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The mermaid film that Director Su wanted to make was derived from an eastern mythological story, completely unrelated to the fairy tales seen overseas.

However, after laying his eyes on a certain scenery overseas, he couldn’t help but want to shoot the film at that particular location.

Thus, the role Chu Xiang will be auditioning for is actually equivalent to that of a witch.

Had it been an actual fairy tale, she might not have been able to grasp the role very well.

But a witch Throughout her life, she had seen many kinds of witches.

Whether it was the seductive type, the malicious type, the innocent type, or even the terrifying type, Chu Xiang had seen them all.

Hence, she would not find it difficult to play that specific role.

After receiving further details about the characteristics of her role, Chu Xiang would only be able to practice with her coach for two days before auditioning in front of Director Su.

As expected, she passed the audition.

Director Su, famous for his strictness, revealed a rare smile on the spot, saying that Chu Xiang was the exact female lead he was looking for!

Upon hearing the rumors, the fans were completely astonished, for the large majority of them had only recently become fans of Chu Xiang.

Another portion of those fans had kept up with Chu Xiang even before she got married initially.

Setting those things aside, she had exceeded everyone’s expectations by skyrocketing up the entertainment industry.

Zhou Ye was also shocked to hear the news.

As someone chasing after Chu Xiang, he had yet to present her with his resources in the industry.

In spite of that, she had already been relying on her own big connections First, the endorser of S Group, and now, the super famous Director Su.

Standing next to Chu Xiang, he no longer felt of any use to her.

Upon returning back to her room in the hotel after finishing her shoot, Chu Xiang saw Zhou Ye listlessly sitting on the couch at a complete loss.

She wiped her face.

“What’s wrong”

Sweeping his gaze towards her, Zhou Ye shook his head and sighed.

“Nothing much.

It’s just that I, as your boss in the Glorious Star Entertainment, feel quite useless as I haven’t given you much help.”

Slightly astonished by his remarks, Chu Xiang looked at him.

“Why are you being so overdramatic”

Immediately switching his expression to a smile, Zhou Ye slowly approached her from behind and proceeded to give her a shoulder massage.

“You’ve seen through me completely.

Tricks don’t work on you, it seems.

Do you have anything you wish to eat tonight I’ll order someone to bring it over.

We can watch ‘Heaven Realm Sect’ while eating.”

“Let’s have some Sichuan cuisine then.” Quickly removing her makeup, Chu Xiang stood up, pushing him back and heading towards the bathroom for a bath.

Supporting himself with the back of the chair, Zhou Ye gazed at the door to the bathroom with knitted brows.

Although he had thought of himself as a playboy of sorts, he certainly had no intentions of actually becoming one.

On the other hand, Chu Xiang was also rather too at ease in his presence.

Perhaps she did not even see him as a man

Zhou Ye came up with a possible explanation.

Chu Xiang must have thought that his martial prowess could not match up to hers and thus couldn’t do anything to her in the first place…

After ordering food and making a few calls, he ordered his men to contact all connections suitable for Chu Xiang.

Chu Xiang not paying attention to him was one thing, but whether or not he was actually able to assist her was another.

While waiting for the food to arrive, Zhou Ye went on the online forums and scrolled through the topics related to Chu Xiang.

Bits and pieces of information had already been revealed regarding the shoots for “Target” and “Palace of Abyss.” Furthermore, there had been rumors going around about how some of the female actresses in “Palace of Abyss” were not getting along.

Consequently, the fans have been going at each other ever since then.

However, this was the norm for such shows as nothing could be done to control the critics.

They could only hope for the rational fans to not join the fray.

Zhou Ye was caught off guard as he stumbled upon a video of Chu Xiang and Liao Ze joking with one another.

Below that video were comments shipping the two of them, even giving them the ship name, “Xiang Ze”!

He gawked at those comments with wide-open eyes.

What the hell was this Xiang Ze Didn’t these shippers have better things to do

Stepping out of the bathroom, Chu Xiang immediately noticed Zhou Ye’s strange expression.

“What’s up with you again”

Zhou Ye closed the online forums as if nothing had happened and lifted his head with a smile.

“Nothing, I was just looking at the gossip in the news and happened to come across some shocking news.” Then, he naturally brought over the hairdryer and began drying her hair.


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