, do you finally admit that you like me”

“I’m indeed quite fond of you.

After all, you’re so adorable.” Chu Xiang touched him on his face and chuckled.

“Will you keep on chasing after me”

In response, Zhou Ye gave her a quick kiss on the lips.

Letting out a feeble-minded laugh, he ran back to the room next door.

That’s right, there was no place for Zhou Ye in her room at night.

Thus, he would always stay in the room next door.

Chu Xiang had certainly given him a huge shock today.

Although it might have been a bit strange to call him adorable, it surely was better than keeping him on hold, right These days, he had been spending his time brainstorming new tactics.

Who knew that Chu Xiang would put him in her eyes and even admit that she did like him slightly.

Even then, that result was not enough.

Thus, he continued putting in great effort into chasing after her.

In the past, he never expected chasing after someone to be so difficult.

But since that person was Chu Xiang, he was more than willing to do so.

With that, Chu Xiang continued reading her handbook, not paying any mind to the situation happening online.

While Zhou Ye may have shown weakness in front of Chu Xiang, he nevertheless made swift and confident decisions back at his office.

Whatever he set his sights on, he would naturally accomplish it with haste.

Not only did he have the entire Zhou Group backing him up, but he even had the support of his relatives and elders.

To prevent Chu Xiang from receiving any hate messages online, he immediately took action and used his connections to delete and filter out all the comments, photos, and videos related to “One as Xiang Ze” uploaded on the online forums.

By doing so, no one would be able to send Chu Xiang any hate messages.

Besides, Zhou Ye personally didn’t want to see anything related to the shipping in the first place.

Very quickly, his actions were beginning to show results.

All the negative comments on the internet had been filtered out thoroughly.

All of Liao Ze’s fans who were still sending Chu Xiang hate messages were all stupefied.

What was going on Did Chu Xiang actually have that much influence Surely, this was far too outrageous, right

The person who received greater shock was Zhu Yujia.

Originally, she had wanted the situation to ferment for two more days before escalating things.

How did everything get deleted When Lin Jiawei and Mo Xinru received hate messages in the past, even they weren’t able to delete everything.


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